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  1. What is the temperature like on the ship and your cabin? In the past I've brought a wrap or light jacket for around the ship. Is this still a good idea? I've also seen several posts that recommend bringing a fan for the cabin as they are warm, do you recommend that as well? I saw on the Cruise Compass that it is super hot outside, is it super humid as well? I'm on Allure the end of September so I'm trying to figure out what clothes to pack. Thank you
  2. Love your pictures and review. I'm so happy that you decided to do this review after all. Thank you so very much for taking time from your vacation to share your pictures, experiences and answer questions.
  3. Unless something has changed and Royal has not updated it, Izumi Hibachi is listed as an included restaurant on RCCL FAQ https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/what-restaurants-are-included-in-the-unlimited-dining-package
  4. I think this is what you are looking for. It is in FAQ https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/what-restaurants-are-included-in-the-unlimited-dining-package
  5. Wow! Thank you so very much! I really appreciate your time and assistance documenting this! This is super informative and extremely helpful for all of my future cruises. I'm sure this will help many others too! Thank you again!!
  6. How do we find out what the onboard price will be? I thought I read that it could vary per ship and sailing. I'm on Allure in September.
  7. Thank you so much for your review and letting us ask questions. I've read that with UDP there are very limited times available to book the specialty restaurants once you get onboard. What was your experience regarding availability? What times were you able to book for dining? I am also on a B2B. Would they let you book your dining reservations for the second leg during the first leg?
  8. Do Uber or Lyft drivers help you load your luggage into the car?
  9. I'm on a B2B. If the drink card is offered on the first leg of my cruise and I don't use all 10 can I use the rest of them on the second leg of the cruise?
  10. I meant that you could have someone from the ship translate the hair color instructions into the language where you will be going on land after the cruise if you can't get it done on the ship. I'm sorry I couldn't answer your original question.
  11. Sorry I've never posted before so I hope I'm not breaking any rules. I went gray at 16 so I can understand your dilemma. So If covering your gray is the issue, I have gone a couple of months with 2 different options. First Choice) A Cover Up Spray, comes in several colors and lasts until you shampoo. I practiced at home before I left. I have used it with 2" of grow out and it looked great. (If my teenage daughter approves I know it looks good) I like L***** P**** Magic Root Coverup Spray . Second Choice) My stylist has made me kit I take with me. He includes everything needed to color my hair with how much to use of each tube, peroxide and processing time (even gloves & application comb). Show someone at the front desk or salon on the cruise your "color Kit" and they should be able to direct you to someone that can apply it for you. Hair color is a universal language. ; ) There are so many different languages spoken on the ship you may even be able to have one of the ship's staff translate the instructions for you. Hope this helps.
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