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  1. I assume they gave the goat to the catering department?
  2. Actually Not. While both are on the Northern Line, they're on different branches of the Northern Line (which in reality is really two lines) Kings X / St P - Hammersmith & City, Circle, Metropolitan, Victoria, Piccadilly, Northern (Bank Branch) Waterloo - Bakerloo, Jubilee, Waterloo & City, Northern (Charing Cross Branch)
  3. The other option is walk up to Granville @ Georgia (about 5 blocks) and just catch the 257 express bus (every 20 minutes) which runs straight to the Horseshoe Bay ferry. C$3/ea
  4. Actually the goat was after an ATR crash wasn't it ?
  5. Assuming you're OK rolling your luggage, and taking it on ESCALATORS; just take the Piccadilly Line from the airport to Barons Court, cross platform change to district line and get out at St James Park (100 yds from your hotel); and skip the HEX altogether.
  6. Perfect day to skip a taxi and take Skytrain (subway) to the airport.
  7. Or perhaps just stay in Salisbury the night before the cruise? It's an interesting small city, with a lovely cathedral. Just don't pick up any perfume bottles you come across. Salisbury to Southampton is a quick cheap train ride (just over 30 minutes)
  8. The Lamb and Flag (Covent Garden Area - Fuller's Pub) was pretty reasonable for a Sunday roast as well, and based on the popularity well received. I didn't order the roast, but I actually wished I had as I saw a few cross my path on the way to another table. What I did have was excellent, and reasonably priced for London.
  9. All you need to do is get in the elevator. The cruise terminal is on the parkade level of the Pan Pacific, you don't even leave the building.
  10. Canadians flock across the border to fly US domestic routes (only). This is because of the roughly $50 tax imposed by the US Government on cross-border flights, while the land crossing is free. International flights (to Europe for example ) are often cheaper from Canada than the US
  11. Assuming you mean AKL (Auckland NZ), there is no such thing as PreCheck departing NZ. Pre is an American (only) thing as the [American] TSA do not operate at airports outside of the United States
  12. it's what is called a 'Fifth Freedom' flight. JFK/New York - MXP/Milan - DXB/Dubai. Back in the day when aircraft had shorter range, flights like JFK-DXB weren't possible (they are now), so airlines had to make a technical stop half way for fuel. At times they were also granted passenger rights on the other segments, despite neither destination being in the airlines 'home country'. Another good example is Cathay operate (although it's ending soon) HKG/Hong Kong - YVR/Vancouver - JFK/New York; and for years Pakistan operated ORD/Chicago - BCN/Barcelona - KHI/Kirachi; which was a very good way for mid-westerners to reach Barcelona.
  13. I haven't stayed there, but it's sort of the opposite end of downtown (that only means 1 or 2 km ) from the cruise terminal. it's a hotel that's very popular with people visiting St Pauls Hospital.
  14. No. The *flight* (everyone on board) would need to be pre-cleared. If you have a US departure, after 8pm or so, it's likely it does not have pre-clearance, that it leaves from the D gates (not the E , pre-clearance gates), and you'll need to clear US Immigration/Customs at your final destination. All of this assumes your 10;47p flight is to a US destination. If it's a flight to eastern Canada, you're on a domestic flight, hence no customs/immigration.
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