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  1. Stay in London, and it's an easy rail (or coach) trip to Southampton on the day of the cruise.
  2. As JB pointed out, trains are more expensive (and waaaaay more crowded) if you plan to arrive in London prior to 10a, or plan to leave between 3-6p due to the commuter traffic. Staying in London, it's dead simple to get to the port reliably same day, it's 1h30 on the train, with 3x trains an hour, and as you're leaving London not arriving during the morning rush, trains should be pretty empty. Perhaps if you do want to explore Southampton, plan on staying one day, but if you're planning on exploring London, it really does make more sense to stay in London, rather than stay outside, and cram
  3. Why not just fly into Victoria to start with? IATA code is YYJ. That will save you a lot of time, and ferry travel.
  4. Also ensure you have 180 days of validity on your passport for when you enter. A lot of countries will not allow entry if your passport is set to expire with 180 days of your entry (they don't want you in the country with an expired passport)
  5. At least 1/2 of all of Air Transat's routes are to Europe; that's why the EU had a big say in it. I think pre-pandemic, Transat actually served more European airports than AC did (albeit a lot were just once/twice week).
  6. Just an FYI, if you look at airline financials (total revenue passenger miles flown vs total fuel costs), you see that fuel costs are about 0.05/mile/passenger. So JFK-LAX at 2475 mi is a little over $120 in fuel.
  7. The details are starting to trickle out: One Way Transatlantic Flight UK-USA (presumably Apr/May 2021) Non-Stop only The problem the OP is running into is that very very few fares are issued more than 11 months in advance; and you're not going to see anything but the very highest until perhaps 8-9 months out; plus Virgin haven't published fares, and AA & BA are joint venture partners so only their highest pricing is showing (based on the dates). I would encourage the OP to reconsider their hard and fast "it must be non-stop", as you can easily get business w/ one connection for
  8. not exactly sure what routing and when you're looking, but I would recommend using a tool like Kayak or ITAMATRIX to find your flight. Airlines don't always advertise the 'best' pricing. Also for economy (not your situation), often airlines don't sell the cheapest one-ways to the general public, only through cruise lines, and specialty travel bookers. The few airlines that do are Aer Lingus (Ireland), IcelandAir (Iceland), Air Transat (Canada) and Westjet (Canada). Changing planes once may save you a heap of money, and if you're in business class already you may get lounge access while you
  9. ROME: Completely agree 4 block walk from Civitvechia station to port entrance. Direct trains are cheap and frequent from major Roma stations, including Termini (main station) BARCELONA: 2 block walk from "Drassenes" metro station (green line) to (blue) port bus, and quick ride on the port bus Both cities are amazing, spend a couple of days before your cruise and enjoy
  10. Sounds about right. Compare the income to the airline 6 rows (30" pitch) / 9 across = 54 economy seats 5 rows (36" pitch) / 8 across = 40 premium economy seats now factor in there's addl income on the econ for seat selection/luggage, and potentially much relaxed change/canellation conditions normally included with PE fares. You should expect PE to be (at a minimum) 50% more expensive than econ.
  11. Well that's not going to be an option. They are removing all of their long-haul fleet.
  12. When departing Canada to the United States, from an airport with a pre-clearance facility, you clear UNITED STATES Customs and Immigration, prior to reaching a sterile area in the Canadian Airport. (the E gates at Vancouver for example). This allows the US the option to not have to clear you when you reach the USA. (although they can if they want). There are no exit immigration checks leaving Canada. Interesting side affect is that Toronto is the 4th busiest UNITED STATES airport immigration facility (after JFK, LAX and MIA) Also when departing for Alaska cruises, y
  13. Presumably they would be clearing in Toronto (IAD-YYZ-YVR).
  14. I'm glad the airlines are making a stand here. The abuse of benefits for the disabled, being used by greedy people who just want them, drive me crazy. As someone who had a father who spent 40 years in a wheelchair, I lost count how many times I saw reserved parking spots occupied by people who did not need them. When the cruise lines had to start offering their disabled cabins online for booking, it actually caused a problem for people with disabilities. People would grab "disabled access cabins" because they liked the bigger bathrooms, and it actually res
  15. As a shareholder of CCL (Princess), I would encourage you to take the overpriced transfers from ship/hotel/airport. As a local, I wouldn't. You can get from downtown (2 blocks from dock) to the airport, directly on the subway (all of our subway system is called Skytrain - you wantthe Canada Line) for C$4.25 (about US$3.25). with roll on roll off carriages and elevators at the stations. Not only is it way cheaper than a transfer, it's also faster.
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