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  1. We are moving to Osprey next month, and look forward to seeing many performances at the Van Wezel -- ballet, symphony, and other performers. Went to a few last season and they were great. We have several Celebrity cruises planned for the next two years but none during strict holiday season so hope they expand the ABT program. Thanks for mentioning it, and we will inquire of X which other cruises may host the ABT guest performers. What a great idea!!!
  2. A number of years back, our cruise docked in St. VIncent, and we took one of the best "fast boat" island snorkels we have ever done/ Believe the captain's name was Capt. Wayne, but I can find nothing at all -- on St. Vincent or Capt. Wayne. Has anyone done an itinerary that included St. Vincent in the past year (we have one of Celebrity for Dec, 2019) and have you done a private excursion? Really would like to soend the day with him again..... Recent information will be much appreciated.
  3. Suskies --- I read and highlighted your extended explanation of your trip. The wealth of detail is often very helpful -- thanks!!! I wanted to clarify two things informing my tour choices at the moment, if you would, please.... 1. When did you travel on Millie? I am assuming it was in the last few months? 2. In Hanoi, I think you said you took the "Hanoi Past and Present" ship tour, instead of the ship tour "Hanoi in a Day." I went back and forth trying to see differences between them. If I understood your report, you said the Hanoi Past and Present varied from the in a Day by using golf carts and a walk to see more of the Old Quarter (definitely an attraction for us!) and that your tour went to Hoa Lo Prison instead of Temple of Literature. Based on your discussion with fellow travelers, was that the major difference? I booked "in a Day" before I read your report (my mistake!!!) and think I will now change the reservation, but wanted to check with you... 3. You said you contacted a few private tour companies about the Halong Bay junk cruise but the timing didn't work... Looks like we have the opposite schedule, so I wanted to see if we could do it privately (currently have a ship tour for that, too....). Can you share the name(s) and emails of the companies you contacted if you still have those? Just saves us some time. This is indeed a difficult and time-consuming trip to plan -- we are doing a B2B2B so lots of ports -- and you should know that your report (printed out, highlighted and in my trip planning folder) is a tremendous help. As a long time CC member, this is what I love about my fellow travelers and I appreciate all the info you have shared (are sharing). Thanks!!! Sandi
  4. Thanks for the excellent and very helpful info and advice. This is what CC used to be for me, before other threads became mere chat rooms. Much appreciated.
  5. bellasorella

    Vietnam Visa

    VERY helpful, hallasm, and thank you!!!!
  6. Celebrity offers two choices that sound very much alike -- Hanoi in a Day and Hanoi Past and Present. Can someone who has taken one (or both) of these please describe your experience and what you saw? One other passenger's review seems to indicate that Past andPrseent uses golf carts in the old city and "In a Day" did not get to the same intimacy in the old quarter. Experiences and opinions, please?
  7. Just another opinion.... Yes, Vigie is very close and cheaper taxi fare. And safe. But beautiful? Not at all, IMHO. The water is fine and not rough, the beach has sand. The beach is narrow and not very pretty. For me, the proximity of the airfield and planes taking off every several minutes or so was not my idea of a relaxing beach. Then again, I must admit that St. Lucia is not one of the better Caribbean islands for beaches, so, if you want nearby, by all means, Vigie works, But do not expect a lovely Caribbean beach like you will find on Barbados or Grenada.
  8. Answering my own stupid question ( it’s my DH fault....) the renovation is fine NOW in 2019, isn’t it? And Millie Just came out of dry dock. So it’s done in Feb 2019, well in time for our Asia cruise a year from now. Duhhhhh!!!
  9. Can someone tell me when this “renovation revolution “ is supposed to be completed? I read a date somewhere of Feb 2020 which distresses me, as we have a triple B2B2B in Asia on her Jan 18-March1. DEF do not want to be on a ship that is “under construction “. I thought this kind of change was all made in dry dock. Anyone have more info? thanks.....
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