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  1. I'm glad I found your thread/report - thanks so much for the updates. I'm booked on the Edge solo in April. First time on Celebrity, but I've cruised many times solo on Princess. It's a great way to travel, and do what you want and when you want! Wanted to try the Edge for the new solo infinity cabins. This is a helpful preview of what's to come!
  2. Thanks for this feedback. It’s what I was afraid of. Enjoy the Regal - she is a wonderful ship.
  3. After years of watching me go on cruises, I've finally convinced my folks to go on a cruise this year. Can anybody who has been on the Caribbean Princess lately report on the condition of the ship? It's been 5 years since I've been on it, and it was looking and feeling really shabby the last time I was on her. But I understand she's been in drydock a couple of times in the last few years. My parents are in their late 60's/70's - and I want them to have a great time on their first cruise. I've also been looking at the Enchanted, but unfortunately the dates and itinerary are better for us on the Caribbean. Thanks for any input from folks who have been on the ship lately! Jenn
  4. I’m on Emerald right now, and you don’t need the app. You can access from your phone/tablet browser for the messaging and ship info features + internet access. Don’t know if that will change after the medallion change over.
  5. I’m on Emerald right now. It’s still the old internet. Maybe the week after next? It’s in a weird pre-medallion phase right now. TVs are weird too. You can see the new channels that will be available, and the remotes are in for on-demand - but it’s not working yet. The ship is in beautiful shape post dry dock though.
  6. If you book through a TA, will the upsell come through them? For the first time I decided to book through my airline’s cruise agency for the miles. I’ve always booked direct before and gotten the offer via email. I’m on a guarantee obstructed ocean view next month and hoping for either a good upsell offer or an upgrade (Last I checked, lots of available balconies for my June 29 Med sailing).
  7. I’ve gotten some good deals on last minute cruises this way. It’s fun to go on an unplanned vacation sometimes. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Yes, I noticed they hadn’t updated the deck plans, but in another thread someone who boarded today confirmed the changes. And new flat screen TVs and new deck furniture!
  9. Thanks for the update. So happy to hear about the flat screen TVs! I’ve been spoiled by the Regal and Royal. Bond Voyage!
  10. Just looked at the ship details on princess.com and they’ve made updates to Emerald to reflect some of the rebranding/refresh including World Fresh Marketplace,Plank & Steamers and Coffee and Cones. I know they’ve received mixed reviews on Caribbean Princess, but I’m happy to see some refreshening. https://www.princess.com/ships-and-experience/ships/ep-emerald-princess/
  11. Hoping we get some updates on dry dock renovations from those boarding today. I hit 75 days to boarding the Emerald today!
  12. Thank you!!!! I spent an embarrassingly amount of time trying to find this on the Princess website.
  13. Does anyone know what the Princess hotels are in Rome? I've searched and can't find it. I'm taking the Barcelona to Rome 7 day cruise in June/July, and disembarking in Rome. I'm considering taking the Vatican Debark tour which includes transfer to the Ostiense Train station in central Rome or to the Princess Plus hotels. The train station isn't particularly convenient to where I want to stay in Rome. I'm hoping the hotels are closer to the area where I want to book a boutique hotel, and can just get off at one of the Princess hotels. Any insight on the Princess hotels in Rome or the Debark Vatican tour would be much appreciated! First time in Rome, so I'm trying to make the navigation of the city as easy as possible.
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