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  1. Hi Heidi13: Two episodes of the show were partially filmed on Sun Line’s Stella Solaris in the Med in 1982. As an old ship aficionado, I know you you would be interested that the Cambodge/Stella Solaris’s (1949-2003) Parsons geared steam turbines never needed replacing during it’s lifetime. I sailed on it in 2001 from Piraeus on a 7 day journey the day after 9/11. Another brilliant old ship. p.s. Like yourself I’m an old bluenose too.
  2. Isla Paraiso, Cuba. Tendered to this almost deserted wonderful beach from the Gemini in 2010 before a two night stop in Havana.
  3. Hi Don: Right on the Mark with your reply. Another Greek ship was used in the filming of the less than memorable Cuba Gooding Jr film Boat Trip, Royal Olympic’s Olympic Voyager which was designed to be the speediest cruise ship when built around 2000.
  4. Bitter Moon (1992), Roman Polanski’s psycho-sexual thriller. Can anyone guess the ship used in the filming?
  5. Actually, been there and done that. November 2010 I sailed from Cozumel on a seven night cruise to Grand Cayman, Isla Paraiso, and 2 nights in Havana, Cuba on a lovely little Spanish based ship of 20,000 tonnes the Gemini, sister ship of Fred Olsen’s Braemar. No CDC restrictions because the company had no ships sail to any US ports. Charter flights brought European passengers directly to Cozumel’s airport which is only a 10 minute cab ride to most of the docks in San Miguel. So, it has been tried. But, it was a disastrous venture for Spain’s Happy Cruises as their Cuban cruises bankrupte
  6. Some sad news for many old time Celebrity cruisers. Celebrity’s very first new build the Horizon is heading to Turkey for scrapping, after sailing for Pullmantur. Sovereign and Monarch are finished as well.
  7. I believe the last cruise ships built for speed were the twin ships built by Blohm and Voss for Royal Olympic Cruises in 2000/2001.Designed to sail at 28 knots, the 25000 tonne Olympic Voyager and Olympic Explorer sailed 7 night 3 continent round trips from Athens. Unfortunately, the lines first new builds and 9/11 bankrupted the company. They’re still sailing somewhere, but I can’t recall where.
  8. I suspect that the Sovereign is chartered by a travel company probably in Brazil that only sells in their their own market. In the 80’s and 90’s Regent Holidays (Transat I think) used to charter The Greek ships Triton and Bolero from one of the Greek lines for the winter season in the Carribean and sell them in Canada only with charter flights included to a Carribean departure port.
  9. Yes, executive chef Jordi Cruz has recently introduced a new Gala menu http://online.fliphtml5.com/tqui/mgyw/
  10. Choose a cruise line that few Americans ,especially very conservative ones would be unlikely to sail on. I have since 2004 when I sailed on a MSC ship that few US cruisers knew anything about. But I was wrong. A British couple we met onboard had your very same experience with some George W Bush supporters in pre-election mode. My five cruises on three different lines have had few Americans aboard. There are a few around,
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