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  1. It's not a rumour. Posted on twitter by a trusted source (editor at NPR):
  2. We've loved Dawn Beach in the past too...but wondering what it's like now?
  3. Following, and hoping some who have sailed Edge with kids might be able to chime in. And in particular, Host Anne, it would be great if you could post the daily activity sheets from the kids and teen clubs! :)
  4. Bumping this up. I haven't come across much in the Celebrity forum, and would love to hear from those who have experienced Edge with kids. At the very least, I'll plan to come back here and report after our own sailing on Edge next week!
  5. Has anyone successfully used the 'texting' function in the Celebrity App on board Edge? We sail next month, and this would be great for family members keeping in touch while on board. On my app, the 'beta' does appear in the top right corner...but isn't functional as we're not yet on board and connected to Celebrity Wifi. 😉
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