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  1. As luck would have it, as soon as I broke down and created luggage tags for the cruise, the "official" Oceania package arrived in the mail. I kid you not! I made the tags last night and this morning the envelope was in my mailbox!!!;p
  2. Is there a clothes line in an ocean view shower stall on the Insignia?
  3. We were able to take an independent (non-cruise ship) excursion to Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral while in port. We used International Friends. Another option, if you're tired of being on excursions, is to walk into town. There is a large shopping mall about 1/2 mile from the ship.
  4. JimandStan - thanks for the photo! h2so4 - glad to hear! We're on her for 35 days, so maybe we'll get lucky!
  5. In all of the photos I've been able to find for cabin type C2, the beds are pushed together. Since I'll be traveling with my mom, we've requested to have the beds split into 2 twins. Does anyone have any photos of the cabin with this layout for Oceania? We've been fortunate in the past (on other cruise lines) to have the beds arranged either split both against opposite walls or as a t-bone configuration with one under the window, the other along the wall. Either of those setups optimizes floor space. It doesn't look very space efficient if they keep the beds in line with the headboard once they're split. Only a week now and we'll be flying to China! Can't wait.....
  6. That was a great post. Thanks for the hint. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. Thanks for the info! I end up making my own Iced Tea on the other cruise lines, but was hoping.... Sigh. I'm not a coffee drinker either. It's funny, on a cruise last summer out of Southampton (Royal Carib), there were only 100 or so folks from the US and 3900 for GBR. They were aghast at my putting ice in my tea!! :)
  8. So will the Insignia have fresh brewed Iced Tea on will it me from a fountain? Cheers!
  9. We're going to be "segmenters" on the current Insignia world cruise when we join the ship in Beijing. Will we feel like outsiders? :o
  10. What was the timing for the luggage tags? We're 3 weeks out for our cruise, but I haven't received any. I'm not too worried - I know we'll still get on the ship without them - but it's kind of nice to handle the "merchandise" and dream..... Cheers.
  11. New to Oceania, but not cruising. Mymom and I will doing a 35 day Beijing to Sydney cruise in a fewweeks, and I have a few questions.... On our normal cruise line (Holland), you can get free meclizine from the medical clinic through out the cruise. Does Oceania offer that, or should I buy up prior to the cruise. Does Oceania Club recognize points earned at the start of the cruise? Since this is a 35 night cruise, based on their chart, we would be a level blue cruiser and “entitled” to a 10% discount to logo wear. That would be nice to use on the cruise! :) Are the shampoo/conditioner/lotions replaced through out the cruise? I've actually sailed on the Regatta when it was called R2 (Renaissance) many, many years ago. We had shampoo when we boarded, but it was never replaced/refilled. I know it's a different company now, but believe the “main man” was with Renaissance too, soooo...... Is it okay to use the showers in the gym/spa? We are in a C1 – Deluxe Ocean View. And having been on the R2, I know the shower in the cabin is small! Since we're only in category C1, our we still allowed to ordered of off the MDR or Speciality Restaurant's menu for dinner room service? On my other cruises, I could print out luggage tags & boarding passes from the cruise line website. I've completed the Guest Registration Forms, but see no options to print the tags or passes. We booked this cruise very spur of the moment/last minute so I don't know if we'll receive anything our TA or Oceania? Since this cruise is a segmant of the World Cruise, will there be an “world cruisers” vs. “newbies” mentality on the ship? Cheers!
  12. So my question is, if our cruise is starting in Beijing, and we're only in China (Beijing 2 nights and Dalian 2 nights), do you think I'll need a visa? We're on a 35 night cruise from Beijing to Sydney. It would be great if I could avoid the whole visa mess.
  13. It depends on several factors: 1. Length of the cruise. Short ones (less than 7 days) no impact. 19 day TA cruise - it took me a week to stop rocking. 2. Weather during the cruise. Windy and choppy - more post cruise rocking. Smooth sailing - no rocking. 3. Did I use a seasickness product. With a Scoplomine patch - no rock, until it's been off for a few days. Meclazine - no rocking. 4. Location of my cabin. If I'm down in the bowels of the ship, very little post cruise rocking. But when I'm higher up, I have more rocking.
  14. I love to know the outcome for the OP and his girlfriend!
  15. 1. How long is the running track? 2. Does the Indy have a 24 hour soft serve ice cream dispenser similar to Carnival?
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