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  1. Thanks so much. We are signed up.
  2. Here is another option....lower the amount paid but keep the auto tipping so everyone gets something.
  3. Do you know anything about gecko island adventures? Is it worth the price for the tour? We are just looking at the atv tour. Will be on a cruise ship and we are in port only from 9-5.
  4. Good Luck. Call a few times, You may get different responses.
  5. If the pricing has gone up, you would have to rebook at the higher fare to get the extra perk. If the pricing is the same it can be added very easily.
  6. Take a lyft or Uber. They show up very fast. I would not waste time getting to the car rental areas and then waiting on a line. I have found Lyft to be slighty less in price when I am in florida.
  7. HAve any of you who tip per drink asked for something off the diamond lounge drink menu? This use to happen quite frequently in the past but lately its a NO for anything other than the basic menu drinks.
  8. Hospice is the end of care. Pls send him all our best for the gentle soul he is. One can only hope that Judith remains strong in the time ahead.
  9. I got a great hotwire price for four points by sheraton, Miami Beach. I was following it and just happened to check when it went down to $61 for the night for Feb 20, 2019!
  10. It is unlimited , but very small selection of drinks, if in the diamond lounge. But, as stated, it is only from 5-8 pm. The 3 drinks loaded onto the card are used outside of the Diamond lounge. So you could drink all you want and then stop at a bar to bring something into dinner and then again for a show.
  11. Its very subjective. We can see the same shows on Divina over and over again. We think the quality of the singers and dancers far exceed what we see on other cruise lines. These are professionals! We enjoy the cirque de solie type performances within the shows also. As far as extra tipping, I have never needed to do that and leave the automatic tips and I get great service. As for the chicken breast...if you had asked the maitre de in the buffet to make that for you he would have made sure it was available on the days you requested it. I have found they go above and beyond if asked. I make sure I do not touch any tongs with my bare hands, and use a cloth napkin for that. Then I use another cloth napkin for my use. I have seen too many, most Europeans, NOT wash their hands after using the restrooms.... I have even spoken up and asked them to, and gotten rude remarks. I have heard the kids clubs keep the kids occupied and very happy. Unless there are other kids the ages of yours ,I can see why he was bored. I agree with the chair hogs and something needs to be done. You have the right to remove anything from a chair if no one has come to the chair in 30 minutes. Enjoy your other cruises!
  12. MSC is fabulous. Go with a smile and enjoy whichever cruise you are on!
  13. As long as one name remains the same it does not need to be cancelled. Adding the other pax names are at current pricing for third and fourth guest.
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