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  1. Your guess is as good as mine. IF you can move cabins maybe you should.
  2. You are welcome. There is lots to do and I hope you have a great time.
  3. It may be where the cabin stewards store their supplies. It may be a workroom for crew. Yes there is floor space in the gym as long as you are there when it is not so crowded.
  4. Please continue to read to learn about MSC. We LOVE this line but it is different. Bella is the basic level with no free anything except the package you booked with. None of the specialty dining will be free. You will have the dining room and buffet. The shows will be the shows that that ship will have for a long time. The hire their own entertainment which are the production shows every night. Unlike other lines that have two production shows and then headliners. Also on Meraviglia you will have the opportunity to see two different made for MSC Cirque du Soleil shows. You can book them on line prior to sailing. There are two options ...you can do dinner and show or dinner and a drink. Each have an extra cost. I hope you enjoy the beautiful ship and the European service once onboard!
  5. Hi Brett, nice to talk to you again. I just cancelled my drink package for OCean Cay since it looked like the bars were so spread out it would not be worth getting it and having to walk to the places for a drink. Good to know they are doing the buffet, although I liked that they were not for the reasons given. I thought it would be nice to have food trucks as complimentary and be different with less waste. How have you been? When will you cruising again with the Jazz at Sea? I did try search , not like the older version of the boards when searched worked. Can you relist the buffet or send me the link to where it is listed. Thanks so much.
  6. It is really unfair of status match black card holders to think because they hold that card they deserve rules to be changed for them. Then I have witnessed too many times it is all the black card first time cruisers that yell and complain the most.
  7. Why should they when Black card is often shown as a "you do what I want" from a passenger , who in reality has NEVER sailed MSC before. We who have earned Black card by loyalty don't flaunt it and expect extra perks when it is shown. We actually know who to talk to.
  8. I did not see that the food was included. LAst I read there would be pay restaurants and no island buffets. I did read that they would have a hot dog and burger kiosk.... I thought for pay. In the artist rendition I saw a few lounge chairs scattered on the beaches...anyone know more about this?
  9. NO, if you have the package it is not good on Ocean Cay. Only Yacht Club drink package can be used on Ocean Cay. You can add the Ocean Cay bev package for 22$ non alcoholic and $30 for alcoholic per person.
  10. Its suppose to open in November. I have not seen anything saying it will be delayed, again.
  11. Thanks so much. We are signed up.
  12. Here is another option....lower the amount paid but keep the auto tipping so everyone gets something.
  13. Do you know anything about gecko island adventures? Is it worth the price for the tour? We are just looking at the atv tour. Will be on a cruise ship and we are in port only from 9-5.
  14. Good Luck. Call a few times, You may get different responses.
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