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  1. Congratulations! My cousins also just got their credit and only made one phone call and the rep didn't have a clue so their's never made it to the complaint department. Sounds like they had a lot of complaints and credited many at one time. I wonder if Crystal was responsible for the lack of timeliness. Carole
  2. The $450 credit finally posted to my account!! That was a lot more work than it should have been! Carole
  3. When you get the letter let us know if it has a discrepancy like mine. In my letter I noticed where is says credit from Crystal Cruises, Crystal Cruises is in a lighter print than the rest of of the letter like it was plugged into a form letter. Carole
  4. I got the letter from Chase today. Can't believe how screwed up they are with this offer. Here's what was in the letter along with a phone number to call with any questions: "We have received your request concerning your statement credit from Crystal Cruises. The offer was for a 10% credit with a maximum earning of $450.00 and the minimum spend amount of $0.20. This offer is valid one time only at Airbnb. Please allow one or two billing cycles for the $450.00 to post to your account. We appreciate your understanding in this matter." This is unbelievable!! I don't think I should call and let them know about the discrepancy in their letter so I'll wait and see if I get the credit. Just hope the discrepancy doesn't trigger some kind of inquiry by Airbnb because it's not their offer although it says the credit is coming from Crystal Cruises. The Airbnb offer is for 5% credit with a maximum of $28.00 and I've never charged anything to Airbnb. I wonder if Crystal is actually the one issuing the credit and Chase has to get their approval. Carole
  5. I have the Chase Sapphire Reserve card and called the customer service number on the back of the card. The customer service person that answered was able to find the information that my complaint had been sent to the Marketing Department and it would take 7-10 business days for a response. I told him today was the 10th business day and requested to speak to a Supervisor. He said it would be a Manager and transferred me. The Manager found the information that the credit had been approved and I would be getting a letter. I complained that I have received other small credits within a few days and why so long for this one? His answer was some credits take longer to process. Well, that's obvious! Good luck! Carole
  6. I'm finally getting the $450 credit!! I spoke to a Chase manager today and was told the credit has been approved and I will be receiving a letter informing me. He said it could take one or two billing cycles to see the credit. In the meantime, I got a small credit on a Total Wine offer a few days after the purchase. I have to wonder if I ever would have gotten the credit if I didn't call and persist. They really make you work for that $450!! Carole
  7. Congratulations!! This is encouraging while I await a response. My 10 business days are up on Friday. If nothing, I will be calling yet again. Carole
  8. Called Chase again today and the customer servicer person found the e-mail to the Marketing Department with my complaint which was sent by a customer service person last Sunday. Again, I was told it would take 7-10 business days for a reply. The Marketing Department is closed on the weekends so on with the waiting game. Vince, I could not find a Chase e-mail to send my complaint directly to the Marketing Department. The only options on their website are phone numbers. Carole
  9. I was told I would get a response in 10 days but certainly not counting on that. When I asked for the phone number of the department she was forwarding the information to she said they don't have a phone number. My guess is there's no such department! I'm not giving up on this and will be back at it tomorrow. Carole
  10. I'm dealing with the same issue with my Chase Reserve card. $4,500 charged to Crystal mid-July and no credit yet. I called a few days ago when I noticed I received a $7 credit for a small offer that was charged only a few days before but no $450 credit! I was told they will forward the information to the department that handles these issues. Friends that are traveling with us also have not received the credit. Chase told them they could not find that offer only the one that expired in May. I printed the offer and have it for verification so need to follow up once again for more run around. Carole
  11. Sorry, my mistake and thanks Roy for pointing it out. I should have said looking down at the tender and glad to hear it's a non-issue. That's what happens when you post at midnight when you should be sleeping.
  12. In looking at the deck plan it appears that you would see the bottom of the lifeboat on Deck 8. Has anyone stayed in 9101 that could verify? Carole
  13. hcat, we have a long haul from CA to FL so don't want to add more travel getting to the Fort Lauderdale. I called the Holiday Inn directly and little better rate but still almost $500 w/tax. They offer a shuttle to the port for $10 pp which would be convenient especially since it's Super Bowl Sunday and don't not want to count on Uber's availability or a taxi. We could do the Feb. 16 cruise but it's President's Day week so maybe too many kids. Also some of the other cruise dates have a higher fare so six of one half a dozen of another.
  14. VT, thanks for the deck plan. I believe it's from The Luxury Cruise Company site and I can see the bed notches. We might not be getting that cabin since we may have to change the cruise date. I booked Feb. 2 and just found out that's Super Bowl Sunday and it's in Miami. There are no hotel rooms available in the Ft. Lauderdale area unless we want to pay $550 for the Holiday Inn Express so back to the drawing board. Also, I remember you being in an aft cabin and was wondering if it gets a lot of sun during the day.
  15. I think SV 11275 has bed by bath but no notch on the deck plan like with IV cabins. Can anyone confirm? We prefer bed by slider but this cabin is in the center so looks like larger balcony space. Other SV options are more to the sides. We had and IV with bed by veranda on May/June Med cruise and enjoyed laying in bed and looking at the sea although the space was cramped. If bed was by the bath seems there would not be as easy access to the closet. We would like to try an SV with regular balcony and aft view.. This is for Feb. Western Caribbean so it will probably be sunnier than it was in the Med and also we'll be on the ship more with this itinerary. We don't do sun so wondering if it might be too hot and sunny on the SV balcony during the day.
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