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  1. I believe when my statement says "rebill" Crystal that dispute amount is permanent since Chase had already refunded me the disputed amount. The "rebill" date for the deposit only cruise is 7/16. The line items are confusing because the amounts initially show up twice and some double refunds are still on the statement. Carole
  2. Susie, I noticed in the Deposit Only section our cruise is still listed as not yet received with a credit card dispute. I was assured by Chase that all the disputes have been finalized and refunded. I haven't received my latest Chase statement and at this point it's confusing to figure out the exact dates on line with both temporary and permanent credits still listed. Glad this refund mess is behind us. Carole
  3. I also wonder why people are waiting a ridiculously long time for refunds yet still hesitate to file a credit card dispute. The chargebacks are what triggered our refunds. This was confirmed by Chase and I was told that's what usually happens. If we didn't go the dispute route we would probably still be waiting. Carole
  4. Chase verified to me that the refunds were not in my account and the dispute is what trigger the refunds. The agent said this is usually how it happens. It's a shame we had to twist Crystal's arm in this manner to get our due. Certainly not 6 star luxury service! Carole
  5. Spoke to the Dispute Dept. and got confirmation that the June cruise dispute amounts have been refunded. The deposit for September is still in the dispute stage so no refund yet (Susie you need to change the roll call for this one). One of the reasons for the initial confusion was a Chase rep (not from the Dispute Dept.) gave me the wrong info on what had actually been refunded. I called two more times to verify and those agents told me only the Dispute Dept. has access to that information. When I check my balance online the refunds are posted twice so credit balance is not accurate. I was told the balance would be adjusted on my next statement. Let's hope it all shakes out as it should. Carole
  6. Three of the four credits are posted twice, once when I disputed them and again a few days later, which is why I believe the second postings are actually refunds. The second credits have 2019 transaction dates which were our payment dates. Maybe the refunds had already reached our account when I filed the dispute but had not yet been posted. Carole
  7. We cancelled both cruises and didn't want to wait around for Crystal to cancel and then wait months for them to issue a refund. The September 20 cruise was deposit only which was refunded less the $200 admin fee. Not sure of our status on the June cruise for the third refund amount. Between myself and our TA we were given conflicting information and received conflicting cancellation statements. Crystal kept changing their policy at that time so not sure how we'll end up. The last refund amount was the largest and I'll call the Dispute Dept. tomorrow to try and find out where we stand with that one. It's easy to file a dispute. Just call your credit card bank (ours is Chase) and tell them the reason for the dispute and they'll issue a temporary credit. I think in our case, and as others have mentioned, as soon as the dispute was filed it triggered a refund although Chase gives them 35 days to respond. Good luck! Carole
  8. Filed credit disputes on July 1. Three of four refund amounts for two cruises were on my account July 4 with a post date of July 1. Deposit for September 20 cruise refunded and two for the June 7 cruise but still waiting for the third June 7 refund. The disputed amounts are still on my account so I need to call the Dispute Department tomorrow to verify. I thought the disputes automatically come off at time of the refunds. Carole
  9. We also cancelled on March 4 and today is the 122 day mark so you're way beyond the promised 90 day refund. I filed a credit card dispute a few days ago and I suggest you do the same. Can't wait for Crystal to get it's act together and pay us our due. Carole
  10. Gave up waiting for Crystal to refund at day 118 and day 90 so filed disputes today. Another couple we were going to be cruising with got their refund on Friday and they cancelled a few days after us. Makes you wonder what's going on with Crystal. Carole
  11. Filed the dispute and only 20 minutes on hold. Good to know I can track it online. Thanks. Carole
  12. Thanks, Benita. This is helpful and I'll be prepared when I call. We cancelled our 2 cruises before Crystal did but sounds like basically the same info. I thought they might require me to send them documentation. I'll be calling shortly and will post how it goes. Carole
  13. I have the same phone number for my Chase Sapphire Reserve card. Hope my hold time is only 20 minutes. What documentation do they require when filing a dispute? Carole
  14. All the travel insurance policies I've bought over the years had financial default coverage. It wasn't more expensive than those that might not have covered a default although I think most of them did. Carole
  15. I was told the same thing by Chase when I inquired about the process of filing a dispute which I will be filing tomorrow if I can get through to the Dispute Department. Carole
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