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  1. To Athens, I doubt it; most people buy a transfer or excursion take a train. There's probably info in the Ports of Call section. It's not hard. I think there might be a bus, too, but the train isn't bad, as long as you don't have luggage. (Port is not right by train station.)
  2. We were in Riga, but it was in 2012, so it's possible things have changed. But when we were there, we docked right in town, although I can't remember if we were on Marina or one of the smaller ships, and sometimes that makes a difference. I don't think there was a shuttle, but it wasn't really needed. We did a fairly short walk to where we could pick up the Hop On Hop Off bus (so-so) and explored a large market, gorgeous church, etc. Then I walked over to to where the wonderful art nouveau buildings were - pretty astounding if you're the least interested in architecture. Sorry, I don't remember the details for those buildings, but you could likely google and find them. It was a little tricky finding the exact street number, though, as the street numbering wasn't done the same way numbering in the U.S. is usually done. I remember walking back to the ship, so it obviously wasn't horribly far. I think the address of the "blue" building in the photo was 10B Elizabetes; other one was on Albertas street. But in answer to your question - Riga, no shuttle.
  3. I'll be there in a few weeks, but from what I've read, there isn't really anything much in Benoa and around. We have arranged for a driver (in advance) to take us places we want to go. I think it's better to arrange in advance, using someone who has been recommended, since those drivers are more likely to speak good English and have a good idea of what cruisers/visitors would like. They'll meet you at the port or airport. You do not have to hire them for a day (although their day rates are reasonable!) I don't think there's much around Benoa you can do without transportation, so I think most people do a ship's excursion or hire a driver, even if they just want to go one place for the day. If you're going to be in Bali SOON, you may find the beaches a little disappointing, as in general in Bali there may be grayer days than usual, with some rain each day, but not torrential downpours! Some of the beaches are apparently a little dirtier than usual, too, due to debris coming up onto the beaches. I have 3 days pre-cruise in Bali before boarding a cruise ship Dec. 21. I'm spending the night in Sanur, a beach area about 30-45 minutes from the airport, and then going north to the town of Ubud for sightseeing the rest of the time. While Ubud is probably not doable on a cruise day, there are plenty of other things to do and see from the port of Benoa. If nothing else, I saw pictures from someone's cruise ship visit to Bali. Apparently there's a big cultural center not terribly far from the port, and a bird or animal park. Sorry, I didn't save the link, but if you plan a day trip with a driver, he should be able to give you some ideas of what you can reasonably see in a day from the port of Benoa. The boards on Trip Advisor may be helpful too - not too many people post here on Cruise Critic, I'm afraid! As for the port itself, I hear there is a small terminal (we are scheduled to dock, but not sure how many ships dock and how many tender; ours is fairly small). There are supposed to be some vendors in/outside the terminal, and some things to see inside the terminal. Enjoy! I'm really excited about Bali.......lots of temples, cultural things, etc. I didn't know a thing about it 9 months ago.....so much interests me now!
  4. Oh, never mind the above post. I went back and found the original emails I received, and the language is the same for both of us. I'm not sure what I have that mentions the Business Activity Only line, but I'm satisfied that we'll both be ok with the eTAs we have.
  5. So I'm afraid I'm still a little nervous about these eTAs. I got one for my husband and the documentation I received stated "No Work - Business Activity Only." It clearly states his name. The next day I got one for myself, and the documentation simply states that the application has been successful and that "you now hold a valid eTA." There's no name on it, but it does show my the ETA reference number associated with MY passport. Are both of these acceptable etas? It's making me nervous that different information was received, even though I did both on line, just a day apart. Can someone please explain, or at least calm my fears?
  6. If anyone can venture a guess as to how long it generally takes for a cruise ship to tie up and be cleared by the authorities in Fremantle, I'd love to hear it. Fremantle will not be our first port in Australia, if that makes any difference. I read one person's report of her day there, and the person said it took an hour. This isn't too normal for Oceania, but of course, anything's possible, and every port, day and experience is different.
  7. OK, I realize this post is very old, but I'm about to go to Australia, and had a question: I've read much of the thread, but I keep seeing references to a blog with pictures. If someone could post the URL for that blog, I'd love to see it!
  8. Assume you were just sick for a day or two or three, with a visit to the ship doctor, and this happened during the cruise, e're able to go on the cruise, right? I have always assumed that that wouldn't be covered by private insurance, but perhaps I'm wrong.
  9. Oh, experienced the Country Fair on Marina - lots of fun, laughed a lot that day. Hope they have it on my cruise.
  10. Going on a cruise, finally, to Australia and New Zealand, and would love to see webcams from the places I'll be. If anyone is willing to give me URLs, I'd love to see them for: Australia: Exmouth (doubt there's one, but....) Geraldton Fremantle (think I found one at the port) Albany Adelaide Melbourne (found a couple already) Burnie, Tasmania Phillip Island Sydney (already found the one showing bridge, opera, cruise berth) Eden New Zealand: Milford Sound Dunedin or Port Chalmers (DO have PC port,cam,s plus Albatross Center cam) Akaroa (found one already, but there used to be one that showed a view of inside the bay or whatever it is, not just the entrance - not sure where it went) Wellington (think I have one, but would love more, especially if there's one at the port) Napier Gisborne Tauranga or Rotorua (found a couple) Thanks
  11. I know that Captain Cook offers ferry service to ships berthed at White Bay. Somewhere on their website is a schedule for their cruise ship service. I think they only go to WB when there's a ship there. I still haven't figured out exactly where it goes at White Bay, and how much of a walk it is from where a cruise ship docks. I'll probably take it next month while there, since I'm too cheap to take a cab, and public transportation is a little complicated near WB.
  12. I saw that. I tuned on the Albatross Center webcam and saw one of the Celebrity ship go by - my small thrill for the day! In less than a month I'll be going to Dunedin myself - a big thrill! I just realized now, however, that I knew about, but didn't think about, that port webcam. I'll have to watch my ship sailing along headed to Port Chalmers, and docking at that container berth.
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