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  1. It's been almost 2 years now, but when we were in Boston, there was a shuttle - same location as mentioned by Orv. I think it took about 10 minutes from port to shuttle drop, and maybe 3-4 minutes of walking to get to Faneuil Hall. I took an Uber back to the port, although the driver could not (or did not want to, who knows?!) drop me right at, or in the port, so I had to walk a little. But where I needed to go was obvious and didn't take more than a minute of walking. Maybe a taxi can get closer; not sure.
  2. We didn't come straight from the airport to San Basilio, but we did take a public vaporetto (ACTV - website something like ACTV.IT) to it from our San Marco hotel. From the vaporetto stop at San Basilio, it is about a few minute, level walk down the waterfront to where our ship docked. It was Viking, but it doesn't matter - San Basilio is San Basilio! I don't remember any bridges, which can be a pain, especially with luggage - as you probably already know. To get from the airport to our hotel we used the airport bus to Piazalle Roma, then took an ACTV vaporetto to the hotel in the San Marco area. It was relatively fast, easy, and convenient (bus right outside the airport). We are kind of basic travelers, so we passed on taking a private water taxi - plus I thought I read that there was a bit of a walk to them, which made me a little wary that it was the right choice for us. There might be more info on transportation options on the Ports of Call section of the Boards on Cruise Critic. I'm assuming you ARE scheduled to dock at San Basilio, right, and not the main dock location for Venice? I think that might be a little unusual for Oceania, but of course, port assignments aren't usually up to the cruise line, so anything's possible. Be aware, if you aren't by now, that there are two different vaporetto systems in Venice, and tickets are not interchangeable. Alilaguna goes to the port and ACTV goes to San Basilio. The water taxis are independent taxis that can pretty much go anywhere they're allowed to go!
  3. roothy123

    Taxis in Bali

    We are using a driver to take us from the airport to Sanur, which is maybe an hour away from the airport. That's a little different from just hiring someone to take you from the port to your hotel. However, I mention it in case you want to hire a driver to take you around the island, near or far, on the next day. If so, you could have the driver get you to your hotel. take you touring, and then get you to the airport at the end of your stay.
  4. Thank you, everyone, for the help. I think this is something we can handle. My husband has driven different ways (left, right, shift, auto) and he does a great job, so hopefully he'll do well in NZ.
  5. I'm no expert, but it's my understanding that assignment of berths is mostly up to the port, not the cruise lines. I do always check port schedules against itinerary times. Usually it agrees; occasionally it doesn't. But I make a note of any discrepancies and factor it into my planning. And I'm not trying to defend Oceania, but from what I've heard, it's not uncommon for cruise lines to give preference to people on cruise line tours when getting off the ship. That's one thing I really appreciate about Oceania (and Viking). With both, I've never had a problem getting off when I wanted to, except that in St. Petersburg and on Easter Island, it was a bit more complicated and lengthy than in most ports. I certainly don't think it's impossible now to do independent planning/touring even when a margin of error must be included. However, as before, I tend to shy away from booking/paying for anything that won't be refunded if the ship doesn't make port or something else happens that substantially cuts into my time in a port. And, as before, I'm mindful of the time when out and about, and before any port call I research what would happen if I didn't make it back to the ship on time. Cruising is wonderful, but it's not without its challenges and risks.
  6. I believe the city is Queenscliffe, so over west, then south to Geelong, down to Queenscliffe and around there I assume the roads are pretty good going there, but for some reason my husband is not totally sure he wants to drive in NZ and Australia! I suppose I could go on Google Earth and preview the roads...
  7. After talking to a neighbor who lived in Australia, my husband is a little hesitant to rent a car in several locations in New Zealand. The neighbor says that the roads are not great, although I don't know the exact reasons, and what assumptions were made (driving in the evening, driving in certain areas, etc.) I was thinking of renting a car in Dunedin, and possibly in Napier. It also looks like we'll have to jump through some hoops because Cathay Pacific cancelled a flight with no decent rebooking options. One possible solution would be to rent a car and drive from Tauranga to Auckland. The distance is supposedly around 3 hours. There is a bus (Inter-City bus line) so that might be a better choice for us, but for the other two cities, we'd love to have the flexibility of going where we want to go. Most likely, the amount of driving we would do would be limited to 3 hours round trip (return). So, can anyone comment on New Zealand roads outside Dunedin or Napier, and between Tauranga and Auckland? I'm not talking about in the cities themselves, which I assume would be fine, but outside. We would drive during daylight hours. Also, is Australia much different? We'd love to rent a car in Melbourne and Burnie (Tasmania) to go a little ways out into the countryside.
  8. We've never experienced a LOT of port time changes with Oceania or the other cruise line we use. However, an occasional change is not unusual.
  9. Wanted to ask a question of original poster, but now not necessary.
  10. Just keep in mind with this list that things change, and in some big cities, there are multiple docking locations, which might affect the availability of a shuttle. Also, on occasion there are shuttles that stop running during a certain time (lunch break, for example). Once on board, Oceania will give you information about availability/hours/etc. of shuttles, often with a caveat that the shuttles are not controlled by them, so there is no 100% guarantee that they will run as described. We've never had a problem, however, but I like to have a Plan B ready just in case!
  11. Piraeus to Athens is a bit of a haul. I doubt Oceania or other cruise lines offer a shuttle. However, we took the train there and back. This link might help: https://www.davestravelpages.com/how-to-get-from-piraeus-to-athens
  12. In Taormina, there's a bus to Castelmola (although I may have spelled that wrong), which is a little village even farther up. I don't remember the details, though.
  13. Mostly just posting again so I can turn on the "Notify me" option.... So I guess this is a new dock for Eden? Glad to hear it. I don't mind tendering, but it does usually add a little time to sightseeing plans! And I realize you're probably not from Eden, but could you or someone else be able to give me an idea of how far a walk it is to the Sapphire Coast Museum? Is it up that road I see? Also, is there a car rental place within easy walking distance of the cruise ship dock? I'm a lighthouse lover and I may want to drive to Ben Boyds (and sorry if I spelled that wrong). Thanks.
  14. I see that! Wonderful! We will be visiting Eden in January. Thanks for posting. She IS docked, right? I had read that most ships anchor and then there's a short tender to shore. However, when I looked at Marine Traffic a few minutes ago, it appeared she was docked.
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