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  1. check your booking and it is changed when final payment is due, I didn't get an email but when I checked my booking it stated May 1, and my cruise is in June
  2. I guess I got lucky this time, we were booked for a standard Balcony on the Sky, and we received an email that we got upgraded to a deluxe Balcony, I wasn't crazy about the location of it but I liked the extra little room that a deluxe balcony gives. About 2 weeks later we received another email and were upgraded to a Mini, now I am thrilled, that has never happed to us, we are looking forward to our cruise
  3. I had a problem paying for my tour in SPB with Alla I called my credit card company and they released the charrg but it still didn't work they froze my card I called back and talked to them and that didn't work, I couldn't understand the person from the credit card it was somewhere out of the country service department, do I just got get up and told them they can keep the card frozen I am tired dealing with them
  4. we are booked for a Baltic Cruise this Summer and I just booked a regular Balcony, last week they upgraded us to a deluxe Balcony and today they upgraded us to a Mini, I am very pleased
  5. but if it did not have the $200 off the air and you re-fare the air it will change the previous promotion
  6. I booked under a previous promotion, and found all these new promotion items, yes I also have 2 bottles of wine. I did not have to rebook or anything, like I said it was on my reservation, I didn't have to lift a finger, kinda happy about that.
  7. Thanks for your response, looks like I am racking up the freebies, I have on-board credit, upgrade location on cabin and free gratuities and now that, looking forward to the cruise, maybe I'll snag a cabin upgrade to a mini or a suite, one can hope.
  8. As I was checking my booking I saw that Princess gave us another complimentary item it is Medallionet 4- Device, I just have no idea what that is, it says value is $164.89. Plus they gave us the promotion for 2 bottles of wine without me asking, I am a little speechless. Is this the norm for Princess to add things as a gift? I hope someone can let me know what that Medallionnet 4 Device is. Thanks
  9. Does it cost extra to eat at Alfredo's Pizzaria ?
  10. we received the Specialty Restaurant as a Compliment from Princess, question is do we have to use it on the first night or can we choose another night?
  11. We are doing that next year for the Baltic cruise, we are flying in to Berlin and spend a few days there and will take the train to Copenhagen, already have the EZflight booked with no problems
  12. It will be very cold we were there in July 2017 and we were freezing I would not book the sancuary, we moved around
  13. Thanks everybody for your replay, by chance can you recomment a car service?
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