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  1. She will need a passport from her birth country and her green card, I used to be a green card holder and always needed my passport from my birth country
  2. EV2008

    Another EZAir question

    On the flight I booked is the price they list with the airline fees or is the additional charge to the fare Thanks
  3. thanks for all the info, I will check on the flights again
  4. How do you recheck on the flights - everytime I try to do that it cancels my booked flight
  5. EV2008

    Does our 16 yr old need a passport

    why is it always such a big to do about a Passport, there is so much freedom having one, my children have had a passport since they were 1 year old
  6. EV2008

    Pot of coffee from the International Cafe?

    order room service
  7. [quote name='redwings1958']Well for us americans, the euro has DROPPED form $1.50 for 1 euro to $1.10 for 1 euro. That makes europe about 20% cheaper than last year!![/QUOTE] Well actually it is $ 1.179 to the euro it is better but still not as good as before
  8. EV2008

    Head Waiter Hector

    [quote name='CJPETERSON']Does anyone know what ship Hector the singing head waiter is on right now. We have really enjoyed him on past cruises[/QUOTE] We saw him on the Caribbean princess in September
  9. EV2008

    Princess vs Royal Caribbean

    I have been a long time cruiser on Royal and been on 3 differend ships with Princess, just so happens we are booked for next Summer for the Baltic and we choose Princess, there are a few reasons, newer ship, we can start our cruise in Berlin and I find that Princess food is better and it seems more elegant. Now that is just my personel preference and taste. Also I am a little creepped(sp) out with the Brilliance but that is just me I would feel uneasy on that ship and will not plan on taking a cruise on her ever
  10. [quote name='paula2051']OK trying again! :D[/QUOTE] Many Thanks I received your email with attachment, now I can not wait for our Cruise to the Baltic in June 2015.
  11. [quote name='paula2051']Sorry but your 'mail' came back to me saying that you don't accept e-mail with attachments. Let me know if you would like me to try again.[/QUOTE] oh AOL is so difficult, try my alternate email [email]metajones01@gmail.com[/email] hopefully gmail is going to work - thank you
  12. I would love to receive the walking tour from you. Please send to [email]metajones01@aol.com[/email]. many thanks
  13. EV2008

    The "Not a Sale" sale

    We are booked for a Baltic cruise next June and we just got a price drop and obc
  14. EV2008

    3 or 4 day cruise

    We just came back from a 4 day on the Caribbean princess one stop on grand Turk we loved it we did nothing just relaxed and enjoyed the sanctuary