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  1. Hi - I'm sailing on the Bliss out of NYC tomorrow and just got a text and 2 phone calls telling me not to arrive at the pier until 1pm. Not a big deal, I live on Long Island so will take my time getting into the city. But wondering if the experts on this board can shed some light on this. I know there is a way to see where the ship is now - is it arriving late tomorrow? Or maybe needs a deep cleaning due to Norovirus? Or something going on in the city? Thanks in advance!
  2. My 15 yr old daughter and I sailed the Jewel in Aug 2019 and both LOVED it. With the ship being small, I felt comfortable with her wandering around on her own. She went out of her comfort zone and went to Entourage alone the first night. She met a great group of friendly kids. The staff really tried to get the kids together. My girl loves shows and the quality of the entertainment on the Jewel is fantastic. There was a different show every night and we went together to the first showing then she went back with other teens that she met in the teen club to the second show of the night. Not like on the big ships where you need to make reservations and line up in advance. Also, since we were in a port almost every day, there was not much downtime to fill. We will be on the Bliss this New Years, I sure wish it was a smaller ship.
  3. Booked NCL Jewel Aug 19, 2019 sailing 529 days in advance. Have 32 Days to go!! I booked so far in advance because I have been wanting to go to Alaska for years but something else always came up. When I booked NCL it was $1 deposits so I knew I could change my mind but felt committed. Once I started seriously planning last September, booked flights/hotels/excursions, there was no way I was changing my mind. Can't wait for this one!!
  4. Have low expectations and you'll be pleasantly surprised. I sailed Thanksgiving week and knew the ship would be really crowded, read some terrible reviews and was regretting that I booked it. But the shows and entertainment were not crowded and excellent quality. We never had trouble getting a table in the free dining rooms or buffet and food was very good in our opinions. Enjoy!
  5. thanks @martincath great info regarding baggage, etc...
  6. Luggage is the problem, 3 of us will have too much to jump on a skytrain easily. I guess taxi it is. I have $20 CAD from a trip to Niagara Falls last year. Any idea if thats enough for a taxi + tip? Thanks!
  7. Adding to this thread because I didn't even think about possibly needing Canadian money to pay a taxi. I hate those international credit card fees. Is Uber in Vancouver yet? I did google it and looks like sometime this year? I'll be there late August and need to get from Canada Place to Pacific Central Station. Thanks!
  8. @Gardyloo question about the drop-off location - we will need to get to the Crowne Plaza on 6th Ave from the bus drop-off with luggage. I guess Uber is the best option? It would be hard to get our luggage down to the platform and on the train. We'll have alot due to spending 10 days in Alaska. Thanks!
  9. @martincath thanks so much for the advice. I tried to look for one-way car rentals and lowest price I'm finding is $200US and the only places that have availability are the airports. I don't really want to go near an airport when I dont have to 🙂 . I'll keep an eye out for any deals that come up, I do get emails from all the major rental companies. I guess for the one-ways it just depends on if they need cars moved from one location to another. I think I will rule out the Amtrak bus, too stressful. So still deciding between Quikshuttle and Bolt, Boltbus is the better deal and it would give us a few hours in Vancouver. Might as well enjoy our last morning on the ship and save a few bucks.
  10. Hi all - I see this topic discussed often but need more advice to make a decision. We are arriving in Vancouver on the NCL Jewel, Aug 26, 8am. We (3 of us) need to get to Seattle that day. We are overnighting in Seattle and have plans to see as much as possible in the time we will have there. After researching travel options, I was going to use BoltBus - it is only $18pp and has great reviews. It leaves Vancouver 11:30am which would work for us, arrives Seattle 3:30pm which is ok but earlier would be better. Amtrak has a thruway bus for $40pp which leaves Vancouver 9am, arrives Seattle 12:45, which would be great but dont think we could get off the ship and get to the station by 9am. Has anyone ever done that? Third option is QuikShuttle, which is $43pp I think - its a little hard to understand their fare schedule. They have a 9am from Canada Place Pier which might work since we are right there and that gets to downtown Seattle at 1pm. If we miss the 9am, there is a 10am from the pier but it has many stops and doesn't arrive to downtown Seattle until 2:35pm, still earlier than BoltBus. Thoughts from the experts? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi - I had reserved a compact car with Avis for 4 days in Aug 2019 back in January. Pick-up and return to ANC for $229 which I thought was a good deal. Just doing some random checking and found Enterprise full-size car for $198 total for the same dates. I did have a discount through my job for both reservations. Happy to save $30 and get the bigger car since there will be 4 of us. Just wanted to share because I see a lot of posts regarding the high rental car rates in Alaska. Happy Cruising!
  12. I got this card last fall mainly to take advantage of the free companion fare for our Alaska cruise this summer 2019. I received the card in Oct and spent the required $1000 in the first month to get the free companion pass. I think I had 3 months to spend $1000 but I was buying flights to CA at the time so I used Alaska Air and got the triple miles on the card. On the date of my first billing cycle, I saw my bonus miles (30k) and the companion pass in my account online. I booked my multi-city flight from NYC - ANC and back from SEA - NYC for the summer and used the pass for my daughters flight. Total for the 2 of us came to $640RT. Have to say, I was thrilled with the price. And we loved our Alaska Air flights to CA, very comfortable, good movie choices and on time. Well worth the $75 annual fee for the card but have to see where we can go next year that Alaska flies. I will get another companion certificate in Sept. Let me know if you have other questions! One more thing - the free bags for everyone in your party are also a great perk!
  13. There were all different size tables as well as half circle booths. We had 7 in our party and had our own table but there were tables for 2 also. I have some pictures from the show but you can't really see the layout of the room. Didn't use the SDP so can't answer that question.
  14. As soon as the fares open up. I started looking a year before our cruise and found what I considered a good deal 11 months before. Definitely the furthest out that I have ever booked a flight but so relieved once I did it. And I have not seen a better deal, tracking on Google Flights.
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