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  1. I just rebooked, so hopefully I can help. Our Mardi Gras cruise rate before taxes/fees/port charges was $4156. We had paid in $2000 so far. We booked a new cruise. They applied the $2000 we had already paid and also $1039, which is 25 percent of 4156. I hope that helps! Oh, and we also got $100 OBC each.
  2. Well, since you asked the question...I don't think over 20,000 people are complaining. We are severely disappointed. Even though the cruise is a year away, excursions and rooms were sold out months ago. I know I have spent countless hours researching ports, excursions, flights, hotels; buying every Rick Steves book there is; watching You Tube videos of ports; becoming invested in roll calls and new friendships. There was a lot that went into this. So to just scrap it all and say, "Oh, well" I don't think is realistic. This is fresh news to us. Will we get over it? Absolutely. But today we are sad. And it might be nice if our fellow cruisers could show just a tad bit of empathy right now.
  3. I sure will let you know! We are leaving today for Alaska and will research when I get back. I've read it's a big no-no for US cruises because of the Jones Act, etc., and fees are involved. But I've read also that on European cruises it doesn't have the same criteria. This will be my 33rd cruise and I've never even thought about this before, so I'm interested in an answer in writing. In nothing else, we will get off the next day in Southampton and take the train to Paris. Just seems like a wasted 24 hours to go that route.
  4. Hi, all! My husband and I are joining you to celebrate my 50th birthday. We've never been to any of these port except London. We are looking into if we will be allowed to disembark in Le Havre so we can spend three or four days in Paris. We are likely going to do some HOHO except for the port with the windmills. I must see windmills! 🙂
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