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  1. Thanks, appreciate your assistance. Navigating the HAL website to find what one is looking for presents several challenges - and finding where to spend extra money seems to be one of them for me. LOL. Just bought a bunch of OBC and shall have wait to see if the $100 credit shows up on my Amex account. Thanks again.
  2. Been thinking about this Amex offer. Where exactly on the HAL website does one go to buy OBC? Been looking but can't any link to purchasing OBC.
  3. It seems that all too often that customers who are dissatisfied find ways to make their anger known, whereas those who are happy are not so prone to give credit. So I just want to acknowledge HAL customer service for their help in addressing two matters of concern to me for our upcoming cruise next week. I have had two occasions to contact them regarding our cruise package inclusions. We booked our cruise through a major online agency and were to be provided with two major perks (worth several hundreds of dollars) for our cruise. Unfortunately this unnamed agency's booking confirmation and invoicing paperwork is most decidedly deficient in acknowledging or documenting any specifics of those anticipated perks. I have had previous experience after boarding where perks for our cruise mysteriously were missing from the cruise line account statement. Best I thought given prior major issue (another cruise line but same agency) was to get ahead of a possible problem. My experience in contacting HAL was exemplary in both instances. I utilized their online chat capability and it was great. I experienced no serious waiting time and the agents who assisted me were very efficient. They were able to quickly check our reservation and account to confirm that everything was in proper order. So... if you have a concern or question I highly recommend use of their Chat facility on their web page. Worked great for me.
  4. The OP's complaint doesn't have a lot of merit. She presumed that her cabin upgrade would be to a higher category. If that were the case then a Club Orange upgrade might be worth the $350.00 for 7 days. Anyway that was her mistake as the terms of the deal are spelled out. After reading numerous reviews of the Club Orange we conclude that we are better served to spend $350.00 on something else of real value. The only things we see in the Club Orange perks of tangible value are the free glass of sparkly (one time) and an upgrade to a Club Orange bag. Wow. Some expensive sparkly; and the bag nuste Gucci. Priority treatment for getting on and off, or getting in lines for booking excursions and tendering hardly are worth $25 pp/day. And yes we know Club Orange has it's special dining venue; but based on what we've read it replicates the menu choices from the main dining room, just in a smaller venue. Not worth the price. So.... absent a true, significant tangible benefit, like in the form of a cabin category upgrade, the cost for Club Orange status doesn't impress us.
  5. I thought the signature drink package covered drinks up to $11.
  6. Or even worse need to tender in, which has a high probability in many ports of call due to the size of the ship. Yuck!!!!!!
  7. Wow. The ships keep getting bigger and bigger. Dream Cruises has announced a new ship that will carry more passengers (10.000) than a lot of small towns' entire populations. Who's up for this? Just imagine how long the buffet queue is going to be. https://cruisefever.net/cruise-line-building-a-nearly-10000-passenger-cruise-ship-with-a-theme-park/
  8. Wow. I didn't know inflation for booze was so big. Makes one think seriously about becoming a tea totaler. Since we most commonly sail in inside cabins we have never found an appeal to buying bottles to consume in the cabin. At the new prices quoted I would say beverage packages are going to be looking more appealing in the future.
  9. Ok. Vacation value. Living in the frigid north lands we look to get to someplace warm, real warm in the winter; the farther south the better. Plus we love the ocean and like access to fresh seafood. So, southern Florida and the Caribbean tend to float to the top of our destination choice in January and February. Will it be a resort, an Airbnb, VRBO, or cruise? Pretty simple; a cruise! There is no way we can stay in Florida over a similar length stay for the cost of a decent cruise when all costs are properly assessed. So, we would say cruising for us represents the best value proposition for a warm weather vacation. We sail mainly Celebrity and HAL and have never had a bad cruise. Our next cruise is three weeks on the Kdam at the end of this month; cost with taxes and with signature beverage package for each of us, gratuities not included, is $275 per night for both of us - food, drinks, entertainment and lots of island stops and beach time. Plus we got a sizeable OBC from the travel agent. A no brainer.
  10. The most convenient location to stay pre-cruise is probably along the 17th Street causeway, also referred to as Harbordale. Only a few minutes from the airport and to Port Everglades. Many Hotels in this area, but they are pricey during high season. Lots of restaurants, and services, and shopping as well. Be aware that a number of hotels reference cruise port location in their names but in fact are located much further away from the port than their names might suggest. Make sure to check hotel map locations before booking so you don't get a surprise.
  11. Absolutely. Rotterdam Drip is excellent.
  12. Hmmm... the thought of having to save up a bunch of egg crates and dragging them along for my cruise doesn't thrill me.... especially with the baggage charges all the airlines have now. How many egg crates would it take to cover a queen size bed?
  13. On Kdam the best coffee is served at the Dutch Cafe, although it is extra charge. I have never found HAL regular coffee to be vile. Nothing HAL serves could ever be as bad the stuff my church brews up Sunday for after the service. LOL.
  14. Curious. If you don't get a room assignment until you show up at the pier how will they check your luggage outside the terminal? I don't recall porters having any info that isn't printed on your check-in documents. Good luck and have a great cruise.
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