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  1. Me too - including the ones about high school (and I graduated in 1964). I remember my grandmother telling me about her dreams about being late for trains, etc. And she was probably the most prompt person on the planet.
  2. There's an area at the Grand Canyon where you can see remnants of some of the equipment that was used to mine uranium (back in the 50's, I think). One person standing near us told his friend that that was some of the equipment used to dig the canyon. At first I thought he might be kidding but then came to the conclusion he was serious. Most of the intelligent comments we heard were from folks who were obviously from other countries.
  3. Be prepared for your little one to be very spoiled by crew members. They miss their kids at home and little ones get lots of attention.
  4. No. 1 punch was for the small size 1 shot. Medium size was 2 shots / 2 punches - I don't know about the large size. I suppose you might be able to request just 1 shot for the medium or large size but that might be kind of weak in the taste department.
  5. We just sailed on Vision. I asked and it was one punch per shot. DH prefers the iced drinks which are medium sized with 2 shots, I get iced or hot depending on my mood. So we decided not to get the cards.
  6. We're flying United from El Paso to NJ on the 5th for our cruise from NJ to Quebec on the 7th. Our original route was El Paso to Houston to NJ. I decided that I would be proactive and get things changed when United said they would waive change fees. So we're going El Paso to Denver to NJ - for only $30 more. I still check our flight every day to make sure nothing has changed.
  7. And there are cute little beagles to make sure you don't get away with anything. They have great noses. If I remember correctly we weren't allowed to take anything off in our NZ ports - no bottled water, granola bars - nothing. And they had puppies too.
  8. Welcome aboard. One thing I like to do is check out each port in Google Earth. A "birds eye" view can give lots of info on what's in the area of where the ship docks. Work up a bit of a budget for shopping, etc. in the ports so you have an idea of how much cash you might need. I prefer to use cash in port but credit cards are ok too. We get our cash ahead of time from our bank so we don't have to mess with ATM's. And be sure to let your bank / credit card companies know that you'll be traveling. In countries where we don't speak the language we prefer to use ship's tours for excursions. Or you can do-it-yourself if you're comfortable with that. Bring along any over the counter meds you generally use. The ship has a little store with that kind of stuff but it's expensive and probably wouldn't be the brand you like. I'm sure you'll have a great time and it won't be your last cruise.
  9. This thread is a great idea. We were having lunch in the buffet on our TA from the Med to Florida and were chatting with the couple at the table next to us. During the usual "where are you from" talk I said we lived in El Paso, TX but were originally from Michigan. The gal asked where and when I said Lansing she said her son was a police officer in East Lansing.
  10. I tend to be a planner but nothing (with the exception of excursions) is written in stone. I do have sunrise and sunset times noted in my planner because I like to take photos. Inside cabin on upcoming cruise so DH is going to have to get used to getting up a little early :D.
  11. Thanks. Equinox was a beautiful ship. Great food and entertainment.
  12. Love this. Sort of like the gentleman I saw fussing to the guest services gal about not having gotten any dinner. The problem was that we hadn't left port and it wasn't dinner time yet. Then I realized at about the same time the crew member did that he wasn't talking about the current cruise - but the previous one. Unfortunately I was called over to the desk before hearing what answer he got.
  13. One cash item on board may be a tip for room service delivery. Other than that any extra charges will go on your onboard account. I was going to mention specialty coffees but that's usually included in the beverage package.
  14. Since we're retired I always feel odd using the word "vacation". I think of a vacation as time off from work or school - neither of which we do any more. So our cruises I guess would be trips or voyages - depending on the length. Our 34 day circumnavigation of Australia and NZ was an incredible voyage.
  15. You've hit the nail on the head. We took lots of car trips when we were first married and when our sons were younger. We started cruising fairly recently - 2008 to Alaska. Now we're working on our "bucket list".
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