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  1. I have only been on one Celebrity cruise. I upgraded my beverage package on board. I knew that I would probably end up at the martini bar, so I bought my upgrade there and the bartender got the commission on that upgrade. They remembered me and I got excellent service at the martini bar each and every time I showed up for a martini. So there were no lines and I feel it worked out very well for me.
  2. Cross your fingers for me! We are booked on one of the first sailings out of dry dock on March 25. I am so excited to have booked an aft balcony. Hopefully it will be done on time with no huge issues or forgotten upgrades. I expect that there will be things that won't go exactly as expected, but hopefully they will be easy to correct and not impact our trip!
  3. My favorites are all of the martinis at the martini bar that are not made with champagne.
  4. We will be sailing on Celebrity Summit at the end of March and are looking for a shore excursion. I usually prefer to arrange shore excursions with private companies and not use the ones from the ship, but we have OBC to use so we are looking at the list provided. We are considering the Island History and Rum Tasting. It is not an all day excursion. Just wondering if anyone has advice for us to spend the rest of the day. We would consider a beach or spending time in town. Not sure what would be close to the ship that we could fit in. Shopping is not high on our list, but we enjoy experiencing different towns or beaches. Thanks!
  5. I will look forward to your review. We are sailing on Summit in March after the big refurbishment is finished. This summer we sailed on Equinox and loved everything about it. We have been sailing Norwegian for many years as always enjoyed that as well, but we might have found a new favorite. I can only speak for Equinox, but I have never experienced a happier, friendlier staff than those on the Equinox. I think it set the tone for the trip and it seemed that all the passengers were friendly and happy as well. It was probably the best food we have ever had on a cruise, but we aren't very picky as long as someone else is cooking and cleaning up. LOL EnjoyAqua class and Blu. I thought it was wonderful!
  6. We booked the first sailing of the Summit after dry dock and the upgrades in March. At the time of booking, I was not aware of the refurbishment and now I am hoping that it will all go as scheduled. We are in an Aqua aft balcony cabin. I think the renderings look wonderful and with 2 perks included, the cost of our trip does not seem unreasonable. They are certainly competitive with Norwegian and I feel the customer service is much better. So I am confused by the comments about Celebrity pricing themselves out of the market. This will be our second cruise on Celebrity so we are not considered frequent cruisers. We will probably never book a suite but we do enjoy Aqua Class and Blu. We have our fingers crossed as we look forward to our March trip.
  7. We just got off Equinox on Saturday. Hubby and I each had the classic drink package as a perk. I wanted to upgrade to premium. I missed the sale prior to our sailing. I purchased the upgrade on the first day from a bartender at the martini bar. The discount was one day free. So pay for 6 days and get 7. The best part was the outstanding service I got from the martini bar the rest of the cruise. I just realized that I didn’t read close enough to know if you are upgrading or purchasing. Not sure if it matters. I was told the person that sells you the package or upgrade gets the 18% gratuity. Sure seemed like that was true. Find a bar you will be going to often and buy it there.
  8. Just got off Equinox. We were greeted with white sparkling wine or mimosas. I thought it was a lovely touch and said “thank you” with a smile. There was another time we were given pink sparkling wine but I think it was in the casino
  9. We were also on this cruise. Yes there were lots of people in the pool and at the buffet on sea days but it was sailing at full capacity with over 3100 passengers. We still had a wonderful time and enjoyed our trip immensely. Celebrity does a wonderful job of making guests feel special
  10. Which cabins are in the sweet 16?
  11. You have a lot of good advice. Many of these products work for the people suggesting them but might not work for you. You will probably have to try some and see what you think. I agree that a primer and a sunscreen can make a big difference. I am 55 years old and I have used Estee Lauder since I was a teenager. I don't consider it to be an expensive brand, but some people might. With their products you can return them if they are not to your liking. I also rely on the advice of the sales people. I have not found them to be pushy. They are well trained and knowledgable. Over the years I have tried other brands and products but always come back to Estee Lauder. I like the research and development that they do with their products. The best advice I was ever given was "don't go to bed without washing your face" It will make a huge difference in the way your skin looks. Sleep is when the body regenerates itself. I hope you find your glow again!
  12. We are booked on a cruise in June. I was just playing around on the website the other day and noticed that the price of our cruise dropped. So I made a dummy booking just to compare. The price with the same perks was $186 less. But it was after final payment so I wasn't sure what they would do. I got in touch with the travel agent that I booked it with. She contacted Celebrity and they upgraded us from a C3 cabin to a A1. No extra charge and no loss of any of the perks. I would have preferred to have the location of an A2 cabin, but as we were discussing the changes the last A2 was booked by someone else. All in all, I think it was a good deal for us.
  13. Thanks for your help! I wouldn't have found them on my own!
  14. I am looking at a five day cruise next spring on Summit and was wondering if any of the oceanview cabins have a floor to ceiling window. Not sure if we want to pay for a balcony for a 5 day trip. We had a window like this on the Norwegian Pride of America last summer and it was nice. I almost didn't miss the balcony with the large window. I have searched the message boards and the deck plans and can't seem to find the answer to my question. My search keeps coming up with the details to the suites. I was ready to give up but decided to first ask the experts on this message board. Thanks for any help.
  15. We experienced a similar situation with Norwegian. We were told our June itinerary had been changed to a Western Caribbean tour. We were not given any other options, so we cancelled our trip and re-booked with Celebrity. They assured me that they were not canceling cruises to the Virgin Islands. Actually we ended up with a much nicer cruise for quite a bit less than I had booked with Norwegian. So I guess all is good. We still get to visit the places I want to see. Can't wait for our adventure in June!
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