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  1. We are platinum and have no desire to waste our time trying to get free drinks and food. The food is in the buffet, and we have the beverage package. Sitting packed in with a bunch of strangers all vying for a free drink does not seem like a good use of time. Thanks for the explanation 🙂
  2. That's the deck plan I looked at. It shows Tandoor. Which I now know is the Seafood Shack.
  3. We are going in Sept as well! Only 101 more days for me!
  4. Thank you so much. I saw that the Seafood Shack was listed in the website, but not on the deck plan. Now I understand they replaced Tandoor with the Seafood Shack. That makes me SO happy. Not a fan of Indian food at all, and my husband is allergic to shellfish, so we don't eat it at home. Can not wait for the friend clams and friend shrimp. I think the prices are very reasonable and the portion sizes are good. So excited!!
  5. Can anyone tell me if their is a seafood shack on the Magic? If so, where is it?
  6. I'm booked on my first B2B cruise, but they are different Cruise lines out of Port of Miami. What's the best way to get between terminals? Is it walkable? Is there a shuttles service? Thanks in advance.
  7. We rented one in Sept because we had a 2 yr old and my two oldest daughters who don't swim or go in the sun. The AC was nice and the waitstaff was great. If it's just myself and my husband we won't do it, but for people who can't be in the sun all day its definitely nice.
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