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  1. I have friends on this cruise. They have had an amazing time so far and can only hope it continues. They are doing a blog and did mention a few upcoming ports that will be cancelled. Hope that Sydney is still an open port.
  2. Just a fyi. We are on Adventure of the Seas and were suppose to dock in Halifax. Not happening. We are now headed to Bar Harbor for tomorrow.
  3. I totally agree. We did Romantic Danube and let me just say I was not impressed. It was on my bucket list, but will not do another. I will just stick to ocean cruising.
  4. Hank, I just want to thank you for all your helpful posts over the years. There has been a wealth of info on cruise critic much of which I have been able to use successfully.
  5. We have purchased GeoBlu annual policy for the last two years. DH had a medical emergency and they were great. Had a check in three weeks. Needless to say we have renewed it again this year.
  6. Thanks. We usually sail Royal or Celebrity and was curious why it wasn't CP. Thought it was the darn auto correct.
  7. Inquiring minds want to know. Why Is Caribbean Princess called CB?
  8. Husband and I were just talking about lobster rolls. We will be on our Lobster cruise Oct 7 on Adventure. I also had never heard of a hot lobster roll, but had one of each at a food truck a couple weeks ago. Naturally this was consumed as a experiment before we hit Maine. We were told exactly what the previous poster said. Maine lobster roll was cold with just mayo and the Conneticut one was hot with butter. Both were very good. Also would advise a stop at Gilbert's near the port in Portland. Super clam and seafood chowder.
  9. Just some personal info. DH needed medical attention on Freedom of the Seas. Medical staff was superb. We have annual Geo Blue and they covered our bill in 3 weeks.
  10. On Majesty six weeks ago and enjoyed Viking area. No one was checking sea pass cards at all. area.
  11. Isn't that the truth. We just became Diamond Plus and it is difficult to even look at other lines after that. But we are also looking at a Holland America cruise. The ports are just more interesting than Royal currently has available.
  12. Thanks so much for the info. I had absolutely no idea shows were on that long. They were all visibly high tech but not worth spending time to see again. Guess I will continue to enjoy the smaller ships while they are still available. They might not be as professional but at least there is variety. Will take a good comedian or performer anyday.
  13. Do you know if Mike Landry will return to Ovation after his vacation?
  14. Wow. We were on Anthem last year. How long do those shows remain on Anthem? Saw all three but definitely would not be interested in watching them again.
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