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  1. Hi Just wondering what the sunbed situation is like on board - I like full sun OH wants some shade. Are there areas that provide both without being miles apart ? Doesn't need to be close to the pool! TIA Fig
  2. This is great information - thank you. So to summarise if I were to purchase a coffee package I will be able to get 15 coffees from any of the items the list given for the IC at no further cost? Is there much the same type of menu in Coffee & Cones ? I think the Iced Coffee will be of great interest to me while at this venue given that we will be in the Med in the height of summer. I presume most from this list are what they classify as 'Speciality', so in which case I'm not sure what is meant by 'Brewed' which, according to this is complementary - sorry if that me being dumb but can someone clarify ? Thanks Fig
  3. I enjoy a nice coffee..not just an Espresso but the flavoured type with whipped cream etc on top, and am contemplating getting a coffee package for my forthcoming cruise. But was wondering if Emerald has any Speciality Coffee venues aside of the regular Cafes or Bars or can anyone let me know a bit more about what the coffee package includes..better still are there any menus out there ? Thanks
  4. It's probably been asked before but I don't seem to be able to find anything. How far out do people tend to receive their E-tickets ? I thought I had read somewhere 75 days - although this far in advance would surprise me. We are in the UK and booked through a travel agent if that make any difference. TIA Fig
  5. I'm guessing all you guys are in the U.S. to which I say .."Price Drops ??..Promotions??...Lucky You"....no such luck for us the other side of the Pond !😡
  6. Is the Sanctuary open to all, or just those in Suites ?
  7. What an informative lot you are. Thank you 😊 Keep the comments coming. I chose Emerald purely because of the great Med itinerary... and that my other Princess experience was a good one. Other than the promenade what is rest of the open deck space like ? We have 4 sea days and will be on board end July - early Aug so hopefully perfect sun-bathing weather, but I'm guessing like all ships, the pool areas are heaving with people so are there many other 'outside' spaces...not a million miles away from a bar ? 😉
  8. Hi Peeps Have previously cruised other lines but am a bit of a novice with Princess having only sailed once on Sapphire last year. But I enjoyed the whole Princess vibe so have booked for this summer 14 days on Emerald. My question is are there any obvious differences between the 2 ? I think if I have read correctly they are different classes but just wondered if you experienced people out there could enlighten me with any great differences, or hints, or tips. Thanks all Fig
  9. Thank you. I hadn't seen it but I have now sailed. MDR dining for us was 9pm !..a little late for our preference and never got round to changing it so only ate there twice.
  10. FiggyWig

    MSC App

    Hi everyone Now the app seems to be up and running (albeit much of it's in German) I just wondered about using it while on board. Do you need mobile data / internet to use it or is there some kind of Wi-Fi set up just for the app ?
  11. Hi. Quick question...My son & DIL are booked on their 1st Caribbean cruise next month. He's cruised with us enough times when he was younger but only in the Med. She's only done a mini cruise from UK. So they were wondering just how formal Formal nights are. My thoughts are that Caribbean cruises particularly with RCI are a little less formal than Med so they maybe didnt need to carry out all the suits and ballgowns if they didn't want to. But i know you friendly RCI Caribbean experienced guys out there can advise further, what are your thoughts ?? TIA
  12. Had the same problem as others have mention for the last 2 weeks. Can log into booking with email address which shows excursions/beverage pack etc, but if you try and log into MyAccount to get actual cruise details - cabin / packages etc..nothing. Multiple phone calls and emails later and still no further forward. Useless !
  13. FiggyWig


    I've seen a lot of talk on how MSC like to upgrade. From peoples experience does this tend to be when you have booked direct with MSC or could it happen when booked through a TA?
  14. I have a small dilemma. Have booked on 4th March sailing just as far a Lisbon so 5 nights (only have limited amount of time off and limited funds). Our 1st time with MSC and have booked guaranteed OV Bella. Now looking at the deck plans I see that we may be quite a way forward and down on deck 5.The concern is have never been that low before and don't know if that's a good thing so considering paying a bit more and upping the category. Fantasia still has a chance of deck 5 but midship so the only way to guarantee getting up a bit higher would be to go to a Bella Balcony (Deck 8). Would cost us and extra £10 pppn. I know there's no one with experience on Bellissima as yet, but what about anyone who have been on Mergavilia or similar? Anyone with any views and can advise whether they think it's worth the extra? Thanks in advance Fig
  15. Has anyone booked on Bellissima had any indication what times the MDR dining are - early / late or even a middle ?
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