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  1. I will give my two cents here. My husband loves Luminae, he appreciates other restaurants but Luminae is home for him. With the last change in menu I needed a change, of course there are times the specialty restaurants can do that, and at times they have been better than Luminae. But on the Edge I truly enjoyed the four main dining rooms a lot. The variety and new settings were much needed for me. I still can’t believe I am saying that because Luminae was the reason we began paying the price for suites consistently.
  2. Yes, second that to a lovely reminder of vtcruiser and her joy of X. While in a suite I enjoyed each of these restaurants. They were my best experience of MDR ever on Celebrity. Staff and choices were excellent.
  3. As long as the location and traffic don’t bother you, have fun! They are not our idea of relaxing, but if it pencils out, enjoy!
  4. It’s up to them what they do. I heard they didn’t want to do anything. Any benefits a Mythical zen level would get would also be zenith.
  5. I am happy with my elite plus perks, yes they Are duplicated by other perks more than my liking. We don’t need another event, we barely make any anyway. So a cocktail party will not incentivize us. We are at the zen level of about 1500 and we absolutely began to shop. Obc would be fine with us at a level that covers a couple of specialty restaurants, that way people can be flexible.
  6. I got through! Total wait time 65 minutes. I did seem to prove they answered the line I was on longest first. It was the longest ever but it was also a holiday. Good news cruise went down three times since I booked it. Bad news, it’s a bit of a game to have to continuously call in and change the price.
  7. I have two lines on hold for Celebrity, one on hold for 40 minutes. We had a price drop worth 1000 and hoping to get through before it changes. I called yesterday but they were closed. Any suggestions as to how to get through today?
  8. It penciled out to change because of overall savings, yet being mislead, doesn't feel good. X admitted there was no written statement about it, it's not like I missed fine print. It was just a deceptive or ignorant practice and it disappoints me, made worse because I caved to non refundable, when it appears to have been unnecessary. Thanks everyone, at least I know I am not the only one who experienced this.
  9. Geez who says you can’t trust corporations anymore? I have fought this fight a few times, we love free movies. We take long cruises and I am not going to continue to justify our preference for movies on demand and feel the rate increases should cover it. I feel duped, we thought this argument had been resolved and booked NR for two cruises. It seems to be typical now to promise something, charge extra for it in the overall fee and then remove or downgrade it. Promise it’s return when protested then offer something that is far from adequate in it’s place.
  10. We were told at the time of booking it was for booking on board only and when I just repriced she called it a bonus on board special that we would lose. They should have been clear any repricing would invalidate the bonus, rather than leading me to think it made more sense to book on board rather than move a booking. I am happy for a better price but I really wish building trust and plain language into the promo's would take a bit more priority. I realize this happens with Exciting Deals, but we are a long way off from Exciting Deal pricing.
  11. So we recently booked on board. Good News they said, we could get an extra 400 OBC. I had been debating about just transferring a booking vs a new booking. We ended up with two bookings each with the extra 400. I just for the second time repriced both these cruises that were booked 5 weeks ago. Turns out this time they told us we could not keep the extra 400. I didn't find any paperwork or info in the new promotion that said this might happen. It was sold as an additional bonus for booking on board. Happy to have saved more money, but the booking was not quite as presented. It's a
  12. Hawaii Volcano National park has high standards for safety. While I have lost friends there, each one disregarded safety warnings. I am sure there will be someone who will take you to the park, conditions change all the time. Be clear on what you want to see. Often the ships go by the lava going into the ocean and it's a nice show at night.
  13. Yes sure, we could sell them like scalped tickets on the gangway or trade at the book exchange. 😉
  14. At almost any other time I would agree. But not on Edge now. The four main dining rooms on Edge are so much better than I experienced them in Solstice class or m class. Luminae is good, but that’s se dining rooms are stunning compared to former expectations. As far as upgrade, I would take it just because I like square footage. You can eat at the other four anyway if you want to try them. More choices.
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