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  1. Hi everyone, I don't have time to check this or reply anymore.:( I must focus and get my son packed for England and me packed for cruise.:eek: Thanks to everyone who was kind and a special thanks to mitchpam. Maybe when I return I will figure out how to actually use this web sight. Look I can now use the faces!:) I'll let you know how it goes! mateacher. PS to Rhongepooh: I teach special education 8th grade in an urban school....opposite end of your spectrum!!
  2. Yes, mitchpam I know I already apologized for my poor behavior!! mateacher:(
  3. Dear kurbanfan, no my friend who told me about this sight lives in georgia. HOW can you tell where I live? How can you tell where mitchpam lives. SEE i told you I don't kow anyting about using this sight! I simply wanted some relief and tips and assurance that everything would be all right when I wrote my first letter. Thanks, mateacher
  4. You are correct truecruiser!! I should not have stooped so low as to fall into other peoples meaness. I just can't believe how hurt I was and I have explained several times I did not know I could post specific information my guidline thing says NOT to! BUT you don't know how rude and unkind and unhelpful people were. MAYBE they could have explained how this works instead of being mean. I HAVE NEVER been on a chat before and hardly even email. I explained all that before to. Again I apologize because that does NOT GIVE ME the right to be mean back. SORRY FOR ALL THE TYPOS!
  5. Well, thank you mitchpam. I would like to clarify for the other "know it alls" that I NEVER said Carnival was the "worst cruise line in the worls" (first I have notheng to compare it to) or anything about lawsuites or any of the other nonsense that hs come from this. I SIMPLY am unsatisfied (AS ANY NORMAL PERSON WOULD BE!! WHICH I HAVE AGAIN READ A LOT OF HORROR STORIES ABOUT) with the airline arrangements and the websight and lack of response from customer service email. That is a far cry from worst cruisline and lawsuites. Back to mitchpam or anyone who is truly nice and helpful any last minute suggestions or tips. I'm finishing packing and going to bed early as I have to be at the airport by 4:30. I will check back though to see if there are any NICE suggestions. ANOTHER STUPID QUESTION someone can attack me for this too!! is there a spell check on this thing?? ALSO how do you put in the smilies? I read the guidlines and know you are only supposed to talk about cruise things but I was just wondering. mateacher
  6. First of all I am responding to mitchpam because he/she seems nice!! This is so much a bunch of garbage I cannot believe it!! I don't know anything about taking things off web sights, what a troll is or even what an OP is but I've been called them all and it is hurtful. I replied to the original person who called me a troll (again whatever taht is I KNEW it wasn't nice) Oh yeh their name was skylock. I simply was posting some concerns about the lack of response from carnival after a month of batteling about thier poor airline arrangements and all of the HORROR stories I have read on these silly "chat lines". I have NEVER read a positive thing about airline reservation which were booked by carnival too close or after embarkement. So for all of you "know it alls" I LEAVE BOSTON AT 5:30 (way too early) have a 31/2 hour lay over in Philly (unacceptable) and arrive in Fort Lauderdale at 1:30 AND THEN have to be transferred to Miami and my ticket says latest emabarkement 2:30. I lived in Florida and know by the time I retrieve luggage and am transferred it will be after 2:30. So if you could take a first time cruise and not know anything except the horror stories about making it to the boat and having to be transferred to an island without FREAKING out you are a better person than I am. My friend (who works with computers) is also on this sight and strongly suggested I join because she had heard the horror stories and thought it would be helpful. I have since left her a nasty message telling her what I think about the mean people. I KNEW there was no resolution to the flight problem as I had been on the phone with customer service several times and also the flight arranging part of carnival (that is one reason I did not go into detail about the flight arrangements also when I first joined I did not know you could be specific). My original post also stated that their computer sight is poor and filled with problems and that noone had responded to my email to customer service. I think this is unsatisfactory for a multi-million dollar company. I make flight arrangements all the time and wold not book someone like that. Lesson learned I guess (book your own flights and stay away from chat rooms) IF I ever cruise again....I guess this week will be the telling tale. NOW YOU HAVE THE REAL STORY FROM THE HORSES MOUTH!! Again THANKS TO mitchpam and the others who were kind. I do appreciate it. mateacher
  7. Well thanks everyone, I'll check in tomorrow in case there is any last minute advice!
  8. Thanks everyone!! Sorry I'm freakin'! The flights come into Ft. Lauderdale AFTER the last time stated for embarkement. They did a crappy job booking the flights. Leaving way too early...long lay overs and then arriving (not even at our port) AFTER emabarkement. The reason I am frustrated is that I have been trying to change this for over a month to no avail and I wanted to book my own flights and was encouraged by Carnival to have them do it. NOW all I am hearing is HORROR stories about people flying in close to embarkement and having bad experiences. I am great at booking my own travel and fly often...I am appaled at the arrangements that Carnival made but I did not know better. I hope all you guys are right and this will be wonderful. Any other advice for a firs time cruiser? I wish I knew about this forum sooner. Also is it true that if you register with this web sight you get a different survey to fill out while on the cruise? Thanks again!
  9. Please bear with me..I'm a first time cruiser and have NEVER used a forum like this. I am crusing on Saturday out of Miami on the ship TRIUMPH. My fights are a mess, I can't get on the web sight and STRESS IS NOT a good way to start my first adult vacation since kids. Can anyone help? I sent a complaint about my flights to the Carnival customer service but no reply. Of course it is too late to change anything now. The complaint was sent this week after several weeks of phone calls. I hope this is good as people say. I am hesitant at best. Thanks for letting me vent!
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