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  1. Loonbeam

    Taxi to forts

    We definitely saw taxis picking up and dropping off at the base of San Cristobal, but no idea of cost. Note that the entrance we used to San Cristobal is a fairly steep hill (not bad once inside for the main levels, some other ramps are steep). There may be a street level entrance but we did not see it. The walk back to the ship from San Cristobal is all downhill. From what I understand, El Morro has similar ramps inside, but the entry is at ground level - we did not walk it, but it looked fairly level and is a decent walk per the map - what I would do is taxi to Morro first, see how you handle it, taxi from there to Cristobal second, then walk back to the ship slowly time permitting. (Side note, I don't think there is food in either site besides snacks, something also to consider on a long day)
  2. Loonbeam

    Karib Golf Cart Rental - Out of Business?

    The person you found sounds like either Omar or Wet Money (if outside the port, probably Omar's guy).
  3. Loonbeam


    Worth noting - mine are a Hero1 and Hero2. If they get swiped I can probably replace $20 used on Ebay, so risk factor is much lower.
  4. Loonbeam


    Which is why I use my balcony more often than not or ask permission to put it somewhere out of easy reach (like a railing in a non-public area - I have surprisingly good luck with that request if not always the best positioning if they do it). If I have it in public areas I tend to stay near it and use my regular camera at the same time.
  5. Loonbeam


    Thats why I like the gorillapod method. I can set it up somewhere that's out of people's view. I've had staff even help me mount it in places not normally accessible.
  6. Loonbeam

    Coral World

    We were there in May, it's a nice small aquarium with attractive grounds, good for about 2-4 hours depending on what shows are being put on and your interests, and even a nice place to relax. You can also book Snuba and other things as well. They took a LOT of damage from the hurricane so not all exhibits were open when we were there (all animals were secured and safe). The Ampitheatre was closed, the sea lion exhibit had no roof (but they still did a small encounter) and the aviary was destroyed, plus cosmetic damage. Because of that, it was 1/2 price when we were there. There's an underwater viewing platform, if possible, go down there for the feeding, there's a ray named Ray who is hysterical. One of the reasons we went was to spend some money towards rebuilding costs. We paid admission plus were less discerning in the gift shop than otherwise we might have been, as well as bought some light snacks (food options were also very limited. After the park you could go to the beach next door (we did not, instead opting just to sit down by the sea turtle pools and doze on a bench in the sun for an hour, it was very quiet there and the staff didn't bother us. The keepers by the way, super nice and knowledgeable. I volunteer at our local zoo and ended up talking to the reptile keeper for about 40 mins just about zoo stuff and the hurricane. Never felt pressured to move on. More photos here: https://loonbeam.smugmug.com/Travel/2018/Carnival-Magic-and-Short-Disney-May-2018/. Coral world starts at the banana shaped wet floor sign and ends at the seal photos.
  7. Loonbeam


    One of the things I have done is gotten a waterproof case (I still use a Hero 2) and a gorillapod and set it up on the balcony rail going into and out of ports, usually on time lapse. Need a large memory card and usually a battery pack if you set it up night prior and not always a great video. but it takes up almost no room to bring. Basically I find it useful for any activity I want to capture duration or timelapse. See if it lets me upload the one from the Panama Canal PanamaCanalTimeLapse.avi
  8. Loonbeam

    Uffizi Galleries

    If you use a tour guide service like RIL or others, the drivers often know the guards. Our driver in 2012 basically walked us past the line at the Accademia, the guard raised the rope, we walked in, inside in 10 minutes. DIYers spent up to 2 hours in line with timed tickets. There is of course no guarantee this will work.
  9. Loonbeam

    Arriving in SJU in the middle of the night

    From a budgetary standpoint this may not work, but you could always reserve an extra night and do online checkin from the airport via their app. That means the room is yours whenever you get there (do let them know about the 3 AM arrival so they don't give it away). That said, I have done similar and have never been refused breakfast access while waiting for my room to be ready, for example if I flew in early for a client visit. 'Resort' facilities may be stricter tho.
  10. Loonbeam

    Arriving in SJU in the middle of the night

    As an FYI, almost all Hyatt Place's offer breakfast included. So you can check in, take a nap, get breakfast starting around 6 AM (or stay up), then either relax and head for the ship or arrange a tour.
  11. Loonbeam

    Coral World to Sapphire Beach

    I seem to recall 6-8pp, but not 100 percent sure as well, but probably a good estimate. Just have the Coral World people call you a cab and they can confirm.
  12. Loonbeam

    Where to back up photos/videos dai

    Only if you use SD - no solutions out there for XQD nor do I expect any with cfast coming.
  13. Loonbeam

    New Cruiser Needing Help on excursion company

    Based on past experiences (and there is an extensive thread of reviews on the main page) we would only use RomeinLimo. Not that the others are bad, we just go with what works. Sharing via our roll call and their tour share site, we have always been able to arrange better itineraries for less than the cruise ship excursions, sometime far less.
  14. Loonbeam

    SD Cards

    Actually if that happens more than once, may be an issue with the contacts in the camera being misaligned and damaging the card. I know I read something about that happening a few years ago, but I cannot find the article....
  15. Loonbeam

    SD Cards

    We've covered this a lot. Most people either do as you suggest (I used to until I went XQD which are WAY more expensive (but also less failure prone) or carry some form of backup. On vacation, I shoot raw to the XQD and jpg to the secondary SD and swap out the SDs daily, XQDs every couple of days. That way I always have something.