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  1. morrisomar23@gmail.com or via FB
  2. This is currently challenging. Karib apparently has gone bust. Omar (Grand Turk adventures) has decent good recent reviews on Tripadvisor but his website was hacked at one point (supposedly) and is now down. Wet Money has a website and some options, but honestly I felt their rep onsite was sleazy (he was offering pretty girls discounts and I am pretty sure weed). They were also the only one operating inside the port area for some reason. We used Omar (pre-reserved via email paid on site) and were fine with it. The cart itself wasn't the best but it did the job and he was great with email responses. There are many threads on the topic, some have maps etc. Note that the island itself is only 7 miles long, there's not THAT much to see there (and no road signs but its kinda hard to get lost)
  3. Someone posted the effectively the same question about 1 day earlier, going to respond there to avoid duplication.
  4. Excellent! I also put that in there in case someone saw it and went 'What a good idea! Lets take my drone!' for future reference.
  5. Still catching up on the great review, but one thing I need to point out if no one has.. Not sure if you took the drone pic at the beginning, or someone else, but... Don't fly drones on ship. I had mine on the Anthem and was considering it, and noticed someone starting to fly one off the pool deck late at night (presumably for a similar shot). I'm not kidding. 3 minutes later 2 security guys and an officer were there requiring he bring the drone it, land it and never use it on board again or he would be disembarked immediately... I knew they had a policy but assumed it was hit or miss enforcement. Nope. Not this one. (https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/can-guests-bring-drones-onboard) And now, back to the review (only on P2 so far! Great work!)
  6. Let me get this straight. Somehow a waiter adding a $10 tip has something to do with ship safety, and because they don't monitor that the ship is somehow unsafe because of cultural issues? I have no idea what the OP expected to happen. They got comped a meal. Do they want evidence the waiter was tossed overboard and left to swim home for his or her transgression? Bluntly if something like this came in repeatedly over multiple channels for a $10 issue? I'd just close the customer's account and tell them to go find another provider. Not worth the effort involved.
  7. Note that while you do not NEED a passport, it is highly recommended. If there is an emergency or diversion however, you will not be able to fly home without assistance from the US Embassy
  8. I have an 18-105 as well, as part of my kit, a sigma Art I use for city shooting, etc. I was referring specifically to zoom. If you really want the 600, the 150-600 is a good one, and if you want a general purpose lens I go with the 18-400 because its in play when you don't want the heavier lens around..
  9. Depends on how much sightseeing you want to do how much beach time as well as your ship's schedule, but David has a package that would work, and he was super nice: https://www.davidsfuntours.com/what-we-offer
  10. Based on our experience, they have a base offering that they customize depending on time in port.. Some ships are there later and longer than others. I would contact them and see what options they have, its entirely possible all 27 may not fit in some ship's time windows...
  11. His website was grabbed and hack, but his email is : morrisomar23@gmail.com He has an FB page as well and based on that is upgrading his carts, which would be nice.. https://www.facebook.com/grandturkadventures/
  12. I was about to say the same. The 18-400 is a great utility lens. You can pair it with the 150-600 but that's a LOT of extra weight (and $$$)
  13. I would use Marysol's as well, we did their City tour and cable car run. Reasonably priced, great guide. The only thing to be aware of is that Carnival owns the port itself and you have to walk a decent distance through and outside the port area for independent tours as they do not let them in. Plan for some extra time to meet.
  14. Been playing with it as well. At the Macro level it has some utility (it did a really nice job on some flower petal edges, but unless you are really playing close up, I don't see the value..yet. As their AI systems mature....
  15. Find the very extensive Rome In Limo thread (usually on page one or two). There are other good options, but no other company I would use.
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