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  1. Thanks for all your replies folks, I'm thankful that the code of formal, semi-formal and smart casual has disappeared, but at the same time we do like to dress up on the formal nights, don't mind what anyone wears, but also don't want to stick out like a sore thumb in tux and long dress.
  2. I Folks, Has can anyone who's been on a recent cruise in the med with RCL let me know whether people dress up (Tux etc) for the formal nights. Any info appreciated.
  3. Hi Folks, once again I need your help. We are cruising with friends on Jewel of the seas very soon. Does RCL have an application that allows us to stay in contact by texting without incurring any charges. Or indeed are there any other apps that allow us to stay in contact with each other FOC.. I'm loath to pay for the wi-fi just to sent occasional text saying where are you. Any help much appreciated.
  4. Unfortunately just in a balcony cabin.
  5. That’s great, fly cruise this time. Will ask for kettle, failing that will order continental. Thanks.
  6. I will ask and see if I can get one as I often wake at around 5am (my body clock has been totally shot for years) it would be nice to just put the kettle on for a cuppa. Many thanks.
  7. That’s brilliant, done a number of cruises with 5 different lines, but this is first time without a kettle, just can’t function without my early morning coffee fix. Many thanks.
  8. I understand that the majority of cabins do not have tea making facilities and that room service incurs a charge. However am I right in saying there is no room service charge for continental breakfast in cabin?. Just thinking I could use this service to get my early morning cuppa in the cabin which would save me having to get dressed to go in search of one, anyone know what’s the earliest I can request continental breakfast. Any info much appreciated.
  9. We are on Jewel of the Seas around the Greek Isles in a few weeks time. Do any past passengers know whether there will be theme nights on board. Any info much appreciated.
  10. Looks absolutely wonderful, hope we get good weather in October.
  11. Hi Patrice1, on Singalots video that she posted a few days ago, it shows the guy doing the video sitting at a dockside cafe waiting for the tender back, but I think there will only be one or two cafes as the dockside doesn't appear to be very big. When Jewel of the Seas visits Santorini on this cruise, it shows 4 ships in port that day, 3 coming in early and one at 11am. I estimate that if each ship was just working on double occupancy there will be approx 9K passengers.
  12. Totally understand re standing still for hours. I'm the same worrying about missing the ship, I checked out ships tour, but they still leave you in Fira at the end of the tour with a ticket for the cable car to make your way down at your leisure, in other words if you don't manage to get down in time they have no obligation to wait for you even although it was a ships tour you booked. I think for those going to walk it, they will need flat shoes with a good grip as others on CC have talked about nearly slipping in the wet donkey poo on the steps, not to mention the flies. Some of the images of the Fira steps show the old donkey poo piled up at the side of the steps. They should stop using the donkeys it would save their poor backs and legs and the bonus would be that the steps would be free of donkey poo, thus making a more pleasant walk for those who don't like using the cable car.
  13. I've seen the same information, we are due there later this year too, 4 ships showing at present for day we are there, I reckon they total 10K+ passengers, fortunately one of them is not due til 11am, so at least we'll hopefully get a head start.
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