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  1. Sounds perfect, a brand new experience in Alaska combined with some fun on the ship. I guess my main concern about the ship was that I've heard there are very few activities or events happening in the evenings. I'm so glad I asked about this, everyone has been so helpful.
  2. nybumpkin, guess you can have the best of both worlds😊
  3. I am so torn between the two. Alaska will be more expensive, but a whole new experience. The Carribbean and an umbrella drink in my hand is always a great experience. Fortunately, there's still time to research and decide. Thanks, all, for the input; your insights are very helpful.
  4. Thanks everyone, love all the different perspectives. I'm not a party animal but my husband likes the casino and the poker tables at night. and we like listening to the music in different venues with a few drinks talking with people and going to the shows. I guess I would change expectations a little, but it still sounds like a great cruise since we have never been to Alaska. I'm torn here as this will be a celebratory cruise for our retirement but a brand new experience is always welcome, too.
  5. Hello, planning a cruise for August 2020. We've done 3 to Mexico and 3 to the Caribbean. Thinking about an Alaskan cruise and wondering about the different vibe or atmosphere it might have than a tropical cruise. Is there still alot of music, and upbeat activities. I can't imagine Calypso music playing so is it still a fun ship? We are young 65 year olds and like the energy of carnival. Will it be there on the Alaskan cruises?
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