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  1. D'Oh! Yeah, it's May 10th. Sorry for the boo-boo. It was early when I posted -- must not have been awake yet! ;) Affie
  2. I am new to the Boards and new to cruising and have been blown away by the wealth of info posted here. I'm sooooo glad I stumbled onto this site! We cruise 4/10 on PoA and thanks to reading the posts already made, we've almost completely changed our approach on what and how to do things. Up until a couple days ago we never even considered doing our own thing by car rental. I know that sounds weird to those of you who are long-time cruisers who know the ropes, but I honestly never thought really about it. :o Sounds like this is definitely the way to go! My question: If we decide to take a quiet day and just stay around the ship and dock area, which port(s) would be the best ones to do this? Are most ports located within easy walking distance of a nice beach or the town? Shopping? I have no idea if most ports are located in town or out in the middle of nowhere with nothing in the area to do but get out and hit the road. Thanks in advance for any tips on this. We'd like to get our car rentals booked before we go (haven't done that yet), but if there's a port with interesting things to do within walking distance we might hold off planning anything there and play it by ear once we arrive. Many thanks for this awsome forum! I wish I would have stumbled onto this weeks ago. I'd be a lot further ahead in planning our trip -- less than two weeks to go and I'm just getting started! :eek: My bad, I know! Affie
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