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  1. After NCL cancelled my April cruise, the major agency I booked through sent me an online refund request. I followed the agency's directions explicitly, filled out the refund form, and electronically sent it immediately. The agency said I need not contact the cruise line directly and they would handle everything.So far so good.Over the next three months I made three phone calls to my travel agency to check the status of my refund and in all three cases they put me on hold and eventually came back to confirm my refund request was being processed and it could take up to 90 days. Then the shocker. As it is now past 90 days I called my travel agency yesterday and was informed that NCL never received my refund request and the time has elapsed to receive a refund. To add injury to insult my TA implied it was my fault for not notifying NCL. I can understand that a glitch or some other mistake could have led to a lost refund request. That being said, however, there are three previous documented phone calls ( in my reservation record) of me inquiring from my TA the status of my refund request and in each case was told the refund was being processed. Clearly my TA was giving me misleading information that they were indeed checking my refund status and apparently they never even verified that a refund request was received. As a result I'm now in an untenable position with NCL. So what if any recourse is available to me?
  2. On our last RCCL cruise staff was pushing last night specialty restaurants but we never pursued it or inquired about prices. Anyone purchased a last night specialty restaurant and how much of a discount did you receive?
  3. If we opt for early off the Symphony in Miami and grab a cab to FLL, is this enough time to catch a 10:am flight?
  4. I was attempting to use a cancelled cruise credit voucher this morning. The credit was for $1100 ($549 per guest) and the cruise I was attempting to book was approx $1224. Thus I assumed I would owe an additional $124. Instead Royal is requiring a $500 deposit and justified this by saying one of the passengers is getting half off and thus her part of the credit can be used on a future cruise. Does this make any since? Has anyone else had this experience?
  5. We're thinking about taking the Oasis re positioning sailing 4/21 to 5/5 to Barcelona. There are 10 days at sea. For those who have done this, what kind of weather did you experience?
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