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  1. If we opt for early off the Symphony in Miami and grab a cab to FLL, is this enough time to catch a 10:am flight?
  2. I was attempting to use a cancelled cruise credit voucher this morning. The credit was for $1100 ($549 per guest) and the cruise I was attempting to book was approx $1224. Thus I assumed I would owe an additional $124. Instead Royal is requiring a $500 deposit and justified this by saying one of the passengers is getting half off and thus her part of the credit can be used on a future cruise. Does this make any since? Has anyone else had this experience?
  3. We're thinking about taking the Oasis re positioning sailing 4/21 to 5/5 to Barcelona. There are 10 days at sea. For those who have done this, what kind of weather did you experience?
  4. Anybody ever use Uber to get from Port of Miami to Port Everglades and if so what was your approximate cost
  5. I booked three cruises on the Oasis this year when I noted they had literally dropped to about half price from usual averages. If memory serves me I think this sale was in April and the sailings were definitely all fall sailings. My question, does RCCL have an annual cyber sale or was this a random event based on inventory? Interested in your experiences in timing.Thanks
  6. Is it possible to make a dessert request from a different restaurant menu than the one you're actually eating at as they no doubt come from a central location?
  7. Re booked and Delta Airlines were very helpful. The damages were minimal probably due to a combination of seat availability, my frequent flyer status, and getting one peach of an airline representative at Delta. I've learned my lesson plus I was lucky to even have noticed that the embarkation desk closes two hours before sailing. Thanks for sharing your advice
  8. I just noticed that embarkation closes two hours before departure. (Seaside 7/21 sailing) As my flight arrives MIAMI at 3:56 I thought I could easily make a 7:00pm sailing but obviously if embarkation closes at 5:oopm that looks very precarious. Any body else make this colossal miscalculation?
  9. I sent attached photos of previous RCCL sail cards as "DIAMOND" is displayed on the card. Haven't heard back. Anyone else have any success doing this as a verification?
  10. Great idea GOLDENBONNY open to soft serve lovers everywhere. Do you suppose there are "soft serve elitist" out there somewhere? Folks that consume their soft serve treat with those tiny plastic gelato spoons, but I digress.
  11. Does the MSC Seaside have soft serve ice cream?
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