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  1. You are booked Early Saver. If you find a better fare, you can change it. I didnt think you would lose anything, because even when you apply the new offer, you should still be considered Early Saver. I agree with the above poster, hold off for awhile.
  2. this morning, on one of the news networks, they stated that OHIO has 5 confirmed cases. Yesterday, we actually had 26 confirmed cases and over 250 possible cases. So the numbers being reported are not correct. Not sure where they got their info, but it hasn't been updated like they said they were doing.
  3. its also concerning about those who were in plane with this person and anyone else that may be asymptomatic. And the cruise terminal, and the airport if it was a connecting flight... The smartest thing that could happen would be to stop flying. Vacations can wait. Lets all stay safe...
  4. I just saw the conference a little while ago. As others have said, it is a confirmed case from a person that returned from the Carnival Valor. they also said he may have been in a group. My daughter told me they have put a hold on all cruises temporarily. is this correct? I havent heard that yet. I am in Columbus, and the stores have been crazy for the last few days. Even if you aren't a person that panics, those that are, are emptying the shelves. So those of us that arent, have to go to make sure we get things before its gone. I am pretty prepared now. I finally found some purell at 6am. Everyone, stay safe.... we will be fine as long as we follow the good advice that has been given us...
  5. so anyone know the answer to this? Blackjack only player... how do they do the fun play? 500 in fun chips? Or a card to be used at the table? I know for slots you can insert the card and play... how will that work for table players
  6. Yes, this was happening. And yes, more than a couple people posted here that they did this. They did it for the space. Many people did this. If the cabin booked was 500 (250pp) solo would pay 375. for that cabin with the solo supplement. So they could get two adjoining cabins, sometimes connected with a door inside, for 750. This gives them double the space which is nice. However Carnival would be losing because if they were able to book both cabins at full fare, they would be getting 1000. If would be a loss for them. No wonder they stopped doing it.
  7. They took this away when people that normally book 2 in a cabin decided to take advantage of it and book two side by sides solo. This gave the cruisers twice as much room for about the same price. It also cost Carnival because they were then getting the rate of one cabin to cover two. This selfishness on the cruisers part cost those that cruise solo that advantage.
  8. if a cabin is booked at a Casino rate, and something comes up that the person that booked it can't go and the others in the cabin don't qualify for casino offers, what happens to the others booked in the cabin? does it get cancelled at the port if the person no shows? Haven't had this happen and hopefully, never does. This is something to consider when booking if only one person has the casino offer.
  9. Where is Muster Station a-5 on the Carnival Magic? Just checking if it is outside or in a theatre? thanks
  10. Trust me, I have been on here for years, and there was a point where the nasty remarks bothered me... but i have learned that's their problem, not mine... I am here for the fun, and of the good information we get from members on the boards... we just have to ignore those type of comments... because a lot of times, not necessarily this time, but a lot times, those that post like that enjoy the fact that it gets someone stirred up... Whatever...
  11. Dont let one persons reply make you hate cruise critic. There are tons of people that post here that give friendly replies, and replies with some very good info.
  12. i have only done this excursion once. And maybe it was me, but the only beache i found was the one that is more of a lagoon, where the stingray excursion is located. It had currents that you had to be careful of, or you would get pulled out to sea. Did I miss something? We enjoyed the food and hammocks. But as much as we love beaches, that was not idea of fun, fighting a constant current. Are there other beautiful beaches there that we missed ???
  13. I believe I read someone on the boards here that Carnival was going to be building a new cruise port there. Not sure when that's going to happen now... Once the people and the destruction are taken care of, which will possibly take months, if not years, it would be nice to have a different place to dock.
  14. thanks, I was checking out a map.. and just wasn't sure if the path went through there. Looks like it will be okay... at leastthrough this one.. there does appear to be another something brewing and heading our way from off the coast of Africa.. yikes... hopefully it takes a quick turn northward staying over water...
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