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  1. Just got off the Anthem last week and Dionne was excellent! Extremely helpful and always greets you when you stop into the concierge lounge. She also will keep you very informed about daily activities on the ship. A very seasoned concierge!
  2. It's a full Broadway production so it is 2.5 hours long (first act is about one hour, 10 minutes, then a 15 minute intermission). That being said, it is an excellent production with great costumes, design, and the performances are Broadway caliber. The second act is also worth coming back for. I suppose some kids would not want to sit for that long, but there was a 10 year old sitting there entranced for the entire show! Just remember that you're seeing a full Broadway production. I would recommend seeing it! And sit close to the front if you can!
  3. Yes, Cindy was a special LA. She was so personable and genuine. You don't meet too many people like Cindy! She brightened my day every time I saw her. Glad she is happy as she deserves it!
  4. Unfortunately, now even this TA on the Independence in May is charging 200% for solos now.... It's good that you booked prior to the upgrade on RCCL's website. Now most of the cruises on RCCL are charging double for solos. I hope that changes!
  5. Hi. Yes, the ships time will be one hour later than the actual time in Falmouth.
  6. Hi. You'll stay on ships time on the Allure at all ports.
  7. I'm not a huge fan of Ken Rush. I have had him several times on various cruises that I've been on, and his jokes are EXACTLY the same every time. He loves to hear himself talk and is more concerned about his image than taking care of passengers. I have tried to keep an open mind but he hasn't changed over the years at all. If you have him for the first time, you'll be fine with him. But once you have him more than once or twice on a couple cruises, you'll understand and hear the same jokes over and over and over. Will he ever stop me from cruising on RCCL? No. He's not a deal breaker, more annoying than anything. Even the crew on the ships know all his jokes and exactly when he will tell them!
  8. I agree. I was very touched when I read this article. The Grandeur's crew and staff really were great during this incident and really showed why many of us love Royal Caribbean.
  9. Article in Baltimore Sun about the great crew/staff on the Grandeur of the Seas this past week: http://touch.baltimoresun.com/#section/-1/article/p2p-76150822/
  10. Congratulations to both of you!!! Soooo glad that Royal Caribbean came through! RCCL is my favorite cruise line, and I would have been disappointed if they refused to handle your celebration. All the best to you both and hope the wedding and celebration go well! Enjoy the Royal Suite too!
  11. Oasis and Allure now both have a Starbucks, but they also both have complementary coffee in the Cafe Promenade. Donut shop on Allure is across from the Dog House, and is open in the mornings only.
  12. I agree - you either loved her or hated her. I cruised on the Oasis in June, and found her to be a little "too" much. I had a tough time being able to tell if she were sincere or not. "I'm Amy and you're awesome" got to be very old after 7 days.... Oh, well. Even if the CD isn't what you had hoped, you are still on vacation and on a cruise -- nothing better than cruising!
  13. Hi all! They opened up the Allure entertainment bookings today -- I was able to book the shows for the Sept. 23rd cruise! Happy cruising!
  14. The Oasis had 3 different cruises around the holidays - there was a 5 day cruise from Sat. Dec. 18th to Thurs. Dec. 23rd. Then a 7 day cruise from Thurs Dec 23rd to Thurs. Dec. 30th. Then a 9 day cruise from Thurs. Dec. 30th till Sat. Jan 8th. It will then be back on the regular Saturday to Saturday cruises.
  15. YES, you can make the change when you check-in tomorrow! No problem at all. I have made last minute changes to my account and how I was going to pay, and there's no problem doing it when you get to the port. Enjoy your cruise!
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