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  1. End of May this year on Grandeur, they gave away wine and/or champagne. Also we both John and Katrina Blair hos the event, so YMMV. 1) Corporate has changed the rule and some ships are using existing stock. 2) Each ship decides for itself and blame corporate for their own choice of less service.
  2. I know what I want for Christmas! Full on vlogging gear!
  3. First time carnival cruiser so please bare with me. Does the price of Cheers ever go below $51.95 a day?
  4. You're right. Good point. I guess I was referring to enthusiasts. Then I would go professional. Casual users don't need basic features and a few extras and don't need a cost. An enthusiast is willing to spend some money and wants a little more control. The Pro sees the value of the expense and needs even greater control.
  5. The water on board, even though it is filtered, contains higher concentrations of salt which cause the swelling. I've seen it on longer cruises and took a test kit last time.
  6. i see your point about cost, but I could not get Resolve to run on my computer. I had 32 GB of RAM, SSD, i7 and 8GB Nvidia GPU. I hope it was drivers, but that was frustrating. Ended up with Filmora.
  7. @RCCL FanI think the biggest difference is you are going to be on a vision class and not an oasis class ship. MTD seems more palatable on the smaller ships.
  8. It looks that way. I was hoping there was another way. Thanks.
  9. I went to the RCCL site, the port pass is a Royal thing. $38.99/pp.
  10. If you find out, can you post the answer?
  11. Go on embarkation day and set a reservation. Also the concierge might help, can't hurt. Did someone say this repeatedly or just once? Did you speak with only one person? They really should have been able to accommodate, unless EVERYONE got there 5 minutes ago and just started eating.
  12. I will confirm that you get priority check-in a separate waiting area, it's to the left of the check-in counter. The lines were so not an issue that it really didn't matter. We had a JS this May and got us on 5 minutes before the "no lounge" people. 🙂 No concierge services. Our itinerary didn't have tendered ports,, so.... yes to robes. There was a departure lounge, but we went for breakfast in MDR instead and got off later.
  13. Are you referring to a single ship or fleetwide? I know they will use the lounge for overflow when the number of Diamond, D+ and Pinnacles are high because they don't all fit in the one room. I've been on a couple where all of deck 14 were off limits because the number of top tier passengers during happy hour.
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