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  1. Should these people be held to the terms of the contract if they don't have ability to read and understand it when it's presented to them?
  2. What @HicksRA said. If people want to comment on what I'm wearing I will hand them the bill for cruise and ask for a credit card. If you aren't paying my way, then back off.
  3. oh no, they were delegated to the "kids" table. 🙂
  4. Your adult daughter is vaccinated, correct? If so, you are all good for sailing and most(all?) ports allow for independent excursions when all parties are vaccinated. Bon Voyage!!!
  5. Etsy, Redbubble...other that can make custom shirts. We usually design something and then have a POD sgop make them for us.
  6. Quite a clear and dramatic difference. Thanks!
  7. We don't have either case. The camera is waterproof to 30 feet as is. you need the case if you go deeper. I would recommend either the flex handle(?) with strap or the floaty handle because the camera is small and will sink if it slips from your hand. But I have my face mask that has a fork mount and the camera can attach directly to the mask too. The camera has a lot of meta data so you can color correct later, but a filter to add back some of the red that washes out underwater.
  8. Curious why you think the GoPro isn't good for underwater? We use ours quite a bit when we snorkel and it does a great job for us. I know there are high end rigs that pros use, but the GoPro is easy and has all the features we need. It is meant for video and not a still camera, is that it?
  9. Sorry, I neglected the links David Manning - https://www.youtube.com/c/DavidManningvlog Van Neistat - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbuymBSN95w&t=11s&ab_channel=VanNeistat
  10. The GP10 is incrementally better than the GP9, but as previous posters have said, it's for video not still pictures. Seems like a great upgrade. I have seen a couple of videos from David Manning and Van Neistat, that show the stabilization is unreal. We are still using our GP7 Black and GP5 and use it mostly for in water and timelapse. We have and Osmo Pocket 2 for most other video and a Sony ZV-1 for a higher end setup. All three cameras along with accesories is smaller than my toiletries bag. haha.
  11. I saw a video of some people who were there 2-3 weeks ago. Most of the shops were closed, only the restaurant and one gift shop open. The people did enjoy the drinks, so all was not lost.
  12. I am sure the Royal has many people with degrees and years of experience in running these floating hotels/restaurants. No doubt their was discussion and debate and disagreement in how they should proceed with limited capacity. Since they had access to the actual data and not just speculative hearsay based on prior similar experiences, I trust they decision to shut the WJ in the evenings was based on their evidence
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