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  1. I've done work from the ships. It's OK if you're dealing with emails but undependable and slow if you need to download or upload documents or images. (Eats up a good bit of time) Definitely wouldn't depend on being able to conduct a 3 hour videoconference call.
  2. We found that Trip Insured International gave us the best rates for our world cruise a couple of years ago. Our TA we used had a relationship with them which gave us a discounted rate.
  3. I was on Amsterdam last year and worked from the ship. My company uses Pulse/VPN. I was able to use that without a problem but will tell you that the internet was VERRRY slow at times and I had to wait for some longer documents to download. I understand from some folks on the current world cruise that the internet is a LITTLE better than last year but still slow overall.
  4. There's a passenger who has been on the ship for several months now who has been blogging about the trip. He loves the ship and crew and seems to be very pleased overall.
  5. I'm the original poster and wanted to thank everyone for the great information. We recently took a flight to Dallas to visit our daughter. Knowing that we would be doing some things that would require a wheelchair after we arrived, we purchased a transport wheelchair along with a bag to ship it in after it was collapsed. We used the special assistance services provided through the airline, American, in the airports to get to gates and baggage claim and checked the chair through with our luggage. The airline did great job coordinating things for us and it was easier for us to check the chair as baggage versus trying to take our chair to the gate and gate check it. Other passengers were very helpful and couldn't have been nicer to us.
  6. We were on a good portion of the 2018 World Cruise and it was definitely worth the fare we paid. The staff, food, entertainment and itinerary were excellent. Captain Mercer is excellent and always kept us informed of what we were doing and gave us plenty of notice about any significant adverse weather we were going to encounter. We actually ran into a typhoon with 100 MPH wind gusts and he did an excellent job keeping us away from the brunt of the storm. The 2020 WC is sold out so you would have to get on a waiting list. I'm sure several openings will occur as certain payment deadlines come up, just as they did for our WC.
  7. We were on Oosterdam in the first week of February. The ship is in excellent condition and it was obvious that it was fairly recently renovated. There is a pickle ball court and there was a time on the daily program for pickle ball players to meet. Food in main dining room and Lido was excellent overall with plenty of choices. Pinnacle Grill was also excellent the night we ate there. All of the entertainment on board was excellent and the crew, as usual, was willing to go above and beyond to help the passengers.
  8. Just off Oosterdam last week. Wore a pair of dockers and collared polo shirt for Gala Night and there were no problems from staff.
  9. My wife has developed some heart problems which have required us to rent a wheelchair on board for the last couple of cruises we went on. She can walk short distances at a slow pace and, on some days, which are becoming less frequent, can actually walk a lap around the promenade deck. On a recent trip, we had the airlines use their wheelchair assistants to get her to the gate areas and to the end of the ramps. I have no trouble pushing her around the ship or on shore, with good sidewalks, in the wheelchair. However, if we go ashore for an excursion or just to look around, we often find that the streets and sidewalks are so bumpy that she gets a sore back from the jolts. Soft surface, such as gravel paths are tough with a wheelchair. Does the scooter do OK with these surfaces? I'm wondering if a scooter would be easier and more comfortable for her to use and be able to go independently to ship functions when I want to do something different. A few questions: 1) Is it difficult to take a scooter on a plane? Can you bring the scooter to the gate and gate check it without having to worry too much about getting it back undamaged and in a timely manner so you can make a connecting flight. Is there a problem with TSA security getting a scooter through the checkpoints? 2) Since lithium batteries are used in the scooters, I assume that you have to carry them on into the passenger compartment versus leaving them with the scooter to go into the cargo hold. Correct or not? If correct, do the airlines count them as part of your carry on allowance? 3) Do the scooters tend to ride more smoothly on sidewalks and other uneven surfaces with less jolting than a wheelchair? 4) For you seasoned travelers who use these assistance devices, is it easier for you to use a wheelchair or scooter, assuming you have someone who can push a wheelchair for you? Any other suggestions you can make are greatly appreciated. Being new to this, I'm sure that I'm not thinking of all the right questions to ask.
  10. Looking forward to following your adventure this year, Kathi. Have a great trip. Tom and Jeanette
  11. For things we don't want the ship laundry to handle, we bought a Scrubba and use that to wash those items. We take a small bottle that has our preferred liquid detergent in it.
  12. We are booked at the end of January on B2B cruises. The first is the 3 day Oprah group cruise on New Statendam (NS) and the second, because Niew Statendam is apparently booked for a charter group, is on Oosterdam. I've been told by HAL that we are going to have to be off the first cruise by about 8 which leaves us about 4 hours before we may board Oosterdam, according to HAL. Any suggestions on how we could possibly transfer from one ship to the other smoothly, not leaving the port area, and not have to drag luggage around for all that time or some place we could go with the luggage and just wait until we can board Oosterdam? I thought about taking a ship tour once we arrived back in FLL on NS but they all go back to either FLL or MIA airports. The complicating factor in all of this is that my wife has some mobility issues. She can't walk long distances due to some heart issues so I'm trying to save her from over doing it so she can enjoy the Oosterdam. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I've spoken to HAL and the very nice agent didn't have any solutions other than to take a tour and then take a taxi back to the port when we're dropped off at FLL.
  13. I believe the 2020 World Cruise is sold out with many people on waiting lists for the segments and entire cruise. That's the most likely reason you don't see it on the website.
  14. I found it after pop ups we're allowed. Thanks for your help.
  15. I can't find the page which allows me to print our luggage tags. The website says the link is on the first page of the check in section but I can't find it there. The only link I can find about luggage tags is to purchase tag holders from HAL. Any suggestions?
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