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  1. It's like the people that go to land based restaurants and under tip because the temperature was too cold and they had to wait too long for a table. Your server doesn't control the temperature nor the popularity of the restaurant.
  2. I think you can safely assume that you can't count on talking to MSC and getting the same answer twice. I recently wanted to downgrade to a guarantee cabin because the only cabin available in the experience and cabin type I wanted when I booked was an accessible one (which I don't need) and the first person I spoke with said it wasn't possible to downgrade once you've chosen a cabin. I thanked her, hung up, called back and got an agent who was able to change my reservation to a guarantee. If I had just listened to the first person I'd have assumed the person working for MSC knows what they're talking about (mistake) and dropped it, but I knew what she was saying made no sense. Reposting due to unexplained deletion.
  3. Meh. My time is valuable and I didn't want to spend my time on vacation complaining about something that I know had no malicious intent and I strongly suspect was due to a language barrier. Everyone is different though and the more people in the guest services line mean less people in front of me at the bar or buffet so I welcome people complaining 😄
  4. The MSC site allowed me to book a solo cruise 3x. No funny business involved (e.g. I didn't book for 2 and have one person just not show up). I prefer a full size cabin, so I don't know about the availability of solo cabins. I had a crew member ask me "What, you don't have any friends?" when I told him I was on the cruise alone. You could chalk that up to a language barrier and respond "Of course I have friends, don't you have any friends?" or you could let it bother you for the rest of your trip and go to guest services and cause a scene and demand compensation. I chose the former. I don't go on a cruise to make friends so again, can't speak to that, and even if I could, me making friends on one MSC sailing doesn't guarantee the same experience for anyone on a different (or even the exact same) sailing. That being said I did have conversations with other cruisers. I wouldn't say I made friends, but again, I don't travel solo to make friends.
  5. I've cruised MSC solo in mid 2018. What was my experience? It was great. That's a very broad question so all i can say is it was great. I can't compare to NCL because my only NCL cruise was about 15 years ago. I had flexible/anytime dining with my Aurea booking. They have a thermal spa. I don't know what you consider solo friendly so that's another thing I can speak to.
  6. To the "yes or no" question.
  7. Please let us know if this is possible. I have mine from Meraviglia and intend to take it on Seaside as well. The way I envisioned it was going to guest services and exchanging it, especially because the muster station is printed on it. AFAIK Royal Caribbean allows you to keep and re-use the band doing just that (exchanging it).
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