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  1. Any suggestions? I don’t have a travel agent.
  2. I have a few questions for those who have sailed on the Seaside Yacht Club: Are drinks free throughout the ship, or just inside the yacht club area? is there any shade or umbrellas available around the yacht club pool? I never see any in the videos we watched. Do the rooms have hair-dryers and make-up mirrors? Is MSc’s private island going to be ready by February? Thanks!
  3. No worries... no two people agree 100%. And that was just my opinion. But I was mainly comparing vs other mass cruise lines. We love cruises! That’s why we’ve been on 13. And we had a blast on this cruise. And really reviews by nature are critical. 😎 👍
  4. 11:15 on embarkation day. And everyone is right on... I think the B2B people got it all.
  5. Even though we had a fun cruise, we won't be sailing on the Regal/Royal class anymore. This saddens me because I was hoping that everything was so much better on these ships that the other class. To us, there were very little differences. Even the main atrium area I thought was going to be huge and more grandiose. But it wasn't.
  6. Hey guys. No cabana (they were sold out immediately too). I just tipped an attendant heavily to make something happen in the Sanctuary! There were angry cruisers griping out the attendants when sold out, so I took another approach and got some help. I will say that the tipping was probably not 100% necessary, as they refused it many times when I offered it. What they appreciated was someone talking and reasoning with them politely and using courtesy instead of demanding to speak with the manager, etc. Honey is better than vinegar in negotiation. The people and attendants were great! It was my choice to tip. So why was I making that a "Con"? Because I didn't think at 11:15 AM they would be sold out. The Sanctuary was the main reason I sailed on this ship! I have no idea why they will not let people reserve the Sanctuary online. Also, I did have to come back later that day (around 5:00) to see if they had any cancellations etc. It's not like they just were lying or something.
  7. Just returned last week from our Eastern Caribbean voyage on the Regal. We were in a Club Class mini-suite on the Baja deck. What we liked: Nice mini suite layout. Very functional. Plenty of storage. Food was good, not great. Very good at times. But good enough. Dining room service was better than the specialty restaurants. We ate at both, and the waiter was doing everything for every table. Needed help. Lots of fun! Entertainment was great, and something is always going on until late. Embarkation was a snap with the medallions Disembarkation was a snap (Club Class). Off the ship and in a taxi by 7:30 Bed was comfy with nice sheets, pillows, etc. Could have been better: Not luxury. If you are looking for luxury, up the money and go on another line. At times crowded. Horizon Court was way too busy, no seats, etc Pool chairs hard to come by for even 2 We paid the $$ and got the Sanctuary for the week. Best move ever. However, we were in the line to reserve 1st day at 11:15. They sold out!!! What the?!?! I had to tip a girl VERY nicely to get the weekly rental. So we paid around $650-700 for the Sanctuary. Blah! Theater not grandiose and not as pretty as older ships. In fact, not pretty at all in our opinion. Crowded and cramped. Speciality dining was pretty good, not excellent. This is little, but our bath towels and pool towels are thin and small. And they were stingy on the towels for the bathroom. Showers had no water pressure. Worst ever that we’ve had on any cruise. Did not enjoy Princess Cays. Way too crowded, no chairs available etc. and they use those clam shell chairs. No umbrellas. So if you’re on the 2nd or 14th row, you cannot see the water. They have a serious elevator issue. Slow, small, and crowded. Worst we’ve ever had on a cruise. They had a lot of elevators, but it always seemed like 3-4 weren’t moving for some reason. When you have this many people, you need to be able to move them quickly!
  8. Are nice jeans acceptable these days on the non formal nights? Or is it slacks only?
  9. How many ships were in port on that day?
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