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  1. I met my spouse on a CCL cruise March 28, 1997. Sailed Carnival Celebration solo as a single 25 yr old. Met him the 1st nt at dinner. I had only been on the ship 30 min due to flt delays. Was assigned to his table in the MDR. He was 36 and also traveling solo. Neither of us had ever been married and he more than I was a 110% confirmed bachelor. Well 5 wks later he proposed, the following week he moved from Dallas to Iowa to be together and we were married 6 months later. 23 yrs later and he’s the only vacation souvenir that’s not eventually ended up in a garage sale!
  2. That’s exactly the song I was thinking of when I posted that! My all time fav movie!!
  3. Glad you enjoyed it so much! Now I’m hungry, though! 😂
  4. My apologies....it's the Juliana Bridge in Curacao and not the Julianne.
  5. We are working on planning our excursions and wanted to share this option for Curacao on Wed, Nov 4 in the off chance anyone else is interested..... Rappelling from the Julianne Bridge in Curacao! The Julianne Bridge is the highest/tallest bridge in the Caribbean and definitely a tourist attraction for Curacao. We spent 10 days in Curacao in 2018. The day before our departure we discovered the option to rappel from the bridge, but was too late to arrange due to city permits, etc which are required. One of the reasons we booked our Halloween 2020 cruise was in order to return to Curacao and rappel the bridge. The tour is run by a local police officer from Curacao. I have been in contact with him and have secured Wed, Nov 4. If anyone is crazy enough and would like to join us please let me know. Not likely, but just in case anyone other adrenaline junkie is interested..... 🙂
  6. cpayne

    Antigua Lunch

    Correction....RinCon is Q30. Approx $4. Need local $$. Not US $.
  7. Correction....RinCon is Q30 which is approx $4. Need local money though. No US $.
  8. Is there an easy way to find all cruises currently calling on ports in Guatemala other than going to each cruise lines individual pages?
  9. Download the Antigua offline map from google maps prior to your departure. Works with no internet connection and will help you find your way around. In Central Park there always seemed to be people offering walking tours if you decide to. Not sure how much? Do your research on Trip Advisor before you go to know what you want to see/do in order to maximize your time.
  10. Download the Antigua google maps offline version before your departure. Works with no WiFi connection. Will help you find RinCon!
  11. cpayne

    Antigua Lunch

    Top is the chicken plate and bottom is the vegetarian plate.
  12. cpayne

    Antigua Lunch

    We are in Antigua currently for a land vacation. The best restaurant recommendation came from a local. Rincon Tipico! For Q50-55 you get your meat ( Chicken most common), boiled potatoes, salad, tortillas and a local non alcoholic drink with free refills. They also offered a vegetarian plate that was more than I could possibly eat. Couldn’t ask for a more authentic experience beginning with when you walk in the door and the ladies are making your fresh tortillas in the entry way. You will need local currency. Q50 is approx $6.50. Download google maps offline version before your departure. This will work when you are in Antigua with no WiFi. Will get you where you need to go for some good Guatemalan food!
  13. This is the Cerro de la Cruz area. We hiked to the top this wk. You can also hire a tuk tuk. Standard rate for tuk tuk is Q10 total (not per person) each way. In all my research preparing for this trip I did not see anything current warning tourists to not hike this area. Well worth doing!
  14. I would think Antigua would be a better option for a cruise ship day tour. The logistics of getting to the lake could be more time consuming and you only have limited time when visiting by cruise vs land.
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