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  1. While doing research on cabanas I read one post which stated that the Eurodam lido cabanas had been moved to the other side of the pool to match those on the Nieuw Amsterdam. I want to confirm that this is accurate information. Would the congestion of people waiting for their Dive In order bother the people in the first few cabanas? Thanks Marcia
  2. Does anyone know if the lido cabanas are taken down on the day that the Eurodam and Nieuw Amsterdam go through the locks on Panama Canal cruises? This would create more viewing space for passengers to view the locks. I have seen them taken down for special events so I am wondering about canal days. We will reserve a lido cabana but its availability/ or not will determine which cabin we choose. Thanks Marcia
  3. Since Holland America charges earn double points (I assume that is still correct information), I book my shore excursions and indulgences prior to redeeming my points. I called to redeem my points as soon as the final cruise payment appeared on my credit card statement. It did not completely pay for the cruise but it sure helped. Marcia
  4. Have you seen the Retreat? There were reports that the Koningsdam retreat was cramped and generally less desirable than the retreat on the other HAL ships. I wondered if the Nieuw Stantendam had improved that situation. Thanks
  5. I have stayed in cabins on the 8th deck. In fact this is our desired location....no problems with motion. This may be different on a transatlantic cruise. Cabins directly under the pools may have a bit noise. Under the spa or under the lido restaurant are usually quiet.
  6. Does the explorations café still serve pastries and snacks?
  7. If it makes a difference, I was thinking of Eurodam or Nieuw Amsterdam.
  8. Just wondering...how late does the ocean bar usually have music? and what type of music?
  9. Good point . In my world 60s-70s are cold. I will watch for a ship with lido cabanas to do a Hawaiian cruise.
  10. Thanks for the great review. I really like your positive attitude.
  11. I am looking at cruises to Hawaii however DH is very emphatic that he won't go without a cabana. When crossing the Pacific does the retreat get a lot of wind? Is it still a good experience? Thanks Marcia
  12. 78232


    I am happy to read so many positive comments about New York pizza. My only regret is that we won't be on a ship which also serves New York deli sandwiches. They sounded so good.
  13. 78232


    Several years ago I had pizza in the Lido restaurant and it was so bad I have never eaten pizza on a cruise again. Since there is now the New York pizza space by the sea view pool, I wondered what is the general feeling regarding the quality of pizza served there? Marcia
  14. Has anyone ever disembarked from one Holland America ship and boarded another Holland ship departing the same day? I am especially interested in Fort Lauderdale. If there was an opportunity to combine two itineraries in this way, what would be the logistics? Thanks
  15. We are looking at the aft facing cabins on the Eurodam or Nieuw Amsterdam. This will be a change for us since we usually stay close to elevators. For those who have stayed in this area, did you find the distance to the elevators to be a significant inconvience?
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