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    Best P&O Ships

    Something about that ship - I'm sorry I never travelled on her. I remember once sailing out through Sydney Harbour on the Himalaya as the Canberra was coming in. Everyone on board the Himalaya's decks just droooled. :D:p As for my favourite P&O ship - has to be P&O UK's [current] "Oriana" - a beautiful ship.:)
  2. G'day Artemis, Hope you enjoy your forthcoming trip down under. You identify yourselves as people who love to sail, so I take it you mean the true meaining of "sail" as opposed to just being afloat on a boat. If this is true I would recommend you check out Anaconda III as an alternative to your trip on Pacific Sunrise. Anaconda III is a true maxi [mega] yacht at 101 feet and is an absolute dream of a vessel from a sailor's point of view. My young nephew was the first mate on it some years ago and had to be virtually "dragged off" it by his young wife when they deicided to move on to other careers. :) Here she is arriving at Airlie after a 3 day cruise. Find her details at one of these websites: http://anacondaiii.homestead.com/ http://sailing-whitsundays.com/WhitsundaySailing.php?id=7 As for the locations - if you have the time, see them all. The Cairns area for World Heritage tropical rainforest, its northern beaches, snorkelling, and a more metroplitan feel - the Whitsundays for pure unadulterated sailing and snorkelling bliss. Sailing amongst the picturesque 70 islands of the Whitsunday area would be without a doubt one of the world's great cruising experiences - and with the added advantage of great snorkelling and exploring the nearby reefs. Whatever you decide - enjoy. :)
  3. Rasa Sayang

    Sun Princess..Townsville.

    It should be a pleasant sight when sitting on the beach near Rowes Bay somewhere.:)
  4. Rasa Sayang

    How do you save for cruises

    [quote name='Debsta']I'm dodging the debt collectors :eek: :D :p[/quote] Ah - crisis management. Ya just gotta luv it :D:p;)
  5. Yep - won't let me in either.
  6. Rasa Sayang

    Cruise Demographics

    What a marvellous comment - and so true.:):) Age has nothing to do with attitude - that comes from within. ;)
  7. Rasa Sayang

    Alcohol Prices?

    Vino tends to be a bit over the top. On a Pacific Dawn cruise this year we purchased a reasonable Marlborough NZ Sav Blanc [saint Clair] at a restaurant price of $42.00 It retails at Dan Murphy's for $16:99. Not a bad markup considering P&O would probably buy it for about $10-12 a bottle. :eek::D
  8. Rasa Sayang

    P&O Australia? Get with the programme!

    [quote name='bazzaw']This is the thing that I find most mind boggling about Carnival Corp [B][I]CEO Micky Arison, son of the company's founder, and his family own 47% of Carnival Corporation.[/I][/B] Can you even remotely imagine how wealthy these people must be???? :eek::eek: Revenue US$ 14.469 billion (2010) Operating income US$ 2.347 billion (2010) Net income US$ 1.978 billion (2010) Total assets US$ 37.490 billion (2010) [B]Total equity US$ 23.031 billion (2010)[/B] Barry[/quote] He rates #56 on the Forbes list of the 400 richest Americans - net worth $4.3 billion.
  9. Rasa Sayang

    ROTS docking at Cairns.

    You probably thought like me Sandy, that the big Alzheimers monster had stepped into your life. :D:p
  10. Rasa Sayang

    Bali and singapore. a few q's

    Thats bad news Cheryle - unusual for Singapore not to get a project done on time. :confused: Still, Harbourfront is a fairly efficient terminal - with lots of shops as has been stated before. :D:)
  11. Rasa Sayang

    ROTS docking at Cairns.

    It would be an interesting exercise to watch. :)
  12. Rasa Sayang

    ROTS docking at Cairns.

    Phew !!!!! Thanks Colleen -I thought I was losing the plot. :D:o Thats interesting about ROTS docking at Cairns - not the greatest "deep water" port in the world. I've developed an interest in the ROTS Singapore-Sydney March 31 cruise after reading about it on another thread. I already had two Singapore-Oz cruises I was considering, but this one looks like its better than both - plus its doing an over-nighter in Cairns on Easter Saturday/Sunday. Right in the heart of the restaurant area. :);) Well worth considering methinks. :)
  13. Rasa Sayang

    Bali and singapore. a few q's

    Hi Melissa, I'll answer that one for you if I can. Where ROTS will leave from depends on the status of the new cruise terminal - due to open late this year. If open, ROTS will most certainly leave from the new terminal at Marina South, if not it will leave from either the old Harbourfront Cruise Terminal or Jurong - whichever is available to it at the time. When Harbourfront is taken up by Star Cruises ships other lines spill over to the industrial docks at Jurong. The new "state of the art" cruise terminal should alleviate that. Re hotels - any hotel in Singapore is never more than 15 minutes by taxi from where the action is - including cruise terminals. :D:)
  14. I must have Alzheimers. :o:eek: I'm sure I asked this question earlier today - but it has been gobbled up by the forum gremlins. :D Just wondering, did I read on a thread somewhere a month or so back that the Rhapsody of the Seas was actually able to dock at Cairns instead of anchoring off Yorkey's Knob - or was I imagining it ????? :o:p
  15. Rasa Sayang

    Somalia Famine

    Well done Colleen. :) Thats makes it worth the time putting in the post. Now just imagine if you could convince just one person to donate something, and they in turn could convince another - and so on....... What an amazing result that could be. :) People power is marvellous - simply because people are marvellous.