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  1. We travelled with MS Riviera in the Mediterranean in April and arrived at Barcelona April 21. Wonderful cruise, but memories are darkened by the disembarcation process, when we lost a suitcase. Even though the suitcase had a red belt and labeled with our name, another passenger made a mistake and took it. It contained souvenirs from the trip, exclusive shoes and clothes, glasses and prescription drugs etc. In Barcelona we wrote a report to Oceania and were promised a copy sent to our home address which has not happened. We were delayed by a couple of hours. At home we were contacted by the woman in US who took our suitcase, and were told that the suitcase had been left at LA airport to be sent to us. It was wrong, the bag is still in Los Angeles. We also contacted our TA in Stockholm who has helped us with contacting Oceania. Today they got this response which made me furious: "I have spoken to our Guest Relations department and unfortunately as the luggage was taken by another guest and not lost during our handling we are not able to assist in calling the airport. They also said the airport might just have to verify what is in the bag and this needs to be done by the person who sends it and unfortunately cannot be done by us." No proposal for a solution, no help at all. Today we were informed by SAS in Copenhagen that the suitcase can not be sent to Stockholm without accompanying passenger. We have not done anything wrong, no airline has done anything wrong and the responsibility lies with Oceania who was responsible for the suitcases until the right passengers regained it. It seems we will not get our things back and we are very disappointed. Next time I will refuse to put our suitcases in the corridor in the middle of the night without getting a receipt. I hope all passengers will be aware of the risks of leaving their bags. Needless to say, just like in a hotel when you leave your luggage waiting for your room, you should receive a receipt. It must be the responsibility of the cruise company that everyone gets his luggage. After this, I am more hesitant to cruise at all, especially with an Oceania cruise.
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