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  1. Obviously, I meant that WE neither saw nor heard of any signs of bedbugs.
  2. We too were on the Emerald for the 18- day repo cruise which arrived in US on Nov 18. No sign of any bedbugs on that cruise.
  3. Yes, but you are allowed to deduct Gambling Losses up to the amount of Winnings. So if the OP "gave it all back", no federal tax would owed on the winnings.
  4. RomeinLimo is an excellent transportation service, both for transfer from the cruise port and for transport around the city.
  5. Many cruisers stay at Hotel Sonya, on Via Viminale, opposite the Rome Opera House. It's within walking distance of the Termini Transportation hub, where you can access most transportation, including several HopOff/HopOns.
  6. For the sailaway, you'll want to be on the starboard side of the ship.
  7. Europe ended DST on Oct 27, one week earlier than the US.
  8. Be aware that, from the people mover stop, there is about a 5 minute WALK, with your luggage, to the terminal. No luggage assistance of any sort is available.
  9. We have dealt with a company (www.romeinlimo.com) several (5 ?) times, always with excellent results. Their website list a Rome Highlights tour, (9 hrs) for ship passengers. I realize this would be too long for you, but they do custom tours. We once did a 7-person tour when we were in Rome (Civitavecchia) for the day, and it worked fine. You might contact them and see what they could do with your time frame.
  10. Somewhat off-topic: I remember an October W.Carib. cruise where, on Sat night, out of habit, the dining room staff kept telling us to set our clocks ahead before our Florida arrival next morning. We had to keep correcting them, telling them that Florida would be setting its clocks back, since Daylight Savings Time was ending, and EST beginning, that night.
  11. Thanks to all for your responses. Back in 1986, we passed through that terminal; spent most of the time anxiously looking for a suitcase that never did show up; we proceeded to fly across the Atlantic, knowing that one suitcase was not with us. It finally made it to Frankfurt 24 hrs after we did. I'd like to see the building, just for old times' sake.
  12. We are facing a long, long layover (6 hrs) in Terminal 4. We will probably spend most of the time in the Delta Lounge, but I would like to get out and take a look around the new TWA Hotel which is adjacent to Terminal 4. Does anyone know if I can do this on foot ? Is there a pedestrian walkway between T4 and the TWA Hotel ?
  13. Back in 2013 we spent 3 pre-cruise days in an apartment on Giudecca, with these views out our windows.
  14. For the best views, make sure you are on the starboard side for sailaway .
  15. The flyer distributed on Tuesday shows 10/20: 9 nights Venice-Barcelona, followed by 10/31: 14 nights Barcelona-Tampa. Anxious to see pricing for the TA.
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