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  1. Thank you, both for your travel information and post assistance. I think we will choose our hotel, than either continue on to Ostia Antica for a few hours or just crash and relax until our cruise the next day.
  2. My husband and I will be arriving at FCO by 8:30 am the day prior to our cruise out of Citavacchia. We would like to spend the afternoon touring Ostia Antica. Would it be better to stay at an airport hotel or a hotel near Ostia Antica or Lido di Ostia. Which would be easiest as far as transfer to the hotel then to the park? Also, which location would offer easier/less costly transfer to the port the next morning? Any recommendations and insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!!
  3. Thank you, I have read that you "can" make calls with I-Concierge. I believe its approximately 75 cents per minute - way better than the ship to shore rate. However, I'm wondering what call quality is like, dropped calls, reception etc... If anyone has used iconcierge for this purpose would they recommend it? Also with an Iphone any suggestions for txting home? Thanx again
  4. Hi there, Can anyone share their experiences if they have used I* Concierge app to make and receive calls from home while on board. I would like to be able to stay in contact with family at home and while ATT offers Passport savings while on land, they do not have an NCL phone package which would be a reasonable alternative. I appreciate any insight on this -- Thank you BB2
  5. Hello, my husband and I would like to check out Smith Cove. I would like to determine whether it's feasible to take the city bus (green #6 or 7) both ways or better to take a cab. I'm having trouble finding up to date information which compares both options in terms or costs, pick up points, schedule and reliability etc... Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you - Barbara
  6. Thanks everyone, I appreciate all of your input and experience regarding NCL. Now I'm really glad we booked the specialty restaurants option!
  7. Thank you for your quick reply -- I had heard that there was no more lobster:( . Do they still do filet, prime rib or a rack of lamb in the MDR, or is that what specialty dining is about on NCL so any night can be a special dinner?
  8. Hi there, My husband and I are NCL newbies, but not new to cruising. We will be on the 10 night Caribbean Jade in November. We have 4 nights of specialty dining and would like to prebook our dinners. I understand NCL has "Freestyle" dining and a relaxed dress code, but does that also mean that there are no special dinner menu nights? If "Special Menu" nights are still a thing, would anyone know what nights these would be on a 10 night cruise. Thank you for your input... bb2
  9. Hello, We will be sailing on on the Glory January 2 out of Miami. Although the Carnival web site claims that the boarding time begins at 1:00, I'm wondering if that truly reflects the time that we can arrive at the port to start the embarkation process. I know in the past we have arrived by about 11 am and were able to come on board. Anyone have any recent experience with boarding? Thanks so much.
  10. Hello, Is it better to take a bus or cab for 4 people from the Carnival pier to Paradise Beach. Any ideas on cost for both? Thanks so much.
  11. Hello, my husband and I will be visiting Katakolon later this month and plan on visiting Olympia. According to other posts the train from the port to the site is not always dependable due to budget cuts. Has anyone found this to be the case recently? Also if we take the train can we hire a guide at Olympia? We were also considering the shuttle buses - either Katakolon Express or Geo Travel. I haven't found much information on Geo Travel is this company still in operation; and reviews for Katakolon Express are not always positive. Does anyone have any recent feedback on either company? Are there other shared tour companies that can be recommended and finally, does shuttlebus transfer to Olympia need to be booked in advance or can we wait until we get to port to make our plan? We would appreciate any insight that can be offered - Thank you
  12. Hello, My husband and I were planning on using the Leonardo D'Vinci train for transfer between FCO and the Termini as well as a Termini train to Citavechia before our cruise. We will both be transporting 1 large wheeled suitcase each. Our hotel is a few blocks from the station in a good area. We recently saw a post regarding the trains lacking security and the high potential for crime. Are we looking for trouble traveling this way and should we be concerned regarding our plans and instead look for shared or private transfer? Thank you
  13. We are considering our options for our day in Santorini. The KTEL Bus vs Taxi? Although the bus appears pretty user friendly how far is the bus station from the cable car in Fira as well as the bus stop in Oia to the main tourist drag? Would it be better to use a taxi/Cost? Thank you.
  14. Thanx everyone, looks like I'm rethinking my packing. :)
  15. We will be visiting Rome and then onto a Greek/Turkey cruise for 10 days mid to late October. I know the weather can be variable 70 degree highs and 50 degree lows (if we are lucky). For those warmer days can I get away with packing summer colored clothes (ie. bright, pastels or even white)? Or would I be better off packing darker more fall like colors. Finally can we wear shorts to non religious sites or are we better off sticking to capris or jeans this time of year? Same kind of question for the ship, would summer resort wear pass or should I bring more fall like clothing? Thank you in advance for any words of wisdom!!
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