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  1. If you can get one, go for it! It's a great location, loved being close to the coffee bar for that first morning cup and they serve breakfast at Ocean plaza. And with an elevator bank right there, not far to go up to Lido or down to the dining room.
  2. This was posted by CC's favorite brand ambassador recently.
  3. We sail on the Elation in April on a 5 day to Grand Turk and Amber Cove and I'm assuming that was your itinerary as well. Amber Cove is a new port for us, how did you enjoy it? Also, we will have YTD as well, how was it? was there much of a wait to get seated? TIA!
  4. JiJi's and Cucina del Capitano were open for lunch every day we were on the Sunshine last year. They are located at the very back of the Lido deck. Also, There's a BBQ buffet on Deck 5 at Ocean Plaza on Embarkation day that was really good and not crowded.
  5. Soft drinks were $2.50 a can last time I checked, so without drinking alcohol and only soft drinks, you'd have to drink over 20 of them a day to break even with Cheers. But the Bubly water is included in the Bottomless Bubbles package and it's $8.50 a day.
  6. Taco Salad from Blue Iguana for lunch. I enjoy the pizza and the new deli sandwiches. With the exception of the lobster, I like the seafood dishes offered in the MDR. More specifically the Sweet and Sour Shrimp, Frutti de Mare, and the Teriyaki salmon. Enjoy your anniversary cruise!
  7. Well, On our last 3 cruises we did a mix of the MDR and buffet for dinner, and experiences varied by ship. On the Ecstasy in 2017, they served several dishes that were similar to the ones on the MDR menu each night, but it was kinda "meh", not bad, but not as good as the food we had in the MDR. On the Miracle in 2018, same deal as the Ecstasy, but this time, to our amazement, the food at the buffet really good and was better than most of what we had in the MDR. Most recently on the Sunshine in April of 2019, lunch and dinner at the buffet was something called "Comfort Kitchen" and none of the MDR dishes were served and the food was very underwhelming and pretty much the same kind of stuff everyday. After a couple tries, we just stuck to the other non-buffet Lido food options that were much better.
  8. I personally would recommend Cucina del Capitano. The food was delicious and you get plenty of it! And at only $15 a person, it was my opinion, quite a bargain considering we've paid more than double that for a similar meal locally.
  9. It's chicken parmigiana, it was huge and DH whom is a chicken parmigiana connoisseur said it was excellent. The second picture is the tomahawk pork chop and it was amazing!
  10. I'm not sure if anything about this has already been posted, I didn't see anything, so here we go: Well, we are considering doing the Chef's Table on our cruise next year, so I went to look at booking it. Last time I looked into booking it, if I remember correctly, was just a straight up $75 a person, and you didn't have to pay up front and I thought gratuities were included in the $75. Now it looks like you have to pay at the time of booking it like you are buying from the Fun shops and I'm not sure what is going on here, but look at the following screenshots:
  11. We thoroughly enjoyed Cucina on the Sunshine back in April, plenty of good food and well worth the $15 per person for dinner. The included lunch options were good too.
  12. We too had a not so great experience with our one visit to the steakhouse, but my family members and I who have ordered steakhouse selections in the MDR have not been disappointed with them.
  13. We were in a aft cabin on deck 5, and even with Ocean Plaza almost right next door and the Casino not far away, it was pretty darn quiet in our cabin. And as far as the smoke goes, surprisingly, I never smelled it outside the casino, and we were on an Ultra cruise and it was full of smokers. Granted they did have some kind of air freshener devices by the entrances that helped.
  14. This sounds kinda like our experience on the Sunshine earlier this year. It felt like we waited forever as well. Although we did stick around to finally get our food, it was not worth the wait at all. My steak was ordered med rare, it came well done and was like a hunk of leather. DH's eggs were ordered over easy and were over well and scorched. To top it off, everything was cold and obviously sat on the line for a while before it was picked up. Honestly, with the exception of the very first one we went to on the Ecstasy in 2017, we haven't had a good experience with sea day brunch since, with each one getting worse than the last. Which is odd since the vast majority of our dining experiences on Carnival have been good to excellent, just can't catch a break with the brunch. While I hate to not try again, in hopes we'll get another experience like our first, I'm also very hesitant to give it another shot as well.
  15. I've only been 8 cruises in my life, so I can remember which ships I've been on, now on the other hand, the details of those ships can be a bit fuzzy. 😂
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