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  1. Thats why I thought to take it out. Thanks for confirming that for me.
  2. If I take out Holyrood Palace where do I rejoin the Royal Mile from Calton Hill? Thank you.
  3. Hi, we will be arriving at the Newhaven tender port , with port time 7am-6pm NCL STAR. Hoping to take a taxi if possible or bus think its 16 or tram which ever is suggested. We are avid photographers so have tailored our day for that. Calton Hill for views , then Palace of Holyrood just to see not tour Royal Mile -Cockburn ST for the curved st shots = The Milkman Cafe St Giles Church Victoria St for the curved street shots Candelmaker Row- Greyfriar Bobby Bar,Bobby statue and Kirkyard The Vennel- Flodden Wall, Castle Terrace Edinburgh Castle around 1 oclock for Gun , maybe see pipers Princess Gardens for ROSS Fountain with Castle in Background , maybe the floral garden and stairs Dean Village, Leith Walkway to (maybe Circus Lane if viable?) Botanical garden- catch bus or taxi back to dock Does this seem doable, anything to add or subtract? We will be back in 2025 for 3 weeks in Scotland where we will spend time in musuems etc. Thank you so much.
  4. Just wondering if either of the main dining rooms has entertainment at dinner? We enjoyed the nightly entertainment in the Tropicana Dining Room on the Getaway. Thanks and safe travels.
  5. Hi,OP here. We ended up using Bounce and it was a fabulous experience. On the website you can see if they are deli's, hotels ect and the approximate time from the port. I chose a hotel and we walk to it about 15 minutes, faster than getting a taxi to do a short run from the port. The hotel had a podium for bounce right inside the door. It was a very well run operation. The hotel front desk gave us a map of NYC, we were able to use the washroom. When we returned for our luggage no problems, they called us a taxi. Very good option to sitting at the airport for hours. As it happened our flight was cancelled at the last hour so that would have been a very horrible day. LOL
  6. We firstly one that will store our luggage. Italian , America lunch. Thank you
  7. LOL I had to look up Mr Hamilton, I knew "a Benjamin". So 10-20.00. Ok now have a few options. Thank you
  8. We are using NCL air and although we have direct flight home from Newark the flight leaves after dinner. There is not a ship excursion with drop off to Newark. So we would love to store our luggage and explore. Does anyone have a suggestion they have used recently? Thank you
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