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  1. I know. I need to work on my review of our recent Anthem cruise (Feb 2019). Now that you mentioned it, I really should start it. I usually get them done quicker.
  2. I have learned more from your posting than I learned calling Blue Chip thank you again
  3. Hi Is the 20% off for booking suites with the casino? i will try to give them another ring this week and ask about it. thank you
  4. Hi You explained it better than the woman from Blue Chip. Thank you for that. Yes we booked a Royal Suite again. We really enjoyed it and I think it would be hard to go smaller now. When we call back within 6 months of sailing I will ask about the 20% as that would be a nice savings. And I will come back and advise what happens Thank you again for the information. Noreen
  5. Hi Thank you for this information. We didn’t have any extra comps from the casino host on the April cruise as you indicated that could reduce future incentives. All our specialty restaurants were included with the cabin (we were in a Royal Suite). We each had one spa treatment that we paid for with some on board credit we had prior to sailing. I took your advice and called Blue Chip to ask them to explain the program to me and any incentives we would get. The woman was very helpful and I think I understand it (sort of) so tell me if this makes sense... Part is timing - you can’t apply any future discounts until 6 months before the sailing so she suggested we call back end of July. I then asked how much she thought that dollar off would be, even if it’s just an estimate. She told me maybe $150 which surprised me that it was so low so I asked her why so low when we earned Amethyst in one cruise which shows our amount of normal play. She then went on to explain that your status (Amethyst in this case) is earned during an earning year but only valid for a certain period of time then your status goes back to square one and resets. I forgot the exact dates she told me but since we cruised in April 2018 we’re technically out of status now. While we aren’t really entitled to anything anymore, as a courtesy given our decent play level on the last cruise they will give us a small amount off. And we’ll also get the $100 free play in the casino plus some of the other perks which won’t be as valuable to us since we already get most of them with the suite. That part seems a little confusing to me that she’s acknowledging the Amethyst status and we’re getting some onboard perks, but not getting the discount. Any feedback is appreciated Thank you Noreen
  6. Prime is a level in Royal Caribbean’s casino program. Sorry I used the wrong term in part of my question. I meant we are Amethyst
  7. Hi My husband and I took our first Celebrity Cruise in April 2018 on the Reflection. We became Amethyst on that cruise. The way I understood the perks is that we would get some sort of discount depending on the sailing we choose in the future and some free play in the casino and a few other things. We cruise pretty regularly with Royal Caribbean so I’m more familiar with how their program and use year works (their qualifying term is April 1 - March 31) for the next April through March. So back to Celebrity...We are planning another cruise January/February 2020. When we first booked it we were told it’s too soon to check for casino discounts and call back when we are within a year of sailing. My travel agent called Blue Chip to ask about any discount we may be entitled to a few days ago. The woman on the phone said we’re entitled to $100 free play in the casino but we aren’t entitled to any discount. We asked how it’s determined since we were classed as prime. She said it was based on the most recent cruise. We only took 1 cruise that got us to prime. We asked about the date ranges and does that have something to do with why she doesn’t show any discounts and she just kept saying it’s based on your last cruise play. I understand if the answer is that the qualifying year is different than what it is on Royal. If she said your earned Amethyst in 2018 and those perks/discounts are good in 2019 but if you don’t cruise with Celebrity in 2019, you are back to zero/no status. That would make sense to me. But she said we get the casino free play so the message seems inconsistent. Any advice/thoughts are appreciated. Thank you Noreen
  8. Hi. My Anthem reviews were not done live but after the cruise. I have several Anthem cruises linked in my signature. The more recent ones include pictures. Noreen
  9. Hi My husband and I recently got off Anthem of the Seas. We are both Prime (I earned about 5,000 points and he earned about 11,000 points on this cruise). We were Prime last year when the new program rolled out but weren’t able to take advantage of the free prime cruise as we were already booked up with vacations for the year. We also earned those certificates that you have to use within 30 days and sail within a year. He earned a free Junior Suite (or value $1250) and I earned a free Balcony (or value $1000) Here are my questions: 1 - I understand we can combine our free prime cruises (inside) to a free OceanView then pay to upgrade to whatever category we want. Is that upgrade discounted (casino discount)? Can we use our certificates/value towards that upgrade also? 2.- We have another cruise booked that was booked a while ago. Because we booked so long ago they didn’t have casino rates yet and just gave us a courtesy 5% discount. If we call and ask for the casino rate can we also apply those certificates on top of that for more money off? 3.- Since we won’t be able to use the certificates for the sailing listed on the back which I know is the most bang for your buck, we’re trying to figure out how best to use them as well as our prime cruises so are open to suggestions. 4 - Do we have to wait until after March 31 to book our Prime Cruise (the one for April 2019-March 2020)? 5 - Since we already have a few cruises booked can we just designate one that is less than 9 days as the prime one and have the value of the prime cruise deducted from the total cost since we booked a higher category? Thank you in advance for your advice Noreen
  10. Hi Just wanted to come back with an update... After reading your note about combining the offers, my travel agent called back to ask about that as well as the non refundable question Turns out the first person booked it completely incorrectly. The lady that fixed it was able to combine the offers and it’s costing so much less for us to have the Grand Suite. I’m very happy how it ended up and thankful that you mentioned all the info that I shared with my travel agent and they were able to make those changes. Thank you again Noreen
  11. Hi Thank you very much for the info. I called and upgrading from the free junior suite to the grand suite ended up costing about $800 including taxes/fees. I mentioned that we both had offers but the person at Casino Royale never mentioned anything about combining them I had my travel agent on the phone with us as well. She called me after we hung up concerned because she called back to question something else and was told it’s fully non refundable now. I assumed that similar to booking any suite $100 per person is non refundable and if you have to change/cancel the rest comes back as future cruise credit. He said No. Doesn’t sound right to me so we’re going to call back again a little later when the travel agent it back. I think I’ll also have her ask about combining the offers. It doesn’t sound like they gave me that great of an upgrade offer - it’s not bad, but it’s closer to the difference I see online than anything special. If you know anything about the refundable/non refundable portion - let me know Thank you for the all the info you provided Noreen
  12. Hi My husband and received a list of offers for free cruises via email and snail mail. This is on Royal Caribbean. In the past the free cruises never worked out for us so we’ve applied discounts to other sailings but this time it looks like it could work. If we upgrade the free cabin to the next (or higher) type of cabin do we get points? I know this was removed and put back so just wanted to make sure that’s the case. In our situation my husband’s offer is for a free junior suite. If we take the junior suite, I’m assuming no points, but if we upgrade to at least a Grand Suite we’ll get two points per night. Is that correct? Or if we upgrade a free balcony (my offer) to a junior suite we will get two points per night. Correct? Question #2. For the sailing we’re looking at he was offered a free junior suite and I was offered a free balcony. I’m assuming we can’t combine the offers together to get something higher for free. I haven’t called Casino Royale yet to ask about upgrade prices but was just poking around online doing a mock booking. the difference from a Balcony to junior suite looks to be about $200 per person ($400 for both) and the different between junior suite to grand suite is about $500 per person ($1,000 for both). The sailing is on Mariner of the seas which I know doesn’t have the same suite perks as Quantum Class or Oasis Class. I know nobody can decide but me but is it worth an additional $600 for the grand over the junior suite without all the real perks that other ship classes get? Not having called yet, those differences are just my initial calculations and they could be different. It’s a short 4 night sailing. Thank you in advance for your advice Noreen
  13. Hi. Do you need to reserve in advance at Harbour Lights? We have been to both the Boatyard and Pirates Cove and just showed up. We enjoyed both but it is always fun to try somewhere new. Thank you in advance Noreen
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