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  1. Thursday 2/27/20 - Continued We walked around the deck outside after dinner. Oops - I realized I made a mistake in the days. Today was the day we took the casual pictures with the photographer that I posted as yesterday. I realized when I saw the outfit I was wearing today in the evening pictures. We went to the casino for a little while. At 9pm we went to the theater for the show - Cosmopolitan. This was a production show with the Celebrity singers and dancers. This was good. I’m glad we went. Back in the casino, Scott hit a Royal Flush on a poker slot machine. Bells were ringing for ages and he had to get hand paid for $1,000. We were surprised this was a hand pay, usually that’s only when it’s higher and above the threshold for having to pay taxes. I know it varies by state in the US but it’s normally around $1,200 or so. He didn’t receive a W2-G (tax document) for this win so we are guessing maybe they wanted to have the bells ringing and give the hand pay since it looks good for people to see that. I wanted to go see Frisky Feud but messed up the time. I thought the show was at 11 but it really started at 10:30. We went to Celebrity Central just before 11 to watch it but they were up to the last question. It’s similar to the show Family Feud but not family friendly. I’m sorry we missed it. We went back to the casino. Scott’s name was called for the spin to win wheel and he won $50 slot play. We went back to the cabin a little before 2am.
  2. Thursday 2/27/20 - Continued We went to the 5:30 Thomas Kinkade art seminar/auction. It was more interesting than we expected. We wanted to do something different that we wouldn’t normally do. They talked about how he started and about his various works. They asked a question which I was quick to answer and received a prize ($100 off if we bought anything that night). They also had some raffles also for money off if you buy anything. We saw a nice Mickey and Minnie Mouse campfire painting that we liked. Disney is our other favorite vacation. We seriously considered buying it to put above the fireplace in the living room but ended up not getting it at this point. We went to the Martini Bar which was very crowded so we sat at the Crush section. I had a Tropitini and Scott had the same one he had yesterday - Sapphire London martini. We went to the Lawn Club Grill for dinner. A lady at the table next to us had a small pizza with mozzarella and tomato but no sauce. It looked really good so we ordered it to share. It was very good. I had the veal chop with a baked potato. Scott had snapper and creamed corn. We both had the cookie with ice cream dessert. We were talking with one of the managers about how good this cookie dessert is and he said if we are having dinner elsewhere and want one he’ll have it sent down for us. That was so nice of him to offer.
  3. Thursday 2/27/20 - Continued Back on the ship we walked around the track outside a few laps. We went back to the cabin and grabbed my kindle and headed up to the retreat sundeck. We got ourselves comfortable in one of the little huts. One of the bartenders brought us bottled water. A little later they came by with fruit skewers. After a while, we got too hot in the little hut so went to the other side upstairs where the lounge chairs are. It was so nice and breezy up there. Scott took a nap. I read my kindle. They brought us a lunch menu so we ordered lunch which was brought to us at our lounge chairs. This was so nice. They kept coming around offering different things - cold towels, drinks, etc. It wasn’t crowded when we were up there. I ordered the Luminae burger. Scott ordered the turkey BLT wrap. We shared them. Everything was very good but it was too much food. We should have just ordered one thing to share. We ran into our cruise critic friends on the sundeck and hung out with them. They were also eating lunch at their lounge chairs. We got restless after sitting out for this long so went back to the cabin to finish watching another movie we started about a cell phone controlling the actors life (I forgot the name of the movie). It was funny but predictable. We went in the jacuzzi on the balcony and just hung out on the balcony too. We showered and changed but were casual again since we’re going to the Lawn Club Grill for dinner later.
  4. Thursday 2/27/20 - Antigua We went to the gym about 6:15. It hasn’t been crowded in the gym. When we got back to the cabin we used the jacuzzi, showered and got dressed. Our breakfast was in the room waiting for us. Blueberry pancakes for me and an omelet for Scott We originally were planning to go to Turners Beach or maybe Rum Bum (I think that’s what someone recommended to us) Beach but we remembered that our last few trips to Antigua the beaches were rocky and rough. We changed our plans and decided to skip the beach today. We left the big beach bag and just took the little knapsack and my purse. We figured we would browse around, maybe find some T shirts for Scott and some ornaments and just play it by ear. I know a lot of people walk right past the photographers on the way off the ship but we started to take pictures with them most days. We don’t get that many pictures of both of us so thought it may be nice to take them and maybe we’ll find some we like. We did end up liking and buying a few. We walked around the pier area. We did a little shopping. We even walked out of the immediate pier area. Every few steps we were approached by taxi drivers or people trying to sell us things. I know this is how they make their living but we are more comfortable looking at things and buying without constantly being asked. After walking around and doing some shopping we decided to head back to the ship.
  5. Celebrity Today for Thursday 2/27/20 And a flyer delivered with the Celebrity Today
  6. Hi. Great to hear from you. I remember you (hopefully I remember correctly) - you also do fashion shows before your trips and you were at the helipad sailaway with us. We were lucky that we went when we did - it was among the last “normal” cruises before things got so crazy. When things eventually get back to normal (whatever our new normal is) I’m sure you’ll be able to get on a sailing then. I totally agree that there are so many horrible things going on now that we should be grateful for the things we’ve normally taken for granted. I’m glad I can bring some joy with the review. That’s what I was hoping for. Aside from doing it for myself, to bring some lighthearted fun to anyone who wanted to read it. Stay safe and healthy.
  7. I usually call it “vertically challenged”. I’m not that short - 5 ft 3.5 inches, but short enough that I didn’t bang my head on the light. Scott isn’t that tall either he’s maybe 5 ft 9 inches. Lawn Club was great; we really enjoyed it.
  8. Hi Not at all - the ship was in great shape. I think it was just a fluke that we had that problem with the door handles, the knob, and the dangling light. Everything was fixed for us right away so it wasn’t really an issue.
  9. Wednesday 2/26/20 - Continued We went to dinner at the Lawn Club Grill. We skipped the pizza and salad. I had soda and Scott had wine. I had the filet, 1 shrimp/scallop skewer and dirty rice. Scott had salmon, 2 shrimp/scallop skewers and lobster macaroni and cheese. The food was very good. For dessert we both had a chocolate chip cookie with ice cream. This is great; we kept saying to each other that even if we have dinner somewhere else we should come here for the cookie dessert. The cookie comes out so hot that the ice cream starts melting right away (you can see the little boiling bubbles in the picture). Scott loves that. I think I would prefer my ice cream on the side so it wouldn’t melt so fast. I’ll have to try to remember to ask for it that way next time. We really enjoyed our dinner at the Lawn Club Grill. It’s nice to have a casual dinner sometimes. We stopped at the retreat lounge to change tomorrow’s dinner from the Porch to the Lawn Club Grill. We went to the theater a little before 9 and were able to find seats without a problem. The show was Chad Chesmark who did magic/comedy. The show was OK. We went to the casino after the show and stayed until maybe 1am or so. When we got back to the cabin we watched the rest of the movie we started watching yesterday, Leap Year.
  10. Wednesday 2/26/20 - Continued We showered and changed for the evening; we were more casual since we were going to dinner at the Lawn Club Grill. We went to the Martini Bar. I had a sunset martini. Scott had one called something like Sapphire London martini. The bartenders toss around the bottles and mixing cups as they make the drinks so it’s fun to watch. There was a photographer taking pictures so we stopped and had our picture taken. I like this picture even though we’re casually dressed; it’s like a real everyday type picture.
  11. Wednesday 2/26/20 - Continued We stopped at Cafe Al Bacio. Scott had Cappuccino with a shot of vanilla; I had an iced caramel macchiato. We also got mini eclairs. We took our little treats to go. I like to have something sweet after a meal. We unpacked the beach bag and washed our bathing suits and snorkel gear. We planned to go to the retreat sundeck but it started to rain so we stayed in the cabin. We went in the jacuzzi on the balcony for a little while. When we went back in Scott fell asleep on the couch. I read my kindle and then did some online shopping. I also got our beach bag re-packed and ready for the next beach day. We watched some TV and just hung out. I don’t remember what else we did during the afternoon. Scott kept banging his head on the lights above the table and had a little cut on his head from it. Of course I’m amused and don’t see how he keeps banging his head since I haven’t. So he showed me where his head is when he puts something on the table or gets something from it.
  12. Wednesday 2/26/20 We were back on the ship a little after 1. We dropped our beach bag in the cabin and headed to get lunch. We were torn between the Porch or Sushi and let the elevator decide. Whichever came first would determine where we went. The Porch needed an up elevator and Sushi needed a down elevator. The down elevator came first so we went for sushi. We both had soda. For appetizers we had the chicken gyoza and the Kobe slider. We shared everything we ordered. We ordered 3 rolls: Green Roof Tuna which had spicy tuna, avocado, and cucumber Sunset Roll which had salmon, mango, and avocado Spicy Tuna with Shrimp Tempura We also ordered pieces of eel Everything was really good and we enjoyed our food. The spicy rolls (the green roof and the spicy tuna) were a little too spicy for me, but I’m a wimpy eater when it comes to spicy food. Scott didn’t think they were too spicy.
  13. Wednesday 2/26/20 - Continued We were excited to visit a new island for us. We took the shared shuttle to Sand Castle. We were the last group of day passes they let in. When we arrived, the owner (or someone managing the place) told the driver not to bring anyone else from the ship, they were full. It’s a nice place, it’s small and quaint. The employees were friendly and helpful if you had any questions. We changed into our bathing suits. There is only 1 bathroom but it sort of makes sense since the people staying there have their rooms right on the beach so they could just go back to their rooms. The bathroom was clean and a good size. There was also an outdoor shower to rinse off. We swam and hung out. We met a nice couple that retired and moved to St Croix from the United States. They loved the slower pace of life. They come here regularly and talked about how the owners have been doing a lot of renovations. We were ready to head back around 12:30. We changed and waited for the shuttle. We both really liked S Castle and would not hesitate to go there again next time we are in St Croix. A van came but it wasn’t the normal shuttle. The driver said he doesn’t take the round trip tickets. We didn’t feel like waiting so we paid him to take us back to the ship. Near the ship we browsed a few of the ships for an ornament which took a few shops to find. Scott didn’t find a T shirt he liked.
  14. Wednesday 2/26/20 - St Croix We went to the gym about 6:15. We did our usual routine of going in the jacuzzi, showering and getting dressed. Our breakfast was delivered while we were at the gym. This is really nice to have the breakfast there for us when we get back. Scott had French toast with bacon and sausage. I did take a piece of his bacon. I had yogurt with granola. We both had fresh squeezed orange juice. Scott had hot capuccino with a shot of vanilla and I had iced capuccino. We enjoyed our breakfast. We headed off the ship and saw turtles in the water right at the pier.
  15. Celebrity Today for Wednesday 2/26/20 And some flyers delivered with the Celebrity Today
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