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  1. Hi One other option is to just have your deposit moved to whatever sailing you are interested in. That way you don’t have to wait for a refund or FCC for the deposit. They are waiving NRD penalties to do this so the full deposit just moves. You pay prevailing rates for the new cruise you choose. You don’t have to worry about lift and shift eligibility either. Noreen
  2. Hi. Thank you for the kind words. I hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy. New Year’s on Anthem is the only trip we have left for 2020 (well starting in 2020). As much as I would love to go, I know it may not happen. I’m holding out some hope that it may, but know it’s a long shot. Stay safe Noreen
  3. Hi We requested our refund online - it was super easy to do. We were booked on Oasis 6/27/20 in a Grand Suite. The announcement that the sailing was cancelled came on 5/20/20. On 5/22/20 I was on the website and in the page where it talks about cancellations, there is a link to request a refund. I went there and it asked me some information and I continued clicking through. At the end you get a confirmation screen that you can print saying “You’re all set” and that you will see your refund in about 30-45 days. I received my refund in two separate amounts (one for the deposit and one for the balance) that added up to our total paid on 6/6/20 (so just over 2 weeks). We booked with a TA but I was able to click through to request the refund on my own since the sailing was cancelled by Royal Caribbean. I was pleasantly surprised how easy and efficiently it worked that time. Noreen
  4. Hi On Anthem, the suite sundeck is for Grand Suite and above (or Pinnacles) but not Junior Suites
  5. We love the Anthem and have been on several times. We haven’t experienced any of the concerns you raised. I have several Anthem reviews linked in my signature (including several of the winter 11 or 12 night sailings) if you want to read more about them / see pictures. Happy to answer any questions you have We are looking forward to getting on Anthem again We have also tried Celebrity (Reflection and Silhouette) and loved those as well. Reviews with pictures are linked for those also.
  6. Hi We have been on Anthem several times. For Coastal Kitchen - normally we would sit with the same waiter each night so you get that same connection like you mention from the dining room. I have pictures of meals in Coastal Kitchen and the menu if you want to look at them also in my linked reviews. And if you see something you want on the dining room menu, they are happy to bring it to you in Coastal Kitchen. There are three different types of junior suites on Anthem. Our favorite is the J1 - Junior Suite with Large Balcony. It’s a large room with a great balcony with actual lounge chairs (rather than a chair with a foot stool). There is one bathroom with a tub with shower wand. They don’t call them this anymore - but the other two are the spa junior suite (I think it’s now a J4) or the family junior suite (now a J3 I think). The difference is the spa junior suite sort of has two bathrooms - one has a toilet and sink, the other has a tub, shower, and sink. The family junior suite I believe also has two bathrooms but I think each one has a toilet. I’ve never stayed in the family junior suite (J3). I’ve done reviews with pictures of most of our Anthem cruises if you want to take a look at some of the different junior suites and balconies. They are linked in my signature. I’ll summarize here so you can easily find what you are looking for. I just focused on the Anthem cruises that have pictures of the cabins (some more pictures than others) January 2017 - J1 Junior Suite Large Balcony #8232 - cabin pics start on post #12 July 2017 - Balcony #9246 - cabin pics start post #9 August 2017 - Balcony #9644 - cabin pics start post #7 January 2018 - Grand Suite with Large Balcony #8634 - cabin pics start post #23 February 2019 - J1 Junior Suite Large Balcony #8632 - cabin pics start post #11 June 2019 - J1 Junior Suite Large Balcony #10232 - cabin pics start post #11 (there are more cabin pics throughout as I decorated the cabin for my husbands birthday) August 2019 - J4 Spa Junior Suite #7640 - cabin pics start post #9 Since you asked opinions on two balcony cabins vs one junior suite (for 4 people) - I would go with the two balconies so everyone has some space and two full bathrooms. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I love talking about cruises. Noreen
  7. Hi My husband, Scott, and I did this class on Anthem in 2018. It was a lot of fun. I did a review with pictures as part of my travelogue of the trip. It’s linked in my signature. I will try to attach here too so you don’t have to go looking. The sushi class info stats on post #52 in the thread. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2509114-anthem-of-the-seas-review-southern-caribbean-jan-28-2018-feb-9-2018/
  8. Thank you everyone for your feedback - I know I haven’t responded to everyone individually but I appreciate all the responses. Here’s where we are now... My TA is great. She spent hours on the phone yesterday on hold and finally spoke to resolutions. The first person she spoke to agreed and was trying to make the change; then something happened and he couldn’t do it and got someone else on the phone. That person basically said No - it’s part of a current promotion and I would lose all the perks. My TA went back and forth with them a few times but they disagreed that the Royal Suite includes Beverage package, internet etc. She gave up and said she’ll try calling again today to see if she gets someone else. And she’s going to ask what is included with the Royal Suite aside from any promotion going on. Will keep everyone posted as I hear more Thank you again Noreen
  9. This is probably one of the reasons we keep booking Royal Suites - it’s hard to quantify but it’s a big plus
  10. I didn’t know about the free gelato - will have to use that more next time. That’s a good point - that the majority of the rooms don’t have these applied to them so it’s probably not part of most of the discussions.
  11. Luckily once onboard (our two Celebrity cruises) everything worked perfectly. This is the only time I’ve had any issue with getting something like this sorted.
  12. Thank you They have really made it very confusing when you look on line now too - they show those perks for all suites.
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