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  1. Hi i see many people talking about group tours with JNJ. Has anyone done a private tour with them? Any feedback? We are leery of a group tour. You could be stuck waiting for people not being on time. You don’t control how long you spend somewhere. You start and end at a set time. Etc. we normally take a cab to a beach or a location but it is our first time to Grenada so we want to see a bit more of the island Noreen
  2. Hi i have one that I can send you. email me your name and address noreenchin at yahoo dot com normal email format Noreen
  3. Hi I noticed you mentioned having to wait until April to book the casino Prime cruise. You can actually book a cruise in advance to get the cabin/sailing you want. Then in April when the prime cruises are available they can apply the value of the inside cabin to the sailing you’ve already booked. They do re-price it but that would be the same as if you waited until then to book it but you have the benefit of already having the cabin you want. If you take the inside it probably wouldn’t be any difference price wise (since it’s free) but if you booked a different cabin category and were applying the prime inside value, the reprice could make a difference. Noreen
  4. Hi I tried another way of handling this. I set up my American Express pre-cruise as the card on file. During the cruise holds would appear on the American Express. Near the end of the cruise I went to guest services and asked them to charge the balance to my Royal Caribbean Visa, but leave my American Express as the card on file for any final charges. This kept any holds on American Express with just the last day’s charges hitting American Express. I could have gone back to guest services and asked them to do another charge to my Royal Caribbean Visa but didn’t want to wait on line the last day. This worked well for us and I will probably do this in the future. Noreen
  5. Hi you can also see the menu on the TV in the stateroom for all the nights in both Coastal Kitchen and the main dining room. If you see something on the main dining dining room menu that night but you are eating in Coastal Kitchen they will bring it there. Agree that you should stop there to make your reservations for the week so you know it’s done. You can always change things if you need to. We were surprised how empty Coastal Kitchen was the last two cruises. Pretty empty both in June and August. When we cruised in February it was crowded each night. While they may change, I posted menus in my reviews if you want a sneak peek Noreen
  6. We followed your instructions 😀 The poor guy who took pictures thought we were a bit nuts when I had him take a few pictures for us
  7. Hi If it was me choosing, I would do the 9 night. You still have the one day in Bermuda plus the other islands. You will have more time to unwind and get into vacation mode. The promenade view rooms are fun. It’s different than the regular inside since you can look out over the promenade. You will have a great time on either one. Enjoy
  8. Hi i have compasses posted in my Anthem reviews. i have one from the 5 night in Bermuda in August as well as one from the 9 night Bermuda and Caribbean in June. they aren’t in my signature since I haven’t changed that with the new rules on limits but if you search you should find them. Noreen
  9. You should also check if your travel agent participates in the Royal Up program if you have any interest in that. i remember readings threads where people couldn't participate in Royal Up with one of the big box TA’s Outside that, having the right travel agent is a great benefit
  10. Hi Our recent cruises have been out of Bayonne NJ where you pull up, give porters your luggage, park in the garage, then check in. Is the process the same at Port Canaveral? I assume it will be pretty similar but wanted to double check. Thank you in advance Noreen
  11. Hi I know you can purchase drink packages on board. They are advertising them a lot especially the first day or two. However, you can often find a sale on the cruise planner before sailing that would cost less. For the slot machine, I don’t have the number but there is a row of those machines kind of hidden away. Not the ones in the middle near the bathroom but more in a corner. In the row it’s the first machine near the swinging doors that crew members go in and out of. Not the end with a big ashtray. The bad thing about this row of slot machines is it’s in the smoking section, but it’s the games I like so I play there. I like to be out of the way when I play - so like corner machines usually. Have a great time. Noreen
  12. Hi. Thank you for the kind words. I recently finished a review for a 5 night Bermuda cruise on Anthem August 2019 which I posted here too. With the changes on cruise critic I haven’t been able to update my signature but I am trying to figure out using GoogleDocs to link that but I am not there yet. Noreen
  13. Final Thoughts This was a great trip. It was short but a lot of fun. We are sad to see Anthem leave for Europe even though she’ll be back. It was odd getting off the ship knowing we won’t be back on Anthem soon. Comparing the different types of Junior Suites we have had on the Anthem we both agree that we prefer the J1 - Junior Suite with Large Balcony over the J4 - Spa Junior Suite. This was a very nice cabin but if we have a choice would choose the other one. We weren’t a fan of the split bathroom as they are both small and you end up going back and forth. We liked the stand up shower in the J4; it was roomy and had both a rainhead and handheld shower wand as well as a seat that we used to keep bath products on. We missed the large balcony with true lounge chairs. This balcony had reclining seats with footstools that were comfortable. I did appreciate the additional drawer space in the J4 over the J1. There were more drawers and they were larger. This isn’t meant to be a criticism of the cabin; it’s very nice. The other one just works better for us. Bermuda is beautiful. Exploring and finding that secluded beach was great and we’ll do more of that type of stuff in the future. The employees on Anthem make the trip for us. We feel special as we know many of them and enjoy chatting with them. Feel free to ask any questions and I’ll do my best to answer. I love talking about cruising.
  14. Thursday 8/15/19 - Disembark - Bayonne NJ We were still sailing around 6am. I went on the balcony to take a few pictures. There was a Carnival ship sailing also. Seeing the Verrazano Bridge is always better when you see it leaving for your trip rather than coming home. We showered and got dressed. We packed up the last of the items to go in the carry on bags. We were planning to go to breakfast in the dining room then head off so had our bags with us. As we got off the elevator an employee asked if we were ready to go and we could walk right off. So we headed off the ship. It was about 7:45. We had luggage tag #3. When we got to the warehouse where the luggage is set up to pick up, they were only letting people with early numbers (maybe up to #5) get their luggage. The people carrying off their luggage were also coming through. There was a lady with a later tag who couldn’t get her luggage since it was still behind a barrier even though she was able to see it. She kept asking a lady working there to let her just grab her bags and be on her way. We were able to get our luggage with no problem having an early tag, but there were no porters available yet since they were all still busy getting the luggage off the ship. We managed to pull all 5 bags. We were asked if we have US passports and were sent to a facial recognition machine at customs and we went right through. We didn’t need to show our passports or talk to an agent. We paid for parking at the little kiosk and Scott went to get the car while I waited with the luggage. We loaded the car up and were pulling out of the lot by about 8:05. That was very quick. We will probably do this again next trip out of Bayonne; skip breakfast and just head out. We stopped to pick up bagels and Starbucks on the way home. The cats were very excited to see us. We unpacked, got laundry started, and went through mail. All the normal chores after getting home from vacation. With a shorter trip there wasn’t as much to catch up on. We stuck with our normal end of vacation tradition of going out to dinner that night and talking about the trip we just came back from as well and talking about the upcoming trips. It helps us ease back into the normal routine.
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