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  1. In the event a bid is accepted. THE UPSIDE Added commission paid to the agency from the cruise line. THE DOWNSIDE The booking has to be re-invoiced. The commission from the cruise line doesn't automatically or magically appear in the mail or the ACH bank deposit. If a new invoice is not generated matching the added cruise line commission and there is a discrepancy needing to be reconciled, no additional commission gets paid out.
  2. The two twin beds when converted to a Royal King together measure 72.5” x 82”
  3. True. But many Casino offers also combine attractive reduced deposits .. like $49 per person. So in the event of a cancellation, after a $50 admin fee, there is $0 remaining to offer as an FCC. As stated above, each rate code has different terms, so it is hard to tell definitively without knowing the OP's rate code.
  4. In the case of Norwegian, they may be paying somewhat more than the Sail Away rates (not double or triple), but they also get to add the Free At Sea drink/dining/shorex perks.
  5. When a booking is created, a payment in full OPTION time is created. If in Final Payment the cruise is within a few days, the OPTION could be as short as only a few hours. If in Final Payment and the cruise is within a few weeks, the OPTION would likely be held for 24 hours. If in Final Payment the cruise is still not for month or two or three , the OPTION could be held for 48 hours or more. There would always be enough time for 3 people to call in separately.
  6. The only time I've seen a cruise line max out a room to OVER the rated capacity is for an infant in a crib. Other than that, the number of beds in the cabins relates to the lifeboat seat capacity and would be a violation of Coast Guard regulations.
  7. I don't believe the Sapphire Reserve card cancellation benefit for a medical reason covers pre-existing conditions. I don't believe any credit card cancellation coverage for a medical reason covers pre-existing conditions. This could be an important consideration for some people.
  8. At the point where you are asked to enter the "Qualifiers" you are still at the landing page gateway and have not yet put in a specific ship, date or cabin category. Once you enter the specific ship & date and hit Search, the booking engine queries the sailing and if any of the qualifiers apply, and it will display the best available rate. If none of the qualifiers apply to the specific ship and date, and it will display the regular best fare,
  9. OK .. here's a more current, 2019 source. www.gangwaze.com/blog/cruise-travel-insurance A survey was done to find out what percentage of cruisers buy cruise insurance. It was significantly more than we’d have guessed, at 67%! That’s over 2 out of every 3 cruisers that opt in to buy coverage.
  10. From this article posted by the US Travel Insurance Association (USTIA) Here's the link: http://www.ustia.org/new-study-reveals-who-buys-travel-insurance-demand-triples.html Travel insurance buyers are often doing one or more of the following: traveling with a group of people; taking longer trips; going on more expensive trips; or have considerable pre-paid non-refundable expenses. Also most travelers (70%) taking a cruise buy travel insurance.
  11. About 70% of people who take a cruise purchase Travel Insurance.
  12. If on the week you were on the ship your wait staff was working the My Time dining tables, the following week they may be working Set Time tables in another dining room. It all evens out in the end.
  13. What ship and date are you scheduled for? And what are the other 2 ships you see scheduled?
  14. You should stick with Royal. According to these reviews you'd be asking for trouble on Celebrity or Princess: www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=659851 The problems included toilets not flushing, internet service not working, TV's not working, a room Steward rearranging things daily that he had no business to be touching, rude and argumentative wait staff, rude shore excursion people, bartenders that were unwilling to change the channel to put on sports in the casino bar instead of news, comedians that were so bad that people were walking out in drothes, items on their daily itinerary never happening, inedible food, plastic items found in the food...... unfortunately the list just goes on and on. www.cruisecritic.com/photos/ships/caribbean-princess-303/member-3/10016/
  15. Check out Princess. Here's some nice pictures to whet your appetite: www.cruisecritic.com/photos/ships/caribbean-princess-303/member-3/7498/ www.cruisecritic.com/photos/ships/caribbean-princess-303/member-3/15425/
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