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  1. This begins my cruise week! Of course, I am at work today. I will endeavor to keep my head in the game. I started planning my packing for the cruise yesterday and will get that started tonight. My husband will most likely start packing Friday night at about 11 PM.
  2. You are correct. He does not get the soda package. I will say that the perks you book with not following you to your new category, especially in this case where we did not bid for an upgrade, are extremely confusing for new cruisers. Or cruisers unfamiliar with RCCL.
  3. Our driving route. We are leaving at 7 AM to be there at parking by 11. Our check in time is at 12.
  4. We are driving down the morning of. We had originally planned to stay overnight, but that doesn't work with all of our schedules.
  5. This will be the first time since December 2015 that we have been to Coco Cay. I am pretty excited, and looking forward to taking lots of pictures there. I'm trying to decide which of my five cameras to bring. A sampler of my photos. View from El Morro in San Juan, PR. Cozumel, the wild side Waters off of Coco Cay, Bahamas Beach Sunrise, Cocoa, FL
  6. Until this morning, I could not find my passport. I had searched all over my house, in my car, in our luggage and nothing. This morning I looked under some magazines next to my laptop and I don't have to worry about that anymore!
  7. They just showed up for our sailing and are at $42. I've never paid more than $30 for them.
  8. I wish they still had the Beach Lounger for Two for rent. I loved the clam shells. Just 8 days until Symphony calls on Coco Cay!
  9. Not until December. Nice reviews lately, looking forward to a nice day on Chill Island.
  10. Thanks for this! I just looked up and 10K people on CocoCay seemed a bit much.
  11. Today, some cruisers received notice that our itinerary has changed. I did not. We are now going to be in Coco Cay on Sunday and Nassau on Monday, for a shorter time.
  12. I'm a happy camper. Thank you for sharing with us and Happy Anniversary!
  13. It surprised me as well. This is an odd sailing, and all balconies and suites showed as sold out, then now balconies show.
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