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  1. I live in Hamburg so I just went ahead and called the agent. He was in his home office so he could not access all data. Therefore he could not name the ship`s names. I will call him again later this week to find out. But in general he confirmed that that these two ships are in the market.
  2. Well, first of all these people should get paid properly by their employer. But this is a different story. And I am not saying that I do not pay the gratuities. I am just stating what the Guest Relation Manager on the last cruise told me. By the way: this thread has a pretty intolerant tone. Some people should simply respect different thinking and acting.
  3. Why this matters? Very simple: we never use the main dining room. I hate sitting and eating in noisy and overcrowded places. So we always use the buffet of the Oceanview Cafe and sit outside. For us cruising is not about eating. So, in our case it actually makes no sense to tip the MDR.
  4. Does anybody know how the $14.50US per day are distributed? Guest relations on Reflection just very recently told us that $5,50 (or so) goes to the room attendant, the rest to the staff of the MDR. The employees at guest relations tend to tell many things so I am not sure if this distribution of the daily gratuity is really correct. Can anybody confirm that?
  5. I think in dry dock in 2017 when they introduced Qsine. But this is just my assumption.
  6. These cabins are in place on the Constellation already. So I assume that some people have been cruising in them already.
  7. Thanks, but with regard to my initial question the old layout does not really help. So, after adding the new cabins on port side (3115 - 3127) where do people access Qsine? And how is the experience with these cabins on port side? Noise? Layout?
  8. OK...but where is the actual and regular entrance to Qsine at all? How do people get there? I have never been on the Constellation.
  9. Thanks for the response. So you can access Qsine also through the hallway of cabins 3115-3127? Where is the actual entrance?
  10. The Constellation received seven new Oceanview cabins (3115 - 3127) on deck 3 recently. These cabins seem to be just next to the new Qsine. Does anybody know where the entrance to Qsine is? According to the deckplan it should be all the way to the aft just next to the elevators and stairs. Is that really the case? Or can you also enter the restaurant from the other side? This would mean that all guest of Qsine must pass the mentioned new cabins. This would certainly keep me away from booking these cabins. Also, I can not find any additional information about these cabins? What is the layout? Are they noisy? Any recommendations from previous cruisers? Frank
  11. Hello! My name is Frank and I have been cruising with Celebrity regularly for the previous eight years, usually in November/December. My wife and I are from Germany and we have mostly cruised on S-class ships. We usually went for SV or C1 cabins because of their pretty decent price-performance ratio. Celebrity used to offer 14-day-cruises to the Caribbean in winter time. The 14-day-cruise on the Reflection this upcoming December seems to be the last cruise of this length. In addition, prices have increased significantly so we will be looking for alternatives. Because we are Elite with Celebrity I already got Diamond with Royal. So it makes sense to check their cruises as well. For winter 2019 I found interesting 9/10-days-itineraries on the Explorer and the Serenade of the Seas. But are these ships serious alternatives to S-class ships at all? Or could somebody give me other, maybe better alternatives? Frank
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