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  1. With a name like @Nippy Sweetie I couldn't pass this thread without reading it. Obviously you will know not to ask if they support Rangers or Celtic 😄 but as others have said, keep it simple have you been on a river cruise before (beware the braggers), did you enjoy your day ashore (beware the moaners) and if anyone starts on about politics or religion just say that you are holiday and as chief rabbi to the socialist workers party you don't want to talk shop.
  2. Happy to stand corrected @Winifred 22 still no excuse for the dropping standards I'm afraid, I am paying for the holiday of a lifetime, and expect the same standards previously experienced. Curios to know if the Maleth Aero debacle has affected the share price, whailst not in any mainstream news it has been all over the www
  3. Do you have any idea the 100s of millions of pounds that were given to cruise, rail and bus companies during the pandemic, I suggest not, and were shareholders payments frozen, no chance. Coach companies on the other hand were given nothing and the country lost many of those businesses (no I don't own or work for one) Prices are already inflated across every travel company due to fuel costs, wages, food etc, reducing standards on top of that is unacceptable. Many companies have not dropped their standards like P&O who now want to pile em high, cut their costs and all on the back off generations of seafarers who spent decades making it the brand it was!
  4. Oceana I don't miss P&O being bought over by Americans and their cost cutting, this year will be our last with the company
  5. Thank you all for taking the time to reply, appreciate it. I might take my life in my hands and attempt an email to P&O to see about the Epicurian breakfasts, thanks again
  6. Hi guys looking for someone who is able to give me a definitive list here if possible. We have splashed out on a conservatory suit on Arvia for the Xmas/NY trip, not trying to be smart here, it is just a special anniversary for me and the boss. So the confusion, what 'little extras' will be available to us at this cabin grade please It will likely be our last P&O cruise as the information on their website is appalling and the total lack of response from the humorously titled customer services is laughable. If any of you fine seafarers can help, the little lady will be delighted. TIA
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