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  1. Florida, and other states are now doing the same, have a law against fake service animals. This entitlement has gone WAY too far. This is just another example of how people are essentially selfish. The selfishness manifests itself in various ways. Sometimes it's a "service animal" and other times is things like being a chair hog. http://www.leg.state.fl.us/statutes/index.cfm?App_mode=Display_Statute&URL=0400-0499/0413/Sections/0413.08.html
  2. We've left the ship for a couple of days on two different occasions to visit Machu Picchu and were not charged a $65 charge to leave the ship temporarily. When we were in BA, we stayed on the ship for the first night and then we got off the second day and did not have any delay. As I recall, we were at the hotel before 9a and had an early check in. All that being said, I'm not surprised there is a charge for leaving early as the cruise line most likely has to pay for additional port activities that they do not normally account for based on the overnight.
  3. Given that you have chosen to do Rome rather than Florence, I would also suggest to not do Florence from the ship's tour. It does not in any way do it justice. I would suggest Pisa and Lucca from the ship or Cinque Terre as you will not have to spend 2 hours each way to get to Florence. Florence is a magnificent city and it's best seen while walking leisurely all over the place. A ship's tour will not provide you a good impression of Florence even if you do it as a private tour.
  4. I think it depends on what gives you the most enjoyment on a cruise. Each line has it's pros and cons and the best selection of a line is base on how those align with your expectations. Celebrity's demographic is similar to Princess and there are variations + or - age adjustments based itinerary. The length, time of year and even ship have an impact on the passenger demographic.
  5. I'm with you Jim. Having been to all 3 multiple times, I would spend all the time in Venice and Florence and skip Rome all together except for going through there to get to Cruise ship.
  6. There is usually 2 bands on the ship that play covers. There is usually another musician who will play solo during the afternoon or early evening. The solo performer tends to be someone either playing guitar and singing other covers or a classical pianist. All that being said, there are no guarantees for who will be on the ship on your sailing. In my opinion, the entertainment on the last couple of cruise has actually been better than those entertaining about 5 years ago.
  7. Sounds like just about every international flight not originating in the US :).
  8. There is no mention of this policy in the email that was received.
  9. This is a policy change starting for February sailings.
  10. How do you figure that's the break even point? I'm confused.
  11. I think it's a very good change and allows for the benefit to be taken advantage of more readily with more bars/lounges. I think it's much better than the 3 drinks on the sea pass and I do not always want to go to the sky lounge between 5 and 7. Now there is more flexibility and we still have the benefit for those times when you don't have a beverage package.
  12. There have been multiple discussions about drink coupons vs lounge, etc. This makes it easier, I think. According to the email, they did 6 months of studies.
  13. Email today says "On sailings starting in February, you can enjoy unlimited drinks from the Captain’s Club menu from 5 PM – 7 PM, at all bars and lounges throughout the ship excluding World Class Bar and Magic Carpet. The Sky Lounge on Millennium and Solstice Class ships and The Club on Celebrity Edge will be available exclusively for members during the cocktail hour to enjoy their drinks together with canapes. We hope you will take this opportunity to explore different locations on board and experience their unique ambiance." I think this will clear up some confusion.
  14. Well, it's a year before dry dock, so it will not be updated with the new suite retreat. You will have an excellent time and in my experience the staff love to make events special for guests, especially for big occasions like a wedding.
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