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  1. Thank you very much for posting those pictures and confirming the current price! I'm actually surprised they're only $35 since they're metal, especially considering the standard models from other lines are usually sold onboard for that much or more (I think my last model, Norwegian Getaway, was $45).
  2. I do like the look of the MSC models. I just don't like that they don't match the style of all the other basic ship models I've collected over the years. But like I said before, at least it'll stand out... for better or worse.
  3. Thank you again for the information. You're right, they do look nice and detailed. I do like the metallic look, but I was thinking more about consistency when displayed with the rest of the model ships I've collected. None of the others are metallic or mounted on a base like that, so it will certainly stand out... for better or worse.
  4. Excellent! Thank you very much for your reply and photo. Are their model ships only available in a metallic finish? Or do any of them look more like the sample picture I posted above, kind of the standard ship models available on all the other major lines?
  5. We have our first cruise with MSC coming up in May. I have collected model ships from our other cruises and am curious if MSC (or at least Seaside) offers similar model ships onboard in the gift shop? For example, this is the style of model ships I have from Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Princess, and Celebrity. If you've seen - or purchased - these onboard MSC, just let me know. Thank you!
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