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  1. When they first reported this incident, that's what they announced - the grandfather was holding his granddaughter out of the window, and she slipped out of his hands and fell to her death on the concrete pier. As soon as an attorney got involved, the story was changed to her being lifted up to bang on the window, the grandfather not realizing there was no glass there, and she fell to her death. But it sounds like that might be what happened - he held her out the window.
  2. Glad you were able to get your original room back and are happy with the outcome. This is why we always book the room we want and don't even consider upgrading. Years ago we booked a last-minute cruise on the Jewel and ended up in an inside on deck 4. It was the quietest room we'd ever had and very convenient for getting off the ship in port. We actually liked the cabin so much that we booked it again a couple of years later when we were cruising on the cheap. If we're in a cabin we don't love, we just spend more time out of the room. Go and enjoy your cruise!
  3. I didn't say I used it for travel. I said I take it with me when I get off the ship in lieu of carrying my passport around. And it makes it very easy to replace your passport if need be.
  4. We got one of the passport cards. They're about the size of a driver's license. We take that and our cruise card and maybe a credit card. We were on a cruise where a couple missed the ship and the crew took their passports and wallets to the port agent. Guess they got them from their room safe.
  5. I was looking at the Star 9-day from Orlando to the southern Caribbean (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao). I try to always book aft balconies, but since they were already booked, I looked at mini suites. These are the prices that came up: Mid-ship mini suite with balcony: from $1,879 Mini suite with balcony: from $1,789 Sail Away mini suite - our most affordable mini suite stateroom: from $1,999. Aren't these supposed to be the cheapest rooms with no perks and no assigned cabins? What am I missing?
  6. If you download their app, all your reservations (restaurants, excursions, etc.) are in one place and easy to access.
  7. We were in an aft cabin and the cabin next to ours was handicap accessible. There were three people in it. I would contact NCL just to be safe.
  8. I'm glad to hear that. Just go and have a great cruise!
  9. This is what I would expect from "free" airfare.
  10. I wouldn't risk it, but that's just me. We've encountered many delays, cancellations, strikes, and other issues in the course of our travels, and the best insurance is extra time. Always. I'd change it just so I'm not stressed out.
  11. We were on the Jade in March. They always asked us if we wanted to share a table in the dining room at lunch, but they never asked us at dinner. We prefer to dine alone, as do most passengers on NCL. It sounds like you prefer a more traditional cruise, so a different line might be more comfortable for you.
  12. Thanks! We're on the Getaway in February, so that will work out well. And you're right - the Jade serves Starbucks in the atrium cafe.
  13. Maybe just cancel the flight and make your own arrangements -- ? I can't imagine that they would split up your group. That doesn't even make sense! I'd be upset too. Hope you are able to get it resolved.
  14. They did not let us use our app on the Jade in March. Told us they were an independent affiliate franchise.
  15. It's just typical American chain restaurant food - nachos, burgers, fish & chips, chicken sandwiches, etc. If you like fast food or Applebees, it might appeal to you.
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