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  1. I'm not sure if it will be the same when you sail, but in May we were offered the option of La Cucina or Q for one Latitude certificate, even though it still said La Cucina or Moderno on the certificate.
  2. We had similar experiences until our last cruise (MAy of this year on the Joy), when our Cagney’s waiter informed us that DH and I had limited entree options, unless we wished to pay extra. Officially, he was correct, but we had never had a waiter point this out before. It was a different experience. Now it it seems that the menu prices have increased and the Platinum voucher value has increased as well. I wonder if more entrees will be within the limit.
  3. I agree. Although unlikely, accidents do happen and guests occasionally miss the ship following an unexpected event on an excursion.
  4. Thanks so much to everyone for this thread! Although we tend to like mid-sized ships (e.g., Jade and Gem) best, we had a wonderful time on the Joy and just decided to book a Bermuda cruise on the Encore! I am so very excited and really looking forward to trying out the Encore! Thanks again for this fun and informative topic.
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