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  1. We have usually gotten in fairly quickly. Only made reservations on our last cruise when there were six of us traveling together.
  2. I had no idea they were called YumYum Men but I’ve enjoyed them on my HAL cruises and have had several photos taken with them.
  3. While I agree with some of the OP’s points, my husband and I and friends went on this cruise an really enjoyed ourselves. Loved Havana and probably won’t go again but that’s only because there are lots more places to see,
  4. I hope it’s a new book FOR 2019.
  5. On the Grand Asia we did get a discount for ordering and paying for unlimited laundry before the cruise. I think this applies to any Grand Voyage.
  6. Does anyone have any idea how many ask for their gratuities to be removed? We never have and I really prefer it to the “old” way where you got envelopes and “suggested “ amounts.
  7. We were very pleased with SPB Tours. We also used them in several other ports also.
  8. We were on 2 segments of the Grand Asia in 2018, 50 day, and we got a deal when purchasing the laundry package before the cruise. I have an upcoming 2 week cruise and I haven’t seen any “specials” got laundry.
  9. I loved our cruise to Cuba in October on the Veendam. Yes, the ship is a bit older but certainly not unkempt. In Havana we did a private walking followed by classic car tour. In the evening we went to the Tropicana. Personally I would skip the meal there but the show itself was outstanding.
  10. I tried blogging on our Grand Asia cruise but didn't make it. Good Luck
  11. I know this sounds silly since I've never met you but I've actually been concerned about you with no updates. I came here specifically looking for you.
  12. We just booked the Hong Kong to San Diego segments of the 2017 Grand Asia Cruise. Beyond excited.
  13. We used Rome In Limo and shared with a family of 3 we met on Cruise Critic. Saw all three you mentioned plus the Pantheon. We hired a separate guide for the Vatican. I have used Rome In Limo for two cruises and on one cruise I used them for 3 ports.
  14. I loved reading your Feb 1 entry because I read it on Jan 31. Just kind of interesti
  15. We left from San Diego early October on the Zaandam and the embarkation was VERY slow.
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